Ukraine creates “invisibility cloak” for soldiers

Ukraine says it has created an “invisibility cloak” to protect its soldiers from Russian thermal cameras and drones, an innovation it describes as “miltech magic.”

The invention will make troops “invisible” to the enemy by blocking heat radiation, Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Minister Mykhaylo Fedorov said in a post on Telegram.

“For example, our snipers or special operations forces, who are carrying out combat tasks,” Fedorov said on the platform, where he also shared a video demonstration of the technology in action.

In a separate post on X, formerly Twitter, he said the cloak was “miltech magic” that will allow soldiers to work effectively at night.

Fedorov said the cloak had passed tests in field conditions and weighed around 2.5 kg. It also offers “high protection” against rain and wet snow, an important factor as weather conditions on the frontline deteriorate.

“Additionally, the cloak is non-flammable and protects against high temperatures,” Fedorov said, adding that it will “help save lives”.

The cloak of invisibility was developed at Brave1, a Ukrainian tech cluster dedicated to defense innovations and supported by the state.

Brave1 develops projects prioritized by Ukraine’s military, including drones, electronic warfare, robotics systems, AI tools, and cybersecurity, among others.

According to the government, it had registered about 400 projects by the middle of the summer this year, with almost 200 having undergone military testing.

The invisibility cloak is a common theme in folklore and fairytales, popularized in recent times by the Harry Potter series. The term is frequently used to describe various types of camouflage and stealth technology.