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McAfee vs Norton: side-by-side comparison

McAfee and Norton are two of the best-known antivirus programs on the market. Unsurprisingly, you may need help deciding which one to pick. After all, these rivaling antiviruses offer market-leading real-time protection that can keep any device safe from malware.

Apart from protection, Norton 360 and McAfee Total Protection also come with a huge feature suite with encrypted storage, password managers, Internet security suites, and even VPNs. But if both providers are so great, you might wonder which antivirus software outrivals the other.

In this McAfee vs Norton comparison, we'll review both products' pros and cons to help you decide which antivirus can better protect your device and suit your needs.

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McAfee vs Norton

Norton Antivirus excels over McAfee in this comparison. Norton is way more affordable, with its plans starting at $14.99/year. Besides, Norton offers superior malware protection, faster scanning speed, and a lower impact on system performance than McAfee. Even though McAfee offers a free version and superb customer support, Norton provides a better overall value and is ranked #2 on our best antivirus software list.

Norton AntivirusMcAfee Antivirus
⭐ Rating:
🥇 Overall rank:#2 out of #25#7 out of #25
🔥 Coupons:Norton Antivirus coupon 78% OFFMcAfee Antivirus coupon 67% OFF
💵 Price:From $14.99/yearFrom $39.99/year
✂️ Free version:NoYes (Android, iOS)
🖥️ Platforms:Windows, macOS, iOS, AndroidWindows, Mac, Android, iOS

McAfee vs Norton: which offers better protection?

McAfee Total ProtectionNorton 360
Independent testsHighest marksHighest marks
Real-time protection99.8%99.9%
ScanningEffective, caught 10/10 malware threatsEffective, caught 10/10 malware threats

Many Norton 360 vs McAfee reviewers score this one as a tie. To determine the winner, we first looked at the German AV-Test Institute’s independent test results. McAfee Total Protection and Norton 360 earned “Top product,” meaning they are among the best antivirus providers, no matter which device you’re using.

When it comes to AV-Comparatives, both McAfee and Norton managed to score 99.99% online protection rate, receiving an Advanced+ badge. However, there are some things to point out. While both providers offer the same online detection and protection rates, Norton has a slightly better offline detection rate and a lower false alarm rate.

More so, we looked at the SE Labs test results. Turns out, both competitors got the best possible award. Norton managed to get a perfect score of 99% as well as McAfee.

When it came to our in-house testing, both antivirus providers performed really well. We ran various scan types to see how effective either of them are at removing malware threats. Both providers caught 10 out of 10 malware samples we’ve placed without requiring too many resources from our device.

Wrapping up
While both antiviruses performed exceptionally well in terms of protection, Norton had a slight edge over McAfee. That’s because in real-world protection tests, Norton delivered slightly better results in terms of performance and false positives than McAfee. Plus, it offers extensive features for malware protection.

Real-time malware protection

Both Norton 360 and McAfee have reliable threat prevention systems, and to test them out, AV-Comparatives put them to a rigorous real-world protection test.

It’s interesting to see that Norton is clearly improving. During the February – May, 2023 tests, it detected 14 false positives, while McAfee – 13. This year, both providers detected 9 false alarms, to McAfee’s disadvantage. Despite that, both antiviruses are capable of catching malware with a score of over 99%

Malware protection

Both Norton 360 and McAfee offer some great features for protection from malware and its removal.

Norton malware protection includes very reliable real-time protection that monitors and protects your device from various online threats. You can also add a Safe Web feature on your browser to strengthen your device security further. It indicates how secure each site you’re trying to visit is.

On the other hand, McAfee does offer a wider variety of features that include Tracker Remover, Secure Apps, and a file shredder. The Tracker Remover feature helps clean your device from cookies and temporary files to improve security. As for the other two – let’s just say that you won’t have to worry about your deleted sensitive files being recovered by cyber criminals or having to update apps manually. Furthermore, McAfee also has a feature to boost your browser security. It’s called WebAdvisor, and it protects you from misclicks and typos to ensure you won’t accidentally visit dangerous sites.

Firewall protection

Norton 360 Deluxe’s Smart Firewall works hand-in-hand with the Intrusion Prevention System. The former decides which data goes through, while the latter checks if there are no malicious pieces. It also hides all unused ports to limit the connection options for third parties.

Norton firewall

Of course, the firewall can work the other way as well, blocking you from accessing potentially harmful websites. However, you should expect quite a few false positives.

McAfee’s firewall protection works better in the sense that you’ll encounter fewer false positives. Other than that, the settings and performance are quite similar to Norton’s.

In this case, it’s enough to know that both firewalls do their job, and you shouldn’t be thinking this part over when selecting between McAfee Total Protection and Norton 360 Deluxe.


In terms of scanning, both providers have quite a few options to choose from. Norton 360, for instance, offers multiple types of scans – quick, full, smart, file, and more scans.

Norton scanning options

The quick one works as a great alternative for a regular checkup – it analyzes the most vulnerable spots of your device. Meanwhile, the full scan analyzes everything – your entire system. And if you believe that a certain file is infected, you’ll make use of the file scan.

Moving on, McAfee has three types of scans as well – quick, full, and custom. The quick and full scans have the same purpose as relative Norton’s scans.

McAfee scanning options

As for the custom scan, you don’t get a dedicated scanning button for it. If you need to scan a specific file or folder, you need to locate it on your device, right-click it, and press the “scan” button.

How effective is it in detecting malware?

Independent testing aside, we decided to run our in-house tests to see how effectively Norton and McAfee detect malware. The results don't come far from independent testing. During the full scan, Norton and McAfee caught 10/10 malware we planted on the device.


During the quick scan test, McAfee found 9/10 viruses during its length 12 min scan. Norton, on the other hand, didn't find a single malware we planted. However, McAfee took longer to scan and used more PC resources than Norton.


Despite the mishap, both McAfee and Norton are secure and reliable antiviruses. In fact, they are leading providers on the market.

Pricing and plans

Both McAfee and Norton have a number of subscriptions to choose from. Three main plans for McAfee and four for Norton. However, Norton has a cheaper starting plan for those who don’t need that many features and are looking to save a buck. Here’s how different core plans look in a comparison-friendly table (all prices are for the first year):

AntiVirus Plus vs Plus$14.99/year$ 49.99/year
Standard vs Premium$19.99/year$ 49.99/year
Deluxe vs Advanced$29.99/year$ 89.99/year
LifeLock Select $69.99/year
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Norton 360 and McAfee offer pretty similar prices on average. A higher price isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it means you get extra features that may come in handy.

McAfee has a 30-day free trial, while Norton 360 gives you a 7-day free trial for annual subscriptions. Even after that you get a 30-day money-back guarantee with McAfee and a 60-day money-back guarantee with Norton 360. You can pay for both products with a credit card or PayPal.

Wrapping up
Norton offers more budget-friendly subscription options than McAfee. Additionally, all Norton plans come with more security features than the competitor. This is why Norton is the winner of the price category.

Norton 360 pricing plans

When choosing Norton 360 as your antivirus, you have 4 main options to choose from. All of the plans include malware and online threat protection, a firewall, backup storage, and a password manager.

Here’s every plan Norton offers and what you get with it:

AntiVirus Plus
LifeLock Select
Price upon renewal$59.99/year$94.99/year$114.99/year$179.99/year
Cloud backup storage
Secure VPN
✅ (up to 3 devices)✅ (up to 5 devices)
✅ (up to 5 devices)
Privacy monitor

Parental controls

Dark web monitoring
ID verification monitoring

Norton 360 is expensive when compared to many other premium antivirus products. However, one would be hard-pressed to find the same list of features for a better price.

The most basic plan option, AntiVirus Plus, offers 2GB of cloud backup storage and the security features available for all the plans, like a virus scan option, real-time protection, and a firewall. However, by investing slightly more for the Standard plan, you already get 2GB of storage, a VPN, and dark web monitoring.

The most optimal plan is the Deluxe one, offering all the features in the Standard plan and adding privacy monitoring, parental controls, and much more.

However, if you also want to get identity theft protection tools, you’ll have to pick the Norton LifeLock Select plan, which is the most expensive.

Visit our Norton coupon page and see if there are any discounts that tickle your fancy.

McAfee Total Protection pricing plans

McAfee has 3 individual plans for you to choose from. They don’t have too many differences so it all comes down to your needs. That’s because you get malware and web protection, a password manager, a firewall, a file shredder, identity monitoring, and Secure VPN for up to unlimited number of devices with every plan.

Here’s how the McAfee Total Protection plans differ from one another:

Price$ 49.99/year$ 49.99/year$ 89.99/year
Price upon renewal$39.99/year$149.99/year$199.99/year
Parental controls

Personal data cleanup

Identity theft coverage

✅ (up to $1M)
Lost wallet protection

Security freeze

McAfee’s cheapest plan called Plus is also the most basic one. Apart from the virus scan, real-time protection, and firewall features, it offers no addition to the security package.

However, if you invest in Family plan, which is slightly more expensive, but supports unlimited devices, you’ll also get Parental Controls, but your VPN use will be limited to 5 devices only.

Now the most expensive plan is Advanced, and it offers the most comprehensive features package. In addition to all that you get with Premium, you’ll also get personal data cleanup, identity theft coverage, and many more features.

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Norton vs McAfee: feature comparison

Norton provides you with a much wider range of security features than McAfee. While both antiviruses cover the essentials, Norton includes additionals, such as phone takeover and monitoring cloud storage.

Here’s what we found during our Norton vs McAfee feature research:

VPN (unlimited data)
Password manager
Dark Web Monitoring
Credit monitoring
401(k) & Investment Activity Alerts
Secure browser
Secure cloud storage

Overall, Norton is better in terms of features than McAfee because of the more extensive cloud storage. It doesn’t have McAfee’s file shredder or encryption, but those won’t agitate most users.

Wrapping up
Norton offers a much better feature package than McAfee. With Norton, you’ll get extensive security features, ID theft protection, secure cloud storage, and device monitoring options. On the other hand, McAfee’s features are reliable and enhance your security, but it simply cannot compete with Norton’s offer.

Norton features

Norton’s arsenal is loaded with features beneficial for advanced protection from threats. Of course, the amount of features you get depends on the plan you choose.

For instance, the AntiVirus Plus plan ($14.99/year) includes all the basics. This includes various types of malware and online threat protection. Not to mention that you also get a 100% virus protection promise.

For secure storing of your credentials, you get a password manager even with the entry plan. And if you want to protect your device from threats accessing your device, all you have to do is enable the firewall.


Each of the plans includes cloud storage – with the entry one, you get 2GB. If you want more, you’ll have to opt for more expensive plans. For instance, the Standard plan ($19.99/year) includes čGB of storage.

Speaking of the Standard plan, it includes everything that AntiVirus Plus has and more. This includes the Secure VPN feature that will keep you anonymous online. Meanwhile, the PC SafeCam will stop unauthorized third-party access to your webcam.

Additionally, the Dark web monitoring feature searches for your personal information and informs you if your data has been leaked somewhere.

Moving on, the Norton 360 Deluxe plan ($29.99/year) is a great pick if you’re concerned with your child’s online activities. The parental controls feature will help you have some peace of mind. Not to mention that School-time will help you limit hours that your child spends on their device.

For more information about features, visit our Norton Antivirus review.

McAfee features

McAfee Total Protection doesn’t fall far behind Norton’s plans. While it offers 3 plans, they’re all very inclusive.

Take the McAfee Plus ($39.99/year), for example. Aside from malicious threat and web protection, you get such essentialities as a firewall that stops threats from getting into your device in the first place.

Thanks to a file shredder, the documents you remove are also protected. This means no cybercriminal will be able to recover the files you deleted and use it against you.

McAfee features

If you’re one to use the same password on multiple websites, you’ll make use of McAfee’s password manager. And for a full cybersecurity suite, a VPN is also included. It might not be the best VPN on the market, but it’ll do the job well.

It’s worth mentioning that the Premium subscription ($49.99/year) will have all the mentioned features plus parental controls. So if you’re a guardian, you might want to look into this plan.

Last but not least is McAfee’s Advanced ($89.99year) subscription that includes even more security features. For instance, personal data cleanup will search for and remove your personal data from data brokers and search sites, ensuring additional anonymity.

With the most expensive plan, you also get up to $1M in identity theft coverage. Aside from that, there’s also lost wallet protection which helps you cancel your credit card and contact your bank.

For more information about features, visit our McAfee Antivirus review.

Impact on PC performance

In terms of performance, both providers are quite gentle on system resources. While Norton 360 was much quicker during the scans that we've run, the resources used turned out to be very similar. No antivirus won’t have any effect on your device performance, so such results are great compared to many other services.

And these are not only our tests talking – the AV-Comparatives performance impact test showed that both providers are some of the best. For instance, Norton scored 6.9 points and ranked 7th place. Meanwhile, with a score of 7.3 points and ranking 8th place, McAfee didn’t fall far behind either.

For our own batch of tests, I’ve checked how long a quick scan and full virus scans of 41GB of data takes. We also noted down how much the CPU, memory, and disk usage changed during that time.

Wrapping up – it's a draw
Everything considered, although Norton 360 is much faster at scanning than McAfee, both providers aren’t too hard on system resources, ensuring a smooth experience even while scanning. Our overall recommendation, however, is Norton!

Quick scan

Quick scan12 min 3 s1 min 22 s
CPU load90 - 100%90 - 100%
Memory load48%37%

As you can see, Norton 360 Deluxe is much faster when running a simple quick scan. During my tests, the CPU and memory load was similar, and neither of the contestants clogged more than half of the disk load capacity.

Full scan

Full scan2 h 27 min1 h 47 min
CPU load80 - 100%60 - 80%
Memory load46%34%

When we ran a full scan, McAfee took longer, which can be a real nuisance unless you're leaving it through the night. The CPU and disk load were quite similar, while the memory load was lower in the case of Norton.

Apps and interface

Both Norton and McAfee have a smooth installation and setup process. Their apps were user-friendly and simple to navigate.

Desktop app designs are not outdated or clogged with menus and buttons, so it all depends on which one appeals to you more. As for the mobile devices and their apps, I have noticed that Norton offers most of the features, while iOS users should expect a few less. McAfee is doing everything similarly but emphasizes improving your device’s performance with specialized tools. However, McAfee is easier to navigate as in Norton's app, you have to open many new tabs and apps to find features.

Wrapping up – it's a draw
To sum up, both providers are user-friendly and you won’t have issues with setting them up. In terms of design, both McAfee and Norton offer clear, modern, and very organized interfaces. Our top recommendation for overall category is Norton.

Desktop apps

Norton 360 offers a minimalist design with fewer colors and fewer things to click on, which can be easier to navigate for beginner users. There’s no left sidebar, only five big buttons clearly informing what purposes they perform (Security, Online Safety, Backup, Performance, My Norton) at the bottom and settings at the top-right of the window.

Norton interface

However, there’s a small price to pay for this initial simplicity – Norton uses pop-ups that are informative but I found them to be quite annoying. Yet, the most important part is that everything is clear and easy to understand even for beginners.

In the meantime, McAfee antivirus program gives you a clear and concise main screen. However, for some reason I was not able to maximize the window or change its size in any other way, which can be irritating for users.

McAfee interface

On the top menu, you will find the 4 main options related to McAfee functions: Protect your PC, Protect yourself on the web, Protect your identity and More security. During the test, clicking each of them showed us what’s on or off, what McAfee did while we weren't looking, and buttons at the bottom to choose a possible action.

Mobile apps

Norton's Android version installation starts with choosing your desired tools. It can be basic Norton Security or you can add a password manager and Norton Secure VPN. We recommend installing all 3 if you don’t have separate apps for the latter two. With McAfee, you get to install everything at once.


Norton’s mobile apps are pretty similar in the number of available features. What iOS might miss are app installation checker, spam call checker, and battery usage warnings. Also, it’s not possible to have it start up automatically whenever you switch to a public or another unsecured wifi.

Moving on, McAfee’s mobile app seemed simpler than its desktop counterpart. Compared to the desktop app, the mobile one heavily lacks certain features. For example, after the latest update to the McAfee Mobile Security, it no longer offers features like Storage Cleaner, Memory Booster, App Lock, and Anti-Theft anymore.

Customer support

24/7 live chat
Phone line
Knowledge base

Both contestants have solid customer support. McAfee and Norton both offer 24/7 live chat options, as well as a phone line for contacts with human agents. The waiting times for a response are a few minutes tops, so for any urgent issues you’ll receive the needed help quickly.

There are also forums for individual research for both providers, and we were able to find more help from the McAfee community. Their knowledge base is also nicely-structured.

Looking for some external opinions, I checked what the Better Business Bureau had to say about the customer service of each contestant. Turns out, they both get an A+.

Wrapping up – it's a draw
To sum up, both Norton and McAfee are equal when it comes to customer support. Both providers offer many different communication and help channels, so you’ll surely find all the needed help or information either independently or with a trained agent’s help. Our overall recommendation and top pick is Norton.

Video review

Tired of reading? Check out our video on McAfee vs Norton comparison. You’ll get all the most important facts in a concise and informative video.

Norton 360 vs McAfee video review

Final verdict

Malware protection
PC performance
User interface

Norton is a much better antivirus software than McAfee. Based on independent and our in-house tests, Norton has better malware protection rated, more features, brings more value for your money, and offers great customer support options.

Meanwhile, McAfee also has solid malware protection that performs just slightly below Norton. The provider also doesn’t fall far behind Norton with its useful customer support options and essential features.

It’s worth noting that these contestants are among the best antivirus that you can find in 2023. In fact, most of the time, they'll be in the Top 5, so choosing one or another comes down to a few aspects which may not be that important for some.

Alternatives to McAfee and Norton

If neither McAfee or Norton caught your attention, the antivirus market has some great alternatives, including Bitdefender and TotalAV.


Being a market-leading antivirus, Bitdefender can boast a wide range of security features that will prevent various types of threats from entering your device. It’s an independent laboratory-approved antivirus that also includes real-time protection, a built-in VPN, a password manager, and more.

Bitdefender’s prices start from $29.99/year. Plus, there’s a free version you can try out.


With excellent malware detection rates and ample security features, you’ll be able to secure multiple devices in your household with TotalAV. Real-time protection, performance optimization tools, a VPN, a password manager, ransomware detection – you name it, this antivirus has it.

TotalAV prices start from $19.00/year. And if you want to test it first, there’s a solid free version.

How we tested and compared these two antivirus programs

Choosing the best antivirus software always depends on what exactly you need this AV for. The relevant characteristics change based on your OS, the level of protection you need, your financial situation, and more.

However, there are a few main criteria that we follow no matter what:

  • Independent antivirus testing. Having the antivirus software tested by the companies like AV-Test Institute or AV-Comparatives helps us to know how legitimate the AV is. We can clearly see how well the antivirus software detects and fights threats.
  • In-house antivirus testing. While third-party results are helpful, running tests on our own reveals how well the antivirus performs multiple times. It’s especially helpful when testing adware, spyware, and other types of malware.
  • False positive detection rates. Just like in real life, the cyber world also requires security to react to danger properly. Therefore, we always pay attention to how many false positives the AV catches to avoid oversensitive protection.
  • Extra features. Nowadays, only basic antivirus features aren’t capable of detecting and stopping evolving cybercriminals. Hence, we care if the antivirus app includes bonus features, such as a firewall, spam filters, a VPN, and more.
  • Performance. Having robust antivirus software on an older device might be quite challenging. As there are constantly running processes, it’s important that the protection software wouldn’t have too much effect on your gadgets.
  • Price. After testing dozens of antiviruses, we aim to select only those that offer the best quality and price ratio. After all, cybersecurity shouldn’t be a luxury item.
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Mark Mildren
prefix 8 months ago
Will McAfee or Norton find bugs,viruses, etc. that maybe on my phone and tablet prior to me buying there services?
Cybernews Team
prefix 7 months ago
Hi Mark, thanks for your question. No, McAfee and Norton cannot detect bugs or viruses that may have been present on your phone or tablet prior to you buying their services. These antivirus software programs can only detect and remove viruses and malware that are currently present on your device or that you may encounter in the future.

Alternatively, if you'd like to try out these products free of charge, you can use McAfee's 30-day free trial or Norton's 7-day free trial. Hope this helps!
Just Tony
prefix 1 year ago
I have Norton and used to get mad at the constant pop up ads but after a quick internet search I found it is quite easy to turn them off and it doesn't affect protection at all.
prefix 1 year ago
Have used both, Norton is a little annoying to me, i ain't gonna lie but it's a legit antivirus which makes you feel secure enough but there are multiple reasons why I shifted to Macafee, Firstly it's not annoying, secondly it really is helpful for my young siblings in blocking unwanted sites and it's more family oriented.
prefix 1 year ago
I appreciate your review and can make an intelligent decision and not an emotional one. Thank you
prefix 1 year ago
I have Norton 360 but get popup to pay more for fixing things and for performance tuning and so on, which is irritating. Not sure what I paid them for.
prefix 2 years ago
Go with Norton if you love constant pop ups.

I just can't stand it any longer
Willan Beck
prefix 2 years ago
I purchased a new Dell desktop computer with McAfee security, previously I owned a Hp Desktop computer with Norton security. The Norton security does not expire until August 2021. Both of these securities are on my PC and McAfee keeps trying to disable the Norton security. What should I do? Does it hurt to keep both securities on my pc until the Norton security expires?
Mindaugas Jancis
prefix 2 years ago
Hi, Willan. I’m afraid that you must use only one antivirus at a time to avoid them fighting each other. My suggestion would be to try McAfee and see if you like it better. If not, you can still use Norton for the upcoming months. Good luck!
prefix 2 years ago
I have Norton 360 and i installed it with a key that i bought from internet for 12 euros.
Norton offers to renew the subscription for 19.99 euros for 1 year , from Norton’s 360 user interface.
prefix 2 years ago
I was looking for CSR phone # for Norton – very hard to find. website has different pricing
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