Personal data leak check

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Personal data leak check

Enter your email below to see if you’ve been exposed. We don’t log, track or store any email address you enter.

So you might be wondering: is this a scam?

The quick answer is: No. We don’t track, log or store any emails you enter in the checker, and you won’t get any marketing emails from us. 

So this data leak is real?

Yup  we’ve written extensively about it here. Forbes and TechRadar covered this breach in-depth,  and you can see more publications that have written about CyberNews here: In the News

Here at CyberNews, we want to make sure you’re always protected online ― and that means knowing when you’ve been exposed in a database leak or breach. All of our data comes from breaches where your information may have been exposed to people without permissions.

Our up-to-date checker will help you see if your email address has been leaked online. If so, we recommend you update your passwords immediately, and check to make sure all your sensitive accounts and personal data are safe. 

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