TikTok influencers drive job seekers to Netflix

Some TikTok influencers boasted about snatching a well-paying side gig “just to stay home and watch Netflix.” Now everyone wants the job.

Interest in employment opportunities with Netflix has soared 308% in recent months, according to an analysis of Google search trends by Workyard, a provider of workforce management systems.

Work-related searches for the streaming giant skyrocketed after a part-time role called “Netflix tagger” went viral on TikTok last year.

A Netflix tagger is someone who watches TV shows and movies on the platform and tags them according to the genre and other descriptions. Sometimes, they are asked to watch titles yet to be released and write a synopsis.

While some TikTokers said the side gig pays $45 per hour, it most likely depends on the experience and is reportedly closer to $20, and the job could be irregular.

Netflix tagger roles are only available on the streaming platform’s official careers website and are hard to come by. Still, enough people are interested, with 100,000 additional searches for jobs at Netflix over the past four months, according to Workyard.

“As influencers on TikTok and Instagram promote them with great enthusiasm, side hustles like being a Netflix tagger offer new opportunities for job seekers looking for additional income streams during tough times,” the firm’s representative Nic De Bonis said.

Netflix was not immune to mass layoffs in the tech industry over the past year, cutting some 450 roles in 2022. However, this did not grab headlines in the way that thousands of job cuts at Amazon, Google, or Microsoft did.

Broader job-related search trends show an interest in careers at Microsoft dropping by 45%, and entertainment industry jobs now overtaking tech as job-seekers’ top choice, according to Workyard.

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