Tesla selling Cybertruck-inspired cat beds in China

Tesla has kept Cybertruck buyers waiting for almost four years, but their cats in China can get a cardboard bed inspired by the car now.

The corrugated cat bed sells for 89 yuan, or about $12, and is available at Tesla’s online store in China.

According to the product description on the website, the bed’s design was informed by Cybertruck’s “futuristic design.”

“The semi-open cat bed, embedded with thickened corrugated paper, satisfies the natural instincts and daily needs of cats,” it said.

The bed is described as multi-functional and doubles as a scratching board. It is made of thickened, moisture-proof corrugated paper.

According to the website, it can sustain a weight of up to 7.5 kg, making it a sturdy enough choice for most domestic cats.

Customers will have to assemble the bed themselves.

The cat bed is part of a Tesla Life merchandise line available in China, which also includes items such as mugs, skateboards, and apparel.

China is Tesla’s second-largest market after North America. While its share in China’s electric vehicle market dropped from 16% to 13.7% earlier this year, it is expected to hit record quarterly sales.

Cybertruck was unveiled in 2019 and slated for production in 2021 but faced delays. The first model rolled out of Tesla's Texas factory just three weeks ago in July, to mixed reactions about its design.

Back in January, Tesla said it planned to start mass-producing its EV pickup trucks by the end of 2023.

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