WhatsApp introduces updated chat feature – pinned messages

WhatsApp is now allowing users to pin up to three messages in a chat and keep them for varying periods of time.

A lot of important information is shared within various messaging apps. Pinning this information makes it easily accessible once you open the chat – it's the first thing that pops up and saves users time scrolling through the whole conversation.

With this in mind, Meta already provided WhatsApp users with an update that allows them to pin messages back in December. Now, multiple messages can be pinned in single and group chats.

Up to three messages, including texts, images, polls, and emojis, can be pinned in the conversation. There's also a choice of time frames for how long messages can be pinned for. The duration varies from 24 hours to 30 days, with seven days being the default.

If only one message is pinned, it will be shown as a banner at the top of the chat. If more than two messages are selected, users can see the number of messages pinned with the current pinned message shown.

WhatsApp has been getting continuously updated for a while now, with new text formatting suggestions, voice messages, and polls available in its Channel feature.

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