Threads testing filter for recent posts

Real-time search results are now available for some Threads users.

Threads has seemingly added “Top” and “Recent” buttons to its newsfeed, user Daniel Rodriguez shared on the platform

However, the “Recent” option doesn’t exactly filter the feed in chronological order. Instead, it reshuffles the feed to be more sequential than posts found in “Top.”

The update comes only a month after Threads launched a “trending” section.

Once users started sharing their experience with the new feature, others complained about not seeing anything similar on their feeds.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, also working on Threads, said that the new update is being tested on only a small number of accounts, encouraging people to share feedback.

While many were happy about the prospects of filtering posts quickly, some criticized the inability to find the most relevant information, especially on important topics.

Threads is already known for abstaining from “recommending political content,” as shared by Mosseri, with the “goal [...] to preserve the ability for people to choose to interact with political content while respecting each person’s appetite for it.”

Back in 2023, when Mosseri presented keyword search on Threads, he also explained that having posts available in chronological order would be a threat as spammers would use the feature to distribute harmful content.

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