Apple supplier claims breakthrough in battery technology

Japanese electronics maker TDK, which supplies batteries to Apple and Tesla, says the density of new batteries is 100 times greater than that of conventional ones.

TDK has announced that it has successfully developed a material for its next-generation solid-state battery. The new battery's energy density is 1,000 Wh/L, approximately 100 times greater than that of conventional solid-state batteries used by TDK.

The new battery is made of lithium alloy anode and oxide-based solid electrolyte, as opposed to liquid electrolyte used in traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Oxide-based solid electrolyte material is “extremely safe” to use in various wearable devices, such as wireless earphones, hearing aids, and even smartwatches, the company claims.

“The battery can be applied to replace coin cell primary batteries in compliance with EU battery regulations, which require them to be replaced by rechargeable batteries,” TDK said in a statement.

The next step would be to develop the battery cells and package structure design and advance toward mass production.

Solid-state batteries have numerous advantages over traditional lithium-ion batteries. Apart from being safer and having higher energy density, they also have a longer lifespan and can be charged much faster.

Numerous companies, including automakers Volkswagen, Toyota, and BMW, have been heavily investing in solid-state batteries, which are often called the “holy grail” of electric vehicles.

However, there are multiple challenges to overcome, including material shortages, high production costs, and technical barriers.