Sony’s PlayStation network introduces passkeys

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) now supports password-free sign-in for the PlayStation Network, allowing users to log in through their devices using biometric identification or a PIN.

The days of needing to input your passwords to gain access to your PlayStation account are gone, as Sony has recently introduced passkeys.

Users can promptly log in to their PlayStation accounts via their mobile devices or computers by using the convenient device screen unlocking feature such as your fingerprint, face scan, or PIN.

A passkey is a passwordless authentication technology that makes it fast and easy to sign in to your favorite platforms.

PlayStation has indicated a few reasons why they’ve implemented passkey authentication on their website.

Alongside the efficiency factor, passkeys are more secure than typical password-based systems.

Passkeys reduce the risk of being exploited by adversaries as they can’t be reused or guessed easily. Plus, they can only be accessed by the user.

According to PlayStation's website, this method is resistant to cyberattacks like phishing and data breaches.

Sony seems to be jumping on the passkey trend, with big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon already making the switch to passkeys to ensure user safety.

As big tech companies drive the shift beyond passwords, other companies will follow if they want to utilize the online services of those who have already implemented passkeys.

This could be one of the motivators for companies like Sony to adopt passkey authentication.

Users can activate their passkeys in the security section of the Account Management settings on their PS5, PS4, computer, or other devices.

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