Best web hosting for Australians 2024

Running a successful website is impossible without a web hosting provider that takes care of all your hosting-related needs. For Australian audiences, you want to choose a hosting provider that ideally has data centers in Australia, or better yet, is an Australian provider.

To help you find the best web host Australia can offer or the best web host to reach Australian audiences and beyond, the Cybernews research team and I reviewed and tested 49 services. Below, I look at our top 8 web hosting providers and evaluate their features, pricing, performance, and more.

Best web hosting Australia in 2024

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Best web hosting Australia - detailed review

I tested 49 providers to find the best web hosting services for Australia. The Cybernews research team and I looked into numerous factors such as usability, performance, data centers in Australia, security, and pricing. Below you will see our 8 best Australia web hosting options for 2024:

1. Hostinger – the best Australian web hosting overall

Hostinger banner
Top featuresFree SSL, weekly backups, SSD storage, LiteSpeed webserver
PricingFrom $2.69/month

Hostinger is our #1 web hosting pick for Australia. It offers really cheap prices, excellent performance, and a strong focus on ease of use. Features like a 1-click installer and AI assistant for business WordPress plan to make it one of the best hosting providers on the market.

Here’s what you can get with Hostinger:

  • Automatic website setup process that helps you with WordPress installation, SSL activation, and domain registration.
  • AI assistant for WordPress and AI website creator. The best thing about Hostinger is that it includes a website builder powered by AI, which makes creating unique websites much easier.
  • Custom control panel hPanel. The functionality is almost identical to cPanel, while the interface looks more modern. You can install apps, migrate websites, use the website builder, and more with hPanel.
  • Free website migration – if you already have a website, Hostinger offers a free and extremely easy way to migrate it to Hostinger’s services. For me migrating a site took only a few minutes.
  • Servers in 8 worldwide locations, as well as the fastest web server technology LiteSpeed, built-in caching, and all the software updates for optimal WordPress stack.

Hostinger performance

Hostinger’s focus on performance brings out the best of it. That’s speed, reliability, and power. During my month-long Hostinger testing, the host had a 100% uptime. Considering the regular 99.9% uptime guarantee, this is pretty impressive.

Hostinger uptime and response time

Server response times were a bit bumpy but averaged at 511ms. This is better than the maximum recommended 600ms. In terms of server locations, I recommend choosing data centers in Singapore and Indonesia for Australian users – that way, you can achieve the best server response and site load times.

Hostinger pricing

Hostinger offers 2 shared hosting plans and 1 cloud plan to choose from. There’s a Premium Shared plan that comes for US$2.69/month, Business Shared, which starts at US$3.59/month/mo, and Cloud Startup starting at US$7.19/month.

All plans come with SSL certificates, email accounts, and weekly backups. Free domain starts with the Premium package. With Hostinger, you have a 30-day money-back period for the hosting service but not additional features. Yet, to get this advertised price, a 48-month subscription is needed.

Best Value

My personal favorite plan is Premium. For a very affordable price, you get all the essentials included without the 1 website limit.

Note: Hostinger doesn't offer pricing plans in AUD, so keep that in mind before purchasing a plan.

Altogether, Hostinger is the best web hosting Australia overall, covering all the essentials. It has great performance, is easy to use, and has good server resources.

2. SiteGround – easy-to-use WordPress hosting option

SiteGround new
Top featuresAutomatic backups, caching, staging, SSL
PricingFrom AU$4.99/month

SiteGround is the top-of-the-class Australia hosting option for WordPress sites. It comes with a custom interface as well as security and performance-boosting features. Plus, servers in Australia are a great addition to your Australian audience.

Here’s what you get with SiteGround:

  • Custom control panel. Site Tools is very functional and helpful in everyday tasks. You get an easy way of creating a staging copy of your site, backing it up (automatically or on-demand) to a remote server, and even adding multiple other users with separate login details via the Collaboration tool. It's great for managing the work of multiple departments.
  • Excellent security. Automated and on-demand backups with easy restore functions are stored remotely. Meanwhile, the SG Security plugin helps with all WordPress vulnerabilities. Additionally, 24/7 monitoring and a Web Application Firewall (WAF) are there for you. The most recent security feature is the AI anti-bot system for effective malicious traffic blocking.
  • Enhanced performance. SiteGround develops its own enhancements and tests out the latest developments. This includes 3-level caching that’s enabled through the SG Optimizer plugin and SiteTools (image compression is a bonus) and Ultrafast PHP – a custom PHP setup for better speeds without sacrificing security.
  • Excellent resources – SiteGround provides from 10 up to 40GB storage with shared hosting plans, as well as unmetered traffic, free domain, and free SSL with every plan. You also get free email and free email migration.

