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Check if your data has been leaked

Find out if your email or phone number and related personal information could get into the wrong hands. Find out how to keep your data secure.


Breached Accounts


Unique emails
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Latest breaches:

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700 Thousand LinkedIn Accounts
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11 Thousand WeLeakInfo files

Largest breaches:

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3.2 Billion Comb Accounts
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1.4 Billion The BreachCompilation Accounts

How does this tool work?

Our checker has a 500 GB database of hashed emails that have been leaked. To check if your email address was leaked:
  1. You enter the email address in the search field. Your email is not collected, logged or stored
  2. The tool hashes the email you entered and uses only this hash to perform a search in our database
  3. The search results appear on the same page

How can anyone know your email password or other details?

Hackers or other bad actors can:

  • Steal your email address, password, credit card number and other data from the companies that have it
  • Buy your data on DarkNet marketplaces
  • Find your data in corporate databases that are not properly secured

What could happen to you if your data is leaked?

Even with a small amount of leaked data, malicious actors can:

  • Steal your other accounts
  • Try to phish or spam you
  • In severe cases, steal your identity
  • Ruin your finances or reputation

How to get to the safe side?

You can take a few steps to increase your safety online:
  1. Change the passwords for all of your accounts that use the leaked email addresses
  2. Get a reliable password manager to generate strong passwords and protect your accounts
  3. Use two-factor authentication (2FA)
To learn more about our leak checker, see FAQs

Protect yourself online

Virtual Private Networks

Password managers

Antivirus software

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