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Best coupon codes for Cybernews readers

Do great digital products require big investments? Not really. With the best coupon codes, you can get amazing security, hosting, and web building products at affordable prices. Here we list discount codes which give amazing deals – the best promo codes can get you up to 80% off!

VPN coupon & discount codes

If you are searching for a reliable VPN to help you access geo-blocked content or ensure online privacy, we can offer you top products for lower prices. Check these VPN promo codes – they unlock amazing deals.

If you're looking for a versatile VPN with top-notch security features as well as incomparable performance, then NordVPN is a great pick. Get its 2-year plan at 63% off that comes with extra 3 months at no charge. Coupon code will activate automatically.
Surfshark offers excellent all-around protection for your online browsing. Stay safe and confident, wherever you are – with an amazing 82% discount. The coupon code is applied automatically.
Get a sizzling Atlas VPN deal and make use of 700 international servers, versatile security features, as well as competitive performance. Grab Atlas VPN’s 2-year deal and get a 83% discount with 3 extra months. Coupon code is applied automatically.

Antivirus coupon & discount codes

Need an extra layer of security but you don’t want to spend a fortune? Now you can get the best malware protection products cheaper. Use one of these discount codes to help you save some money.

Browse online without risking your online identity with one of the best antivirus programs on the market! Get the TotalAV Antivirus Pro plan at 84% off and fight back any cyber threat that crosses your way. Coupon code is applied automatically.
If you're looking for a modest but unbreakable antivirus suite, then Norton AntiVirus Plus is just for you. 100% virus protection rates, firewall, password manager, and more, now at 83% cheaper!
Looking for security against malware? With real-time and ransomware protection as well as a VPN, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus will take care of it all. Invest in your security and use our 60% discount. The coupon is applied automatically.

Password managers coupon & discount codes

If you are tired of forgetting your password, you can now get a password manager for up to 70% less. Enter one of the promo codes below and enjoy big price reductions.

Tired of losing your passwords? NordPass has you covered. It autosaves and autofills your logins stored in an encrypted vault. Now, you can have all your credentials protected in one place for over 2 years at 52% cheaper!
1Password is one of the best password managers in the market. Now, you can protect your online credentials for less – get a 1-year plan, at 50% OFF! The coupon code is applied automatically.
RoboForm has excellent autofill features, top-class security, and user-friendly apps. Use this limited time sale to get the premium password manager for half the price. The coupon is applied automatically.

Web hosting coupon & discount codes

New to web hosting and searching for cost-effective options? We got you! Use one of these coupons to get the best deals from hosting providers without emptying your pockets.

An ideal Hostinger’s plan for launching your business – get 100 websites and email accounts, generous 100GB SSD storage, a free domain, an SSL certificate, and more. Make use of the biggest sale of the year and get the plan with a 75% discount.
Bluehost Choice Plus plan includes automatic backups and domain privacy protection for the first year. Excellent for business websites that need some extra security. Get the plan now and save 75% OFF with our coupon link.
With unlimited websites and advanced security features, Unlimited is a great plan for small business growth. Save 79% with a 3-year subscription using our coupon link.

Ad blockers coupon & discount codes

Ad-free browsing and a secure online experience is just a step away! Select one of the most reputable ad blockers on the market, snatch the offer, and forget adware for good.

Looking for a way to get rid of ads? NordVPN Threat Protection not only removes adware but also blocks trackers, malicious websites, and overall improves your browser's performance. Take your privacy to the next level, now at 50% off! Coupon code is applied automatically.
Browse without intrusive trackers, ads, and malicious content with Total Adblock. You can now get rid of online interruptions with 75% off! The coupon code is applied automatically.
Surfshark CleanWeb blocks ads and malware and helps you to avoid cookie pop-up requests. Plus, you can get data breach alerts in case your personal data leaks and private search engine that can prevent trackers. Get it now with 84% OFF and 2 months free.

Website builders coupon & discount codes

Building a great website has never been cheaper. These discount coupons allow you to get the greatest tools at affordable prices. Just pick your promo code, apply it, and enjoy all the features of the top website builders.

Make beautiful websites quickly with the modern and powerful Hostinger's drag-and-drop website builder. Get it now for the best price with a special 75% discount! The coupon code is applied automatically.
Get yourself the world's most popular website builder – Wix. Choose from 8 different subscription plans and receive all essential tools for building a website in one place. Type in CyberNews10! for an additional 10% off any premium plan and go conquer the market!
Make beautiful websites with SITE123. Register, build your site, get a free domain, and a special 40% discount. The coupon code is applied automatically.

How do we curate these digital products that we offer?

Every single one of the products that we offer is carefully selected – we aim to provide only the best options for our readers to choose from. It might seem hard to differentiate software tools as there are so many of them. But there are a few essential qualities that should always be considered.

The listed products are curated based on:

  • Reputation. These digital products are delivered by reliable developers and provide excellent quality services. Both customers and IT professionals rank them as top choices.
  • Security. Data and PC protection is a top priority of these digital products. You can be sure that none of your sensitive information is exposed. Also, it is even possible to alter privacy settings according to one’s needs.
  • Features. Quality products have numerous amazing features that you can enjoy. They add extra value to the functionality of the product and overall user experience.
  • Ease of use and compatibility. The best digital products are intuitive and easy-to-use – people can quickly reach necessary features and enjoy seamless performance. Additionally, they are compatible with most desktop and mobile devices.

How many coupon codes can I use?

You can use as many coupons as you like. However, coupons are not universal – each product has a specific discount code. In simple terms, the Norton coupon will only apply when purchasing this antivirus – you can’t get discounts with it on other products.

But you are more than welcome to get as many digital products as you need. Just make sure that you use the right coupon for the product. Most promo codes are applied automatically or you can enter them manually at the checkout.

Are these coupon codes up to date?

Yes, these coupons are valid and up to date at the moment. You can use them to get discounts when purchasing the listed products. However, they do have an expiration date.

Active promo codes apply automatically when you enter them at the checkout. If your coupon doesn’t work, it is not necessarily expired. Make sure that:

  • There are no typing mistakes
  • You are using the right coupon for the product

Still not working? In rare cases, there might be some technical glitches. Luckily, all listed product developers offer excellent customer support services. You can contact them directly through the support page.