Wear OS smartwatch users might soon need an extra step for payments

The best thing about paying with your smartwatch is its speed and simplicity – a simple tap, and you’re good to go. However, Google Wallet for Wear OS might make paying with your watch less convenient.

A handful of Reddit users are complaining that the Google Wallet app is asking them to input a PIN code when they try to pay with their smartwatch.

Since there already are a few safeguards, these steps seem unnecessary. For example, Google Wallet asks users to provide a PIN when setting up the app. Also, users have to input their PIN code every time a smartwatch is off the wrist.

Currently, only a handful of users have reported the issue, and it remains unclear why they are being prompted for their PIN. It could be a security feature Google is gradually trying out, or it might be a bug.

About a month ago, some Google Wallet users experienced a similar problem. They were either prompted to unlock their Android phones or tap to pay, regardless of transaction amount, as reported by 9to5google.

According to the information published on the Google support page, users’ credit or debit cards will not be charged for payments unless a person has recently used a verification method, like fingerprint or PIN.

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Wear OS smartwatch users might soon need an extra step for payments

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