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TotalAV Antivirus review

TotalAV is one of the best antivirus products on the market with excellent malware detection rates. It offers an intuitive user interface suitable for beginners and advanced users, not to mention multiple device coverage. Moreover, it has a free version that can be used as a second layer of protection.

With a top-tier subscription, we put features like real-time protection, ransomware detection, cloud scanning, anti-phishing protection, a VPN, and a password manager to test. This first-class feature suite provided us with a powerful all-in-one security solution.

However, we could not ignore the echoes from TotalAV users. They vary from exceptionally good ones to customer complaints of undealt refunds. The question is: what could be unpleasing about TotalAV that a user would want to quit it?

TotalAV can definitely be categorized as the best cheap virus protection app, but there are some concerns expressed by users that we need to explore. So in this TotalAV review, we'll dive deeper to find out all the weaknesses and strengths before you make the purchase.

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🥇 Overall rank:#3 out of #25
💵 Price:from $19.00/year, 3 devices
✂️ Free version:Yes
🖥️ Platforms:Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
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TotalAV pros and cons

Visit TotalAV to learn more about the features

TotalAV short review

TotalAV is a really popular antivirus software provider, and for a good reason. So here is a quick overview of the main points discussed in this review:

  • Pricing. TotalAV offers different subscription plans on top of a free plan. The cheapest premium plan costs $19.00/year, covers up to 3 devices, and includes security features to cover the bases. For additional features, you’ll need to upgrade your plan.
  • Features. TotalAV antivirus software comes with a lot of useful features. They include virus scans, ransomware protection, a VPN, and a password manager. All these tools help improve your online security and system protection.
  • Security. TotalAV ensures the highest levels of security for your devices. So you can be certain that you’re secured from cyber threats.
  • Speed. TotalAV offers different scanning options and all of them are really quick and thorough. So it won’t lag your system and will quickly identify potential threats.
  • Ease of use. The setup process takes approximately five minutes and apps are very user-friendly. You can easily find the main features via a well-organized and intuitive interface. Also, the in-built system optimization tools help your device to run smoothly.

Is TotalAV safe?

Total AV antivirus is safe to use and guarantees a 100% protection rate. During our testing, we challenged the antivirus with 10 malicious file samples. The system scan found all 10 threats that we tested it with, guaranteeing the best possible result.

But you don’t have to take only our word for it – independent lab tests have examined this antivirus as well. For instance, AV-Test rewarded the service with a maximum of 6 points in both performance and usability. Additionally, its protection was rated slightly lower, reaching 5.5 points.

A more detailed report by AV-Test shows that TotalAV successfully blocked 97% of zero-day malware attacks in 2022. It also demonstrated an excellent 100% detection when using 4-week-old widespread malware and didn’t flag false positives.

Another independent testing lab, AV-Comparatives, gave the highest rating of Advanced+ to TotalAV’s protection. During the test in March 2022, it successfully blocked 99.93% of threats with only one false positive.

TotalAV test by AV-Comparatives

Moreover, TotalAV has also received the highest AAA rating in SE LABS testing. It proved its effectiveness by reaching a 97% of total accuracy when identifying malicious threats.

TotalAV test by SE LABS

TotalAV is clearly a great antivirus in terms of malware protection. It delivers above-average results, so you can easily trust this antivirus software to protect you from various cyberthreats.

TotalAV security features

TotalAV offers quite a lot of additional features for security. It can protect your device from all kinds of threats, including ransomware and phishing attempts. It also has a few bonus features, for example, the Safe Browsing VPN and system optimization tools. You can read all about them in the following sections.

Here are some of the most notable security features that TotalAV has to offer:

Virus scans

TotalAV antivirus has a reliable virus scanner. It’s a whitelisted version of Avira’s anti-malware engine, which is considered to be the best on the market. So, you can be assured of great protection against malware.

TotalAV virus scanning options

With TotalAV, you get four device scanning options:

  • Quick scan. Your computer will be scanned quickly for temporary files where viruses are most commonly found.
  • System scan. This is a full scan for identifying malware at any corner of the system.
  • Smart scan. Schedule scans for malware, tracking cookies, and junk files to run automatically on your pre-set time.
  • Custom scan. This option allows you to pick a single file, folder, or disk to scan.

To better understand how efficient TotalAV’s scans are, we put two main ones (a quick scan and a system scan) to a test. While a full scan can affect your system resources and take more time, a quick scan should have less impact on it.

So here are the results of the scans:

Quick scanSystem scan
Time0 min 14 s6 min 36 s
CPU load8% 38%17% 99%
Memory load40%45%
Disk load2% 5%1% 95%
Items scanned130350 600
Zero-day malware found010

The results came out to be thrilling, with an average detection rate of 99%. And while a quick scan was rather gentle on system resources, the system scan showed worse results. But it’s no surprise considering that it scans your device in depth.

TotalAV testing results

After TotalAV finishes scanning, you can select action for each of the malicious files – whether you want to quarantine, whitelist, delete them, or anything else.

TotalAV malicious file removal

All in all, TotalAV is a powerful antivirus software when it comes to malware detection. So, you can securely download files or programs, and in case of a virus TotalAV has you covered.

Real-time protection

TotalAV offers real-time protection for your devices by constantly monitoring for potential threats. And you’ll find this feature is enabled by default. You can disable it if you want, but there’s no reason for not having it switched on – the impact on performance is minimal.

TotalAV real time protection1

In addition, TotalAV uses advanced cloud scanning meaning that any programs that raise suspicions during scans are compared with the ones included in the cloud database of known malware. This method allows the antivirus to detect zero-day threats more accurately and protect a device with more precision.

If the suspected program appears to be a threat, TotalAV issues a warning to inform you of this malware and puts it into quarantine. Afterwards, the antivirus provides you with steps on how to remove malicious files from your system.

Ransomware protection

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly common, so any modern antivirus program needs to provide protection from them.

A ransomware attack can encrypt your data in such a way that you can no longer view, move, copy, save, change, or even recover it. The most common method of such attacks is using embedded office documents.

TotalAV offers protection against malicious sites in the form of its WebShield feature. So, as long as you have TotalAV’s WebShield enabled, it will automatically block low-trust websites and crypto mining URLs.

WebShield extension

TotalAV’s WebShield feature provides protection against threats that are designed to harm devices and cause security and privacy risks. These include ransomware, scam and phishing websites, and other online threats.

It’s a free Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge add-on that constantly looks out for websites that could pose a threat to your device and redirects searches away from anything it identifies as a potential risk. It’s also available on iOS and Android devices.

TotalAV WebShield extension

WebShield comes with a Safe Search feature that redirects all web searches through TotalAV’s web engine for added security. It’s supposed to grade every site it surfaces with either a green tick to show it’s safe to click on or a red cross to indicate a potential threat.

We’ve tested how WebShield works and here are the results:

PlatformSafe SearchBlocks suspicious websitesStops tracking
Chrome✅ works✅ works✅ works
Firefox✅ works✅ works✅ works
Edge✅ works✅ works✅ works
Opera❌ doesn't work✅ works✅ works
Android❌ doesn't work❌ doesn't work❌ doesn't work
iOS❌ doesn't work❌ doesn't work❌ doesn't work

In practice, this feature didn’t work all that well on Android and iOS devices. Also, it doesn’t block intrusive ads. However, it might be a useful browser add-on to avoid potentially dangerous sites and website tracking.

Safe Browsing (VPN)

Two of TotalAV’s most expensive plans (Internet Security and Total Security) include the Safe Browsing VPN, and as far as antivirus VPNs go, it’s a pretty decent one. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) reroutes your traffic through a secure server located in your chosen country. Meaning that it’s encrypted, and you can remain private when browsing online.

TotalAV VPN comes with unlimited data and it includes a relatively wide range of servers, with over 50+ of them in 35 countries. I tested it out by connecting to a server in Belgium. I was connected within seconds, and, more importantly, it didn’t noticeably slow down the browsing experience.

TotalAV VPN server locations

Additionally, TotalAV VPN’s speed is quite impressive. In some instances, it successfully competed with our fastest performing providers, such as NordVPN with its proprietary NordLynx protocol and Surfshark with the IKEv2 protocol.

Another VPN feature you might be interested in is streaming. And just like any other provider, TotalAV VPN can also unlock global content for you. However, when we tried streaming videos, it kept buffering, and the quality would often suffer. So while it’s possible to access some geo-restricted content with this VPN, there are certainly better streaming VPN options out there.

To access the VPN, just go to Web Security in the sidebar of the TotalAV desktop app. Then, select Safe Browsing (VPN). Provided you’re signed up to a package that supports it, you’ll simply be given a list of regions to connect to. It really is that simple.

System Tune-up

What’s worth mentioning is that all paid TotalAV subscription plans include system optimization features. This security software has an in-built junk cleaner and duplicate file finder.

TotalAV tune up

These System Tune-up tools remove junk files, duplicate files, and even uninstall unused applications to clear the disk space. It’s especially useful if you want to improve your device’s performance and keep the system running smoothly.

Additionally, TotalAV also provides cleanup for the browser as it manages history and cookies. So you can always be sure that unwanted third parties won’t store your information.

TotalAV clear browser history tune up

TotalAV additional features

Apart from protecting your device from malicious programs, TotalAV also can help you secure your credentials, identity, and avoid intrusive ads. Here’s a list of additional features that TotalAV offers:

  • Secure password – a password vault to keep your information protected.
  • Identity protection – checks whether your personal data has been leaked.
  • AdBlock – removes intrusive and potentially dangerous ads during browsing.

Secure Password Vault (password manager)

TotalAV’s Secure Password Vault is yet another feature that’s only available on the most expensive (Total Security) plan. So is it worth paying extra for? Well, if you’re looking for a good password manager, TotalAV’s Secure Password Vault certainly does everything you’d want it to do. It lets you securely store, organize, and retrieve all your login details whenever you need them. Also, it can generate secure passwords for you, making sure your passwords are virtually unhackable.

As with all password managers, the only login credentials that you need to remember is your master password. However, for security reasons, TotalAV will never receive it. This is great if you’re concerned about security but really annoying if you accidentally forget it.

TotalAV password manager tool

In terms of the setup, when you’ve set up your TotalAV Secure Password Vault, you’ll be asked to install the Password Vault browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. And while not everyone is a fan of browser extensions, it makes filling in your passwords much easier.

As soon as you’ve installed it, the TotalAV logo will appear next to your address bar. Once you’re all set up, TotalAV can import any passwords you have saved in your browser with just one click.

My only complaint with TotalAV’s Secure Password Vault, besides the fact you have to pay extra for it, is that it doesn’t work with the mobile phone app. This is a real shame as a password manager on mobile devices is really useful.

Identity theft protection

TotalAV provides identity theft protection services that are designed to reduce identity theft exposure. Here’s how it works:

  • Monitor. TotalAV continuously monitors your credit card details, Social Security number (SSN), and health insurance information to prevent from personal details being sold online.
  • Alert. If it identifies a breach, you’re immediately notified.
  • Restore. In case your identity is compromised, you can expect TotalAV to provide full assistance when restoring stolen information.

Additionally, TotalAV offers up to $1 Million in identity theft insurance. Meaning that if your identity is stolen, you can get generous compensation. However, coverage might not be available in all US jurisdictions so you should check the official website for further information.


Ads might not only be annoying but dangerous as well. Luckily, TotalAV includes an AdBlock feature which comes as an extension for most popular browsers. It’s designed to get rid of all types of ads to improve your browsing experience and security.

TotalAV ad block test

We’ve tested the TotalAV AdBlock on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge – it worked wonders with each of them. I didn’t see a single ad while browsing online and it even managed to block YouTube ads.

How much does TotalAV cost?

The cheapest paid entry plan of TotalAV costs $19 for the first year, providing you with all the essentials for 3 devices. This includes ransomware and real-time protection features and even a VPN. However, there are a variety of other subscription options available, including one free plan and two more paid ones.

All plans come with an anti-malware scanner, anti-phishing protection, mobile apps, and customer support options. You can explore what each of the subscriptions contains below.

Note: Total AV prices are the same regardless of currency, which means that, in practice, the service is cheaper in the US than it is in the EU or UK.

TotalAV FreeTotalAV ProTotalAV Internet SecurityTotalAV Total Security
Advanced ransomware protection
Real-time protection
System clean-up tools
Cloud-based malware scanning
Password manager
Ad blocker
Anti-malware scanner
Anti-phishing protection

Whichever plan you get (except for the free one, of course), you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you’re not completely satisfied with TotalAV’s offer, you can get a full refund. Another important point to mention is the renewal of plans – you have to email TotalAV in order for them not to automatically renew your subscription. Plus, the TotalAV prices you see are only introductory, and they increase after the first year.

TotalAV Pro plan covers all the needed security bases, but if you want to get an antivirus for 5 devices, you’ll have to upgrade to the Total Internet Security plan. The introductory price is $39.00/year.

However, if you need even more device coverage or require a password manager and an ad blocker, then you’ll have to pick TotalAV’s most expensive plan. TotalAV Total Security package will initially charge you $49.00 per year and will cover 6 devices.

Can I get TotalAV for free?

Yes, you can get TotalAV free directly from its official website, but the free plan is quite limited. Despite that, it still gives you a basic level of safety.

Download it, and you'll get an anti-malware scanner that will perform a quick scan on your device and remove viruses, and an extra feature for anti-phishing protection that will block phishing sites.

You'll also be able to contact customer support in case you need help with your free version of TotalAV.

So, the TotalAV free plan is good for basic security, but if you require premium features like a password manager or a VPN, then it’s better to upgrade to a paid subscription plan.

Is TotalAV good value for money?

TotalAV isn’t the cheapest antivirus solution out there – but it isn't the most expensive either. While it does offer a lot of excellent features that performed really well in tests, some of its pricing plans are not the most competitive I’ve seen.

However, TotalAV’s cheapest offering starts at $19.00 per year. It is one of the cheaper options on the market. So, if you're looking to save money, you'd better stick with TotalAV's basic plan.

How to download TotalAV?

download TotalAV
  1. Go to the TotalAV website.
  2. Scroll down and choose your subscription plan.
  3. Fill in your payment details and tick the consent box.
  4. Download the TotalAV app and follow the installation instructions.
  5. Log in to your account and you’re ready for the first scan.

Ease of use

Once you’ve chosen the plan you want, TotalAV is pretty easy to set up. Downloading and installing the software only took about five minutes or so. While running in the background, TotalAV’s RAM usage isn’t high – around 4-5% on a 4GB RAM computer.

And once you’re up and running, the TotalAV desktop app makes it pretty simple to find your way around the different features, whether you'd be using it on Windows or Mac devices. The user interface makes good use of space without feeling cluttered and it categorizes everything in a very intuitive way. There are lots of features, but they’re well organized, so you can always find what you’re looking for.

TotalAV desktop app

As soon as you fire it up, you’ll see four main tabs on the app’s dashboard:

  • Antivirus
  • System boost
  • Disk cleaner
  • Web security

Of course, these are some of the most popular functions of antivirus software. So it’s great that you can do a quick antivirus scan with just one click. You’ll also find a very helpful sidebar with more handy options.

The Web Shield browser, however, is another story. While the app is clean and simple, the browser extension is a tad more complicated and a lot less intuitive. But once you’ve got used to it, you should be able to find everything you need.

TotalAV mobile app

The TotalAV mobile app is available for Apple users on iOS 9.0 and above, as well as for Android users on Android 5.0 and later versions. Below, we cover how the apps differ from one another.


We tested TotalAV out on Android and found that it was very easy to set up. As soon as you open up the app, you’ll be prompted to login or set up an account. And once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to access TotalAV’s security suite on your mobile device.

The TotalAV antivirus Android app comes with pretty much every feature included in the desktop version. On the app’s main homepage, you’ll have the following options:

  • Security scan that scans your apps for potential threats.
  • VPN access. It also provides identity theft protection.
  • Device tune-up to improve speed and remove junk.
  • Wifi checker to make sure your network connection is safe.
  • Data breach check to see if any of your data has been compromised.
  • Protect your devices to keep your phone safe online.

You won’t have trouble finding any of these features on the Android app as it’s very structured, with everything displayed on the main window.

TotalAV Android app

You can continue to use your phone as normal while the TotalAV app is performing antivirus scans. The performance likely won’t slow down enough for you to notice.

TotalAV’s Android app also promises to deliver real-time antivirus protection to make sure your device is safe at all times. And it also comes with an App Lock feature that lets you add a password or PIN to add an extra layer of protection to the apps you care about.

However, while TotalAV has a lot to like, there are a lot of antivirus mobile apps that offer even more features, and won’t cost you as much money.


When it comes to antivirus products for iPhone, things get interesting. That’s because iOS devices require less antivirus protection than other OS.

You see, viruses for iPhone and iPad are pretty rare. For this reason, antivirus programs have to implement lots of useful features on their iOS applications to appeal to their users.

TotalAV ios app

So, here’s what you can find on the iOS app of TotalAV:

  • Data breach check lets you know whether your email has been compromised
  • Device Locator tracks your smartphone in case it gets lost or stolen
  • System Security alerts you about iOS updates
  • Secure Search Browser lets you browse the web without trackers and ads
  • Photo Manager lets you remove unwanted photos more easily
  • WebShield blocks dangerous websites
  • Private Connection VPN makes your browsing anonymous

As you can see, there is no virus scan feature like on the Android application because iPhones have built-in protection from viruses.

Overall, the TotalAV antivirus app for iOS offers great complementary features to the existing iOS antivirus protection.

Customer support

24/7 live chat
Phone line✅ (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Europe, International number)
Guides or articles

Unlike many other antivirus companies we’ve reviewed, TotalAV doesn’t hide its direct support contact details behind several pages of FAQs and general advice. While they have all the usual troubleshooting guides and links to help you resolve your issue yourself, TotalAV’s customer service phone number can be found on the customer support landing page. There’s also an option to open a ticket by filling out an online form.

In short, TotalAV makes it much easier to find help if you need it than a lot of its competitors, which usually try to deter people from phoning. If you actually want to talk to a person about an issue, you can phone, email, or use the TotalAV live chat.

How we test antivirus software

For our tests, our research team downloads 10 zero-day malware files. We start from extracting the files onto our computer and testing how the real-time protection feature reacts to it.

Moving on, we disable real-time protection and extract the files again in order to test how well the scans of the antivirus work. We usually test the two main scanning options – the quick scan and the full system scan. That’s because they’re usually the most often used scans for regular or in-depth checkups.

While performing the scans, we also monitor the CPU, memory, and disk loads to see if the antivirus is tough on system resources or not. Although the security rates of the antivirus are important, you shouldn’t compromise performance because of it.

Video review

TotalAV video review

Is TotalAV good enough and worth getting?

TotalAV is one of the safest antivirus programs out there. It uses strong antivirus technology to deliver a powerful and extensive security package. It offers robust protection against viruses, trojans, ransomware, phishing scams, and malware. And it also keeps you safe from spyware and has loads of tools to help you clean up your disk and optimize your devices.

During the independent tests, TotalAV showed impressive malware detection results and received the highest rankings from multiple firms, including AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, and SE LABS. In addition, 87% of reviewers listed TotalAV as excellent on the Trustpilot platform. That’s why it’s taking one of the top places among our antivirus software ranking.

TotalAV trustpilot reviews

Depending on which plan you go for, you can also get access to helpful features like TotalAV’s Secure VPN, Password Vault, and its ad blocker. So, it definitely offers one of the most comprehensive security suites on the market.

The TotalAV desktop app is simple and free of bugs. It’s got a very user-friendly design, so it’s really easy to use. The browser extension and the mobile app aren’t quite as well designed and have a few issues. But overall, it’s still a very strong offering.

In addition, its basic plan is among the cheapest antivirus options, so you can go for it if you don't plan on covering more than three devices.

We hope that this TotalAV review proved that it's one of the most secure antivirus software programs we’ve tested, and it comes with everything you could possibly need to keep your devices completely safe online.

4.6 /5
Special deal
-84% OFF
4.7 /5
Special deal
-66% OFF
4.9 /5
Special deal
-67% OFF

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prefix 1 month ago
iPad Pro compatible??
Cybernews Team
prefix 1 month ago
Hi, Iris! Yes, TotalAV antivirus is compatible with iPad Pro. The app is available on the App Store and requires iOS 11.0 or later.
prefix 2 months ago
How do I reinstall TotalAV on my iPhone, after renewing my subscription?
Cybernews Team
prefix 2 months ago
Hi, thanks for your question! To reinstall TotalAV on your iPhone after renewing your subscription, open the App Store, search for "TotalAV," tap on the app, and select "Get" or the cloud icon to download and install it. Once installed, use your existing credentials to log in and access the renewed subscription features. Hope this helps!
prefix 3 months ago
How come I can’t have VPN connected and web shield connected at the same time? Which is best to have connected?
Cybernews Team
prefix 2 months ago
Hi, thanks for the question. If you're talking about the built-in VPN in the TotalAV package, then it should work simultaneously with the WebShield feature. We would suggest to check if the software is up-to-date. If not, then update the software or reinstall it altogether. Also, try switching to a different VPN tunneling protocol (either change it to IKEv2 or to OpenVPN UDP/TCP). If the problem persists, we suggest to contact TotalAV customer support, as they will know best how to help in this situation. Hope this helps!
prefix 26 days ago
I have an iPhone 13 and I’m having the same issue as Cali. I absolutely cannot run webshield and the VPN simultaneously. My iOS is up to date. I don’t know what else to check.
Cybernews Team
prefix 14 days ago
Hi! We can suggest doing some troubleshooting: 1. Changing to another server or location altogether; 2. Rebooting Internet router and/or a device; 3. Updating or reinstalling TotalAV software; 4. If nothing works, we suggest contacting TotalAV customer support about this issue. Hope this works out!
prefix 1 year ago
Avoid the TotalAV Password Vault unless you know for certain you will have your computer for a very long time.
I had hundreds of passwords installed in my PAID service. I needed a new MacBook. I couldn't believe it when I was told there is no way to port over the passwords.

There are much better password products out there. Do not fall for Total AV's far inferior product.
Patricia Vann
prefix 1 year ago
I do not have a laptop or desktop computer only my iPhone and an iPad. Which total Av should I buy?
prefix 1 year ago
Why do I need so expensive anti virus, I think microsoft has an investment into antivirus companies, if not they would have incorporated robust av in their computers.
Alan Nicol
prefix 1 year ago
Be very wary of the money back guarantee.
My wife and I both downloaded the anti-virus and then cancelled within the stipulated period.
One account was cancelled and the other not. Despite many emails they are continuing to take money, and will not refund the charges they have taken
Charles Coleman
prefix 2 years ago
Will Total AV get rid of searchBaron from my MacBook Pro? I have Big Sur installed and it popped up as my web browser and I can't get rid of it.
CyberNews Team
prefix 2 years ago
TotalAV won't have any problems removing this adware from your Mac. Plus, once you turn on real-time protection, all other viruses won't be getting on your system.
Da Mage
prefix 2 years ago
I've bought Total AV some month ago. I recognized my computer is showing strange activity every time when I left it alone for a few minutes. That 'anti virus sw' is making continuous 40% CPU load in all time . It is using my machine for something. I asked their support many times. I've got no explanation at all just avoiding questions. I've looked around on the net now I'm convinced that 'product' must be a scam. I’ve requested refund my money but no reflection.
Donald G Ellison
prefix 2 years ago
I’m very interested. I am looking at the $59 plan. My question is, after the first year, what is the price of this plan going to be? I haven’t been able to find out the regular prices for the plans. I understand that the first year price is to suck people in, but why so secretive about the prices after the first year? Just be honest.
CyberNews Team
prefix 2 years ago
They are written on their page in small print. Regular Antivirus Pro costs $99, Internet Security costs $119, and Total Security costs $149 after the first year’s discount expires.
Frank Higbee
prefix 2 years ago
I have TotalAV but it is not finding QuickiLookSearchesDaemon on my iMac
William Baker
prefix 2 years ago
thanks you
David Anderson
prefix 2 years ago
Bought this originally to get rid of a phishing malware trying to get my password. It couldn’t find it and when I got a hold of support they said type your password in so that TotalAV could find it. What a dumb idea. I ended up figuring it out on my own. Then a year later they billed me 3 times the amount of the previous year. I had no idea I was buying a renewing subscription. Now they say I discovered it too late to give me a refund. They don’t seem very capable and maybe a little bit shady.
prefix 2 years ago
Is the amount i had to pay even tho thought it was free, a monthly amount???? Do not want a regular amount coming out of my bank. Have paid $2.99
Jean Melrose
prefix 2 years ago
I wanted to join a free anti virus company, then it said pay $2,
Patty Hendrickson
prefix 2 years ago
Renewal rate is negotiable …. Keep your renewal date handy!!
prefix 2 years ago
In one of your comments you said the 1st year of total av pro was 19.99 then to Tabby you said it would be 99.00 per year !
What am I missing here.
Thanks irish 2050
CyberNews Team
prefix 2 years ago
The first year’s price is lower, and then it gets higher. So, for the first year, you’ll be paying $29.00, but your second year will cost $99 when your subscription renews.
prefix 2 years ago
How much more does it cost after your first introductory year for the three programs $19, $39 and $59?
Does a price hike happen each year?
In other words are sundcribers paying exponentially more, the longer they are enrolled?
CyberNews Team
prefix 2 years ago
No, it doesn’t increase each year. The price for your first year is just lower as a method to attract more users, probably.
Ann Modzelewski
prefix 2 years ago
I am interested in the Total Av program and have spent hours trying to find out about Total AV. I need to talk to a real person about your programs to decide which I want as I have some programs already installed and do not see a need to duplicate them but want full protection … not the free service but the annual cost.
Dr Philip F Spelt
prefix 2 years ago
QUESTIONS, actually: I repeatedly see the phrase, “TotalAV xx version is $NN.nn FOR THE FIRST YEAR.” What happens to pricing after the first year? IF I buy this, am I thereby enrolled in an automatic renewal plan that I must cancel prior to some date that I have to remember for 2 to 11 months?
CyberNews Team
prefix 2 years ago
Most antiviruses prices are lower for new customers. So, after you promotional price end, the rates do become higher. Usually, the plans automatically renew, so you must be cautious not to forget to cancel your subscription if you don’t want to be billed for a higher price.
prefix 2 years ago
How much is the regular billed price
CyberNews Team
prefix 2 years ago
Here are the costs:
TotalAV Pro $99 a year
Internet Security: $119 a year
Total Security: $149 a year
As you can see, the prices increase quite a lot.
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