Tesla flaunts Berlin Gigafactory in latest video

Tesla’s fully functional factory is shown operating in full swing in the almost four-minute-long Gigafactory Berlin fly-through.

The video comprises drone footage that features the factory in all its glory, beginning with the outside of the building, sweeping into a full shot of the warehouse.

We observe a mixture of machines and individuals working to create Tesla’s electric cars, demonstrating the amount of time and management required to create these vehicles.

People are shown working in collaboration with huge mechanical arms that transport, drop, and deposit large metal components into place.

The video takes the viewer through the process of creating the cars, from casting to stamping to painting.

Tesla’s Brandenburg creates Tesla’s Model Y, and is the first Tesla manufacturing location in Europe.

According to the company’s website, the factory manufactures battery cells alongside electric vehicles.

The video takes us through the entire process, concluding with a view of the finished product.

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