Samsung issues software update to prevent washing machines from catching fire

Users of certain Samsung top-load washers’ have been warned to immediately update their software to prevent their machines from overheating, melting and even catching fire.

Samsung said that specific top-load washer models, assembled and sold in the US between June 2021 and December 2022, could potentially overheat within the control panel and issued an important software update to address the critical issue.

“Consumers should immediately check whether their washer’s software has been updated to prevent the hazard; and, if not, consumers should immediately stop using the washer until the software is updated,” the company said.

The issue affects 14 top-load washer models, with the complete list available here.

Wi-Fi-equipped machines should remain plugged into their power source and automatically download the free software update. If the device is not connected to the Wi-Fi, users should visit the Samsung page for instructions on manually updating the appliance.

“Consumers whose washing machines do not have Wi-Fi capability should immediately stop using the washer and contact Samsung directly for a free dongle to plug in, download, and install the software repair,” the company said.

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