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Best identity theft protection services in 2022

Identity theft is on the rise right now and stolen data can be used to commit crimes or fraud in plenty of different ways. Your data can be targeted or leaked in plenty of ways, including data breaches, phishing, hacks, social engineering, or malware attacks.

The personal information targeted in these crimes includes your name, credit card number, social security number, PINs, passwords, and even fingerprints.

Getting your stolen ID information back can be very difficult and cost you a lot of time and money. Luckily, there are identity theft protection services that monitor your personal data online and can alert you when there are any breaches and threats to your security.

In this article, we will introduce the best identity theft protection services for you.

Top 5 best identity protection services

  1. Aura – best identity theft protection service overall
  2. Norton LifeLock – excellent credit monitoring system
  3. McAfee – reliable ID fraud protection
  4. Bitdefender Ultimate Security – best antivirus with a credit security system
  5. Surfshark – reputable identity monitoring service

The best identity theft protection services – our detailed list

For this list, we’ve looked at all the most popular identity theft protection tools to find only the best ones for you. We require these providers to provide sufficient features to protect your data online, track any possible leaks, and provide solutions if your ID has been compromised.

1. Aura – best identity theft protection service overall

Aura antivirus banner
Dark web monitoring:Yes
Credit monitoring:Yes
Current deal:🔥 Get up to 61% OFF Aura Antivirus! 🔥

Aura is a security tool that covers all the bases: it has an antivirus, a VPN, and, most importantly, an extensive identity theft protection features suite.

Why did we pick it?

  • ID data monitoring. Aura antivirus monitors a lot of your information. From credit data and banking information, to your SSN, address, online accounts, and address, and others.
  • ID theft prevention. With Aura, you get security features to help prevent ID theft that can be implemented to protect your family as well. There’s mobile device management, content blocking and filtering, screen time limits, as well as internet usage and history tracking tools. So even less tech-knowledgeable family members won’t easily fall into scams that lead to identity theft.
  • Insurance. In case you become a victim of identity theft, Aura provides $1.000.000 identity theft insurance.
  • Support. Aura agents are accessible 24/7 to help with fraud resolution. So you can efficiently acquire help even on short notice.
  • Additional security. For additional security, there’s an antivirus suite, a VPN, and a password manager included in the Aura security package.

You can get Aura for $49.99/year and get a comprehensive and secure feature package that will monitor all your data from possible leaks and identity thefts, and provide support and security in case you do fall victim to these crimes.

2. Norton LifeLock – excellent credit monitoring system to prevent identity theft

Norton logo and user interface
Dark web monitoring:Yes
Credit monitoring:Yes
Current deal:🔥 Get up to 66% OFF Norton Antivirus 🔥

Norton is one of the best antivirus software providers on the market currently. Additionally, this security tool has a Norton LifeLock to secure you from any possible ID thefts.

Why did we pick it?

  • ID data monitoring. Norton LifeLock checks for leaked data on the dark web, ID verification monitoring, credit monitoring, fictitious identity monitoring, phone takeover monitoring, home address monitoring, social media monitoring, and others.
  • Alerts. Additionally, you get alerts for certain data leaks. For example, