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Create strong passwords that are completely random and impossible to guess.
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What is a password generator?

A password generator is a tool that automatically generates strong, secure passwords. With its help, you don’t need to come up with your own passwords ever again.

A single mouse click will generate you a sequence of random symbols. Copy and use it as a password for your device, email, social media account, or anything else that requires restricted access.

Also, don’t use the same password for more than one account. Each time you need to sign up, create a new password using this free password generator. In this way, your data will be safer than ever before.


How does our password generator tool work?

To create a truly unique character combination, this online password generator tool goes through random sequences of 26 uppercase letters, 26 lowercase letters, 10 numeric digits, and 32 special symbols. The result is a unique 12-character sequence. This number of characters makes your future password downright unbreakable, taking 1.4 billion years for a brute-force attack to crack it.

This free password generator is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, as well as with Android and iOS devices.


Why should I use a password generator?

The internet is not a safe place. For example, 4,500 successful data breaches happen every single day in the UK alone. Imagine the worldwide scope, and the possibility of becoming a target yourself.

Luckily, a strong password has the power to protect you from threats like dictionary attacks, rainbow tables, and brute-force attacks.

Such passwords are created by random password generators. A complex combination of random numbers, letters, and symbols is more than enough to keep you safe from cyber-terrorists.


Why do I need a strong password?

Did you know that 23 million people still use “123456” as their password? If you’re one of them, you should really consider changing your habits. That’s because compromised passwords are responsible for 80% of data breaches. And you really don’t want to become part of those statistics. Luckily, a strong password has the power to protect your data from anyone who means you harm. Using a password created by a secure password generator drastically reduces the chances of getting your information stolen. Private messages, credit card details, and all kinds of sensitive information will be safe thanks to a combination of random characters, numbers, and symbols. So, no more worries about losing your funds overnight or getting your private photos leaked – a strong password generator will prevent bad things from happening.


What makes a password strong and secure?

We’ve all been guilty of using weak passwords. For many people, the list of weak passwords includes significant dates, favorite holidays, and the names of their loved ones. However, that’s dangerous. A good password shouldn’t be easy to guess. In fact, it should be impossible to guess. So, what does a strong password look like? Well, most importantly, it consists of at least 12 characters. Additionally, each password must contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers. Such a password can’t be cracked even by the most modern computers. According to this tool, a complex 12-digit password takes 5,389,762 years to crack. On the flip side, a computer can crack a 5-character password in 10 seconds.


Should I use a unique & strong password for every account?

Yes. Using the same password for multiple accounts significantly compromises your security. It’s only a matter of time until one of the sites gets hacked – together with all the credentials it contains.

This happens much more often than we imagine. Even such industry giants as eBay, Yahoo, and Linkedin have suffered massive data breaches that have resulted in the leakage of millions (or even billions) of user records.

Luckily, using a different password for each and every account eliminates the risk of having your data stolen from multiple websites at once. Just use a password generator for every account you create, and you’re good to go.


How can I remember all of my generated secure passwords?

An automatically-generated password can be extremely difficult to remember. And when you keep in mind all the accounts you have, it’s not easy to resist the urge to keep all your passwords on a sticky note. Luckily, there is a solution. Password managers were created for exactly this reason – to keep track of all the strong passwords created by a password generator. All you need to do is remember one master password (which has to be a good one), and the program will autofill everything else for you. So, don’t worry – the science of cyber security is on your side, and it will continue evolving and doing everything to keep your data safe.