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Uber protests trademark use for hook-up site

Uber has filed a complaint with the US Patent and Trademark Office, arguing that the “unsavory” name of the adult dating website could tarnish its reputation.

The ride-hailing service said the name of the dating website suggested a false connection with Uber and its other brands, including Uber Eats and Uber Health.

It also claimed the branding of the dating site was “visually, phonetically, and conceptually” identical to Uber’s own name and mark, and the addition of the term “horny” was not enough of a distinction.

“Further, Uberhorny mimics Uber’s naming convention,” Uber said in a notice of opposition filed with the Patent and Trademark Office. It said it was “very likely that consumers could mistakenly believe that Uberhorny is somehow sponsored by or affiliated with Uber.”

Uber said Uberhorny was a hook-up site of a “lascivious nature” marketed as “the world’s best site for casual sex” as recently as June last year. It only rebranded to a “dating” website after Uber sent it a demand letter, the complaint said.

“Uberhorny is likely to tarnish the Uber mark given the unsavory nature of the word ‘horny’ and applicant’s use of the mark with an adult website,” Uber said.

An application to register the “Uberhorny” trademark for the internet-based social networking services was filed by Global Personals LLC in September 2021 and is based on a claimed commercial use since April 2015.

The website claims to be “the most trusted brand for adult dating” and says that “the women here like to meet as much as the dudes do.”

Uber's attorney declined to comment on the case. Cybernews has also reached out to Global Personals.

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