New Snapchat features include message editing

Snapchat is about to roll out new features that include message editing, AI-powered reminders, Snap Map comms, and more.

The social media app said that the new features would “help Snapchatters connect even more quickly, express themselves in new ways, and use My AI to stay organized amid busy lives and schedules.”

One of the novel additions will allow users to edit messages that have already been sent. Users will be able to do so within 5 minutes after sending a message, but only if the receiver hasn’t opened it yet. Snapchat + subscribers will get the new option first, the app said.

Snapchat has also expanded the array of emojis that users can use to react with. It also offers the option of connecting with nearby friends via Snap Maps by sending them a message or reacting with an emoji.

The app has also added a new feature to its chatbot, My AI, which was released in 2023. Now, users can set deadlines or countdowns through the AI chatbot.

Snapchat has also worked on “custom Bitmoji looks” – allowing users to create garments for their avatar – and a 90’s AI lens that brings users “back in time,” with their picture being transformed to look like it was taken in the 90s.

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