SiteGround performance

In my SiteGround testing, this host proved its worth by delivering top performance results for shared hosting. Over 2 months, SiteGround had 3 outages, but the uptime remained at a very good 99.99%. It perfectly complies with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

SiteGround uptime and response time monitoring

The response times were even more impressive, averaging at a very low 217ms. With the market average being around 600ms, SiteGround’s performance is really impressive. Additionally, with servers in Australia, you can expect the SiteGround performance to be at its best. Other location choices cover the US, Europe, and Asia.

SiteGround pricing

SiteGround comes forward with 3 shared plans. StartUp costs AU$4.99/mo. GrowBig is AU$7.49/mo, while GoGeek costs AU$12.49/mo. GST will be applied during the checkout. All packages come with a free domain, automatic backups, email accounts, cacking, free SSL, and a native CDN. Money-back is the traditional 30 days for shared hosting. The pricing structure for different subscriptions is complex, but the cheapest one is with a 1-year prepayment.

Best Value

The best plan, in my opinion, is GrowBig. It includes all the perks of SiteGround at a still affordable rate.

Altogether, SiteGround is the most advanced shared hosting option you can find. It’s fast and reliable, and the management features included are just impressive, not to mention helpful.

3. Crazy Domains – affordable Australian web host

Crazy Domains
Top featuresFree SSL, 1-click app installer, backups, Australian data center
PricingFrom AU$7.50/month

Crazy Domains is an Australian web hosting provider with a server location in Australia, good affordable pricing, and good performance. It includes excellent security, as well as plenty of resources with each plan, which makes it perfect for both small and bigger sites.

Here’s what Crazy Domains can offer:

  • Free SSL and backups. Crazy Domains includes free SSL certificates with all of its plans (only for 1st year with the Economy plan), as well as 30-day backups for all hosting accounts. You can also additionally purchase remote or cloud backups. On-demand backups are also available.
  • 1-click application installer for WordPress and over 200 other applications.
  • Unmetered bandwidth and up to 50 email accounts, as well as 25 up to 75 subdomains.
  • cPanel for easy hosting management – both experienced and new users will be able to easily manage all of their sites, security, and more with the intuitive cPanel dashboard.

Crazy Domains performance

I tested Crazy Domains' performance, namely the site loading times, server response time, and traffic handling. Overall, Crazy Domains didn’t have the best performance. The full site load time tested in Sidney, Australia was 2.19s, which is way above what Hostinger offers.

Crazy Domains speed and server response time

The server response time wasn’t as good as expected either and went quite over the market average of 600ms. Overall, it took 1,2s for the first server response, which is two times longer than Hostinger.

Nevertheless, with Crazy Domains Australian server and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, you might get better results than I did, so I recommend still giving this web host a chance.

Crazy Domains pricing

Crazy Domains offers three Linux web hosting plans, all run on their Australian server. The prices are higher than Hostinger’s, but still quite affordable: the Economy plan starts at AU$7.50/month and includes 1 website. The Premium plan price is from AU$14.50/month for 5 websites, and the Ultimate plan allows 10 websites for AU$19.50/month. All plans include free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, from 10 to 50 GB SSD storage, malware protection, and emergency backups. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can try out the service before you commit.

Best Value

All plans are really similar to each other, so I recommend going for the one that offers exactly what you need. However, keep in mind that the Economy plan offers free SSL only for the first year, so for the best security and best resources, Premium might be a better choice.

Overall, Crazy Domains is a reliable Australian hosting provider that offers plenty of resources, decent performance, and will be easy to use for both beginners and experienced users alike.

4. Bluehost – the go-to provider for WordPress hosting in Australia

Top featuresFree domain and SSL, automatic setup, WordPress staging
PricingFrom AU$3.00/month

Bluehost is one of the leaders in web hosting and the go-to provider for many who are hosting WordPress sites. Not that hard to see why. The provider puts user experience on top of everything and provides easy and helpful tools to manage websites.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • An automatic setup process. Bluehost asks you a couple of questions regarding your experience, adjusts the needed settings, installs WordPress, and you’re good to go. Things like domain name and SSL are activated during this step too.
  • Free site migration. If you already have a WordPress site and are simply thinking of transferring, Bluehost offers a free site migration service. However, you need to meet certain requirements.
  • Dashboard with an interactive how-to guide on actually developing a WordPress site. It’s a first-time-users-oriented feature that will not allow you to get confused.
  • Email and SEO and marketing tools to help boost your website’s visibility and carry out marketing and email campaigns.
  • Website builder for WordPress. It’s very straightforward yet does not limit your website capabilities as other builders do.
  • Staging and global website settings for performance, security, and even comments.

Bluehost performance

Bluehost is a steady and reliable provider. Over a month of testing and monitoring Bluehost, it remained up and running 99.63% of the time, which is good but not spectacular.

bluehost speed test results

The server response time average was kind of high, above both the market average and Hostinger at 971ms. As for server locations, unfortunately, Bluehost only operates in the US data center, but you can set up Cloudflare CDN to battle latency in just a couple of clicks.

Bluehost pricing

Bluehost offers 4 shared hosting plans. You have Basic, which starts at AU$3.00/month. Choice Plus is AU$6.01/month. Online Store plans start at AU$11.22/month. And lastly, you have Pro, which starts at AU$15.04 per month. GST will be applied during the checkout. Bluehost plans include free SSL certificates and a domain name, email accounts, and unmetered bandwidth. If you’d like to cancel, a 30-day money-back guarantee is in place. However, it’s only available for credit card purchases. Meanwhile, prices are lowest with a 36-month subscription.

Best Value

The best plans are Basic and Choice Plus. Basic will work for first-time users who need just one website. Meanwhile, Choice Plus is an affordable long-term option if you ever end up needing more than 1 site.

Overall, I was happy with what Bluehost had to offer. It makes the user experience amazing (I’m not exaggerating), and plans are very well-equipped.

5. HostPapa – global web hosting service with top-notch features

Top featuresFree domain, SSL, cPanel, free one-on-one training
PricingFrom AU$2.95/mo

HostPapa targets global audiences, Australia included. It’s a big yet lesser-known hosting provider that features generous server resources and top-notch customer support.

Here’s what HostPapa offers:

  • 1-click WordPress installation. In my tests, it took only a minute to install WordPress, and all I had to do was fill out some information about the site.
  • cPanel hosting management, which will be familiar to experienced users, and intuitive and easy to use for beginners. There, you can manage all aspects of hosting a site easily.
  • 100GB of storage and 1 website with the cheapest plan, which is more than what any of the other hosts offer.
  • Free website builder with all plans except the cheapest.
  • Website staging with all plans except the cheapest. This feature allows you to easily test improvements and changes on your site before going live.

HostPapa performance

During the HostPapa testing period, it stayed up and accessible 100% of the time. That’s 0 outages and 0 minutes of downtime, complying perfectly with the 99.9% uptime guarantee.

HostPapa's uptime and response time monitoring

However, the server response time was quite disappointing. HostPapa averaged 1.19s, which does not fit into the recommended 600ms. Furthermore, HostPapa only has servers in the US, Canada, and Europe, so for Australians looking to host sites, I recommend setting up a CDN for the best performance results.

HostPapa pricing

HostPapa offers 4 shared plans. The first one is Essentials, and it starts at AU$2.95/month. As for the Growth and Premium, the packages retail for the same AU$ 6.95/month, while the Elite plan starts at AU$ 14.95/month. Keep in mind that GST will be applied to the shopping cart. All plans include unmetered bandwidth and all essential features such as free domain registration, SSL certificates, and even Cloudflare CDN. Money-back guarantee is available for 30 days for the hosting service. Meanwhile, the cheapest rates are with a 36-month subscription.

Best Value

The Essentials plan makes the best value plan out there if a single site is what you're after. However, if you wish to run multiple websites, I recommend taking a look at the Premium plan.

All in all, HostPapa has many great features – generous resources and exceptional customer support offers are the most notable ones. The performance is under my close attention, however.

6. WP Engine – top-tier performance-focused hosting for Australia

WP Engine
Top featuresdev/stage/prod environments, automatic backups, WordPress support
PricingFrom AU$18.00/month

WP Engine is a web hosting provider that focuses on WordPress alone. It’s a premium option that makes its aims to help businesses scale and succeed by offering top-tier performance as well as management tools.

Here’s what WP Engine offers:

  • WP Engine uses Cloud servers from AWS and Google Cloud, so you’re guaranteed the best infrastructure available. Also, there are many locations to choose from, including Sidney, Australia.
  • The platform and control panel are custom-made to fit the needs of WordPress websites. You can easily set up staging sites in 3 environments (dev/stage/production) to help with the workflow.
  • Performance and security are fully managed, so you shouldn’t need to do any optimizations on your own. That includes CDN and caching for speed, SSL, backups, firewalls, and monitoring in terms of security.

This only covers the tip of the iceberg. WP Engine seriously focuses on business users, so you also get the possibility to transfer the site to a client or set billing for them. But my biggest argument is that WP Engine is good enough for companies like Soundcloud, AMD, and UnderArmour.

WP Engine performance

Over several months of WP Engine testing, it was up 100% of the time. Plus, you’re backed by a good 99.95% uptime guarantee. So mission-critical projects will be up and running at all times.

WP Engine uptime

The response times were very stable, averaging 489ms, which is quite below the market average of 600ms. Additionally, WP Engine has servers all across the world, including Australia, so you can easily get close to your targeted audience.

WP Engine pricing

WP Engine is an expensive provider, which is reasonable considering it caters mostly to businesses. It offers 5 hosting plans. First, there’s Lite, starting at AU$18.00/month. Then, there's Startup starting at AU$28.00/monh, Professional, which starts at AU$56.00/month, eCommerce Professional is AU$70.00/month, and Growth is AU$108.00/month. There’s also a possibility to get a custom deal if none of the options matches your needs. All plans come with free SSL certificates, daily and on-demand backups, premium WordPress themes, caching, staging (3 environments), and CDN. WP Engine doesn’t advertise this actively, but you have 60 days to get your money back.

Best Value

As for the value, each plan has its user here. At the same time, if you’re building sites for clients, Scale has the lowest cost-per-site rate if you’d use all 30 slots – around AU$9.

Altogether, WP Engine is a reliable and advanced option for business but might be too expensive for beginners. However, if you’re ready to take on a global project, look no further.

7. Cloudways – affordable cloud hosting for businesses

cloudways banner
Top featuresFree SSL, automatic backups, 50+ server locations, server management
PricingFrom $8.25/month

Cloudways is not a traditional web hosting provider, but that is only a positive. It is a service that launches and manages the servers of top Cloud providers – DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. It’s the balance between ease of use and power.

Here’s what you can expect from Cloudways:

  • Custom easy-to-use dashboard for managing all aspects of hosting your site. Here you can add domains, and applications, install SSL, and set up multiple sites.
  • One-click installations for the most common apps like WordPress, and SSL are automatic, and backups can be taken daily. The service is not much different from shared hosting, just much more powerful.
  • Free migration service and staging environment. If you already have a site, Cloudways will migrate it for free. Additionally, you can use the staging environment to test any changes before going live.
  • Good security – Cloudways offers SSL certificates, a firewall, bot protection, as well as automatic backups (hourly, daily, or weekly) with all of its plans.

Cloudways performance

Over 6 months of Cloudways testing, it was online 99.98% of the time. It had 2 outages that were quite big, lasting a total of 41 minutes. Fortunately, this doesn’t seem like a common occurrence.

Cloudways uptime and response time monitoring results

Meanwhile, the server speed was great. Cloudways had an average response time of 229ms, which is really impressive but not unexpected for a cloud hosting provider. Additionally, Cloudways has over 50 server locations across all server providers, including Australia.

Cloudways pricing

With an unusual web hosting provider comes unusual plans & pricing. The amount you are charged depends on which server provider you want to use. For instance, if you go for DigitalOcean, the fee varies from $10.50/month to hundreds of dollars per month. Only USD is available. All packages come with features such as 24/7 support, free SSL certificates, caching free migration, unlimited apps, automated backups, and more. The service is charged after each month, so you only pay for what you use.

Best Value

Honestly, pick the provider that you like with the number of resources that you need. You can also test out the service for 3 days free of charge. No credit card is required.

Cloudways is an expensive but flexible cloud hosting service ideal for large businesses in Australia. However, it will be too advanced for beginners or simple sites.

8. Nexcess – secure web hosting for Australia

Nexcess updated banner
Top featuresStaging, caching, free SSL, daily backups
PricingFrom $15.83/month

Nexcess is a slightly premium cloud-based provider that offers fully managed hosting solutions for both individual and business needs. Additionally, you can expect great security and performance. Especially considering that the host offers data centers in Australia.

  • Fully managed hosting services. This means that the host will take care of all the updates and optimizations for you.
  • Nexcess hosts its clients on a speedy cloud infrastructure. Plus, you’ll get a 100% uptime guarantee, PHP optimization, multi-layer caching, CDN, and 8 data center locations (including Australia) to choose from to improve your site’s performance.
  • Security is taken care of. The host includes all the necessities like free SSL and automated daily off-site backups, iThemes Security Pro plugin, automated updates, and malware monitoring.
  • Nexcess offers staging and development environments with all its plans for easy change implementation and development. You can edit your site as much as you want, test it, and only then release it live.

Nexcess performance

Throughout my Nexcess testing and monitoring period, it showed very reliable uptime and good speeds. The provider comes with a 100% uptime guarantee but that doesn’t cover planned server maintenance work. So in 2 months, I have monitored my site to be up 99.99% of the time.


The response time was just as good – 479ms. Considering that 600ms is the market’s average, Nexcess did a very good job. As a last note, Nexcess has 8 data centers in the US, Europe, and Australia. So if your audience is based in Australia, Nexcess got you.

Nexcess pricing

Nexcess offers 7 managed WordPress plans to choose from, with prices starting at $17.50/month. Nexcess lists its prices only in US dollars. While the prices are high, the resources included are very tempting. All plans come with a free SSL, unlimited emails, WordPress core and plugin updates, daily backups, staging, caching, CDN, and iThemes Security Pro.

Best Value

If you’re looking to host a single website, the Spark plan is all you’ll need. The plan will cost you $17.50/month. Yet, if one site is a little limited for you, check out the Maker plan.

As a whole, Nexcess offers an easy-to-use solution for users looking to build a fast and secure website that requires minimal upkeep. It is suitable for both experienced and beginner users, and best of all – has servers in Australia.

Best web hosting Australia: comparison

RatingPricingUptimeSpeedData center locationHosting typesControl panelFree SSLFree domainCustomer supportReview
From $2.69/month100%511msThe US, the UK, Netherlands, France, Lithuania, Brazil, Singapore, and IndiaShared, WordPress, VPS, cloud, and email hostinghPanelYesYes24/7Hostinger review
From AU$4.99/month99.9%217msThe US, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia, and SingaporeShared, WordPress, WooCommerce, reseller, and cloud hostingSite ToolsYesYes24/7Siteground review
Crazy Domains
From $7.50/month99.9%1.9sAustraliaLinux hostingcPanelYesNo24/7-
From AU$3.00/month99.9%971msThe USShared, WordPress, WooCommerce, VPS, and dedicated hostingMy Sites + cPanelYes (first year)Yes24/7Bluehost review
From AU$2.95/month99.9%1.19sThe US, Canada, and EuropeShared, managed WordPress, VPS, and resellerNativeYesYes24/7HostPapa review
WP Engine
From AU$18.00/month99.95%489msThe US, Canada, The UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, and AustraliaManaged WordPress, eCommerce, and resellerNativeYesNo24/7WP Engine review
From $8.25/month99.99%229msDepends on cloud hosting planManaged cloud hostingNative + cPanelYesNo24/7Cloudways review
From $15.83/month100%479msThe US, the UK, and AustraliaWordPress, VPS, and Cloud hostingNativeYesNo24/7Nexcess review

How we tested web hosting Australia

The Cybernews research team and I conducted in-depth web hosting research and testing to find the best providers for Australia and overall. Overall, we looked into 49 providers. Here’s a summary of the testing process:

  1. Firstly, we looked at which providers offer data center and server locations in or near Australia to ensure the best possible performance. We narrowed down our list to 8 best providers.
  2. Further, we tested the performance of these providers. We looked into uptime, server response time, and site load time, and ranked the providers accordingly. We also evaluated any performance-enhancing features.
  3. Additionally, we evaluated the features, hosting management panels, and overall ease of use. We tested site migration services, website builders, and staging environments to ensure that each provider is suitable not only for experienced or business users but also for beginners.
  4. We also took into account the security measures that each provider offers, such as SSL certificates, DDoS protection, firewalls, and other advanced security features.
  5. Finally, we considered the pricing and plans of each provider and evaluated the price-to-quality ratio. This also informed our final ranking and recommendations of hosting providers for Australia.

Best web hosting Australia: final recommendations

The providers described above qualify to be among the services that offer the best web hosting in Australia. With a range of providers suitable for beginners as well as experienced users and businesses, you’ll be able to find the best host with servers and data centers in Australia easily.

Based on the research team and my testing and evaluations, we found that Hostinger is the best web host for Australian users. It is affordable, really fast and reliable, offers unique features like AI assistant, and has a content delivery network that will ensure your content reaches audiences in Australia and elsewhere without any issues

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