TSMC pauses chipmaking in Taiwan after earthquake

TSMC has postponed factory work after the recent earthquake in the area.

One of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.'s (TSMC) factories is based in Taiwan, which was recently shaken by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake – the biggest in the last 25 years.

To ensure the safety of its workers, TSMC stopped the production at the factory and initiated an evacuation.

TSMC is a major semiconductor contract manufacturing and design company that provides production for tech giants such as Apple and Nvidia.

Now, the question remains whether the situation will have an impact on its tech manufacturing.

According to information that the company shared with CNN, "TSMC's safety systems are operating normally, to ensure the safety of personnel, some fabs were evacuated according to company procedure."

Despite the sites being in a normal state, the company decided to hold off work for the day and continue after "further inspections."

[Updated on April 4th]

TSMC resumed its operations late Wednesday, as reported by Bloomberg. The company reported that no damage was done to its main chip-making technology, with only “a small number of tools” being affected.

According to the chipmaker, 70-80% of its machinery was up and running approximately 10 hours after the earthquake first hit.

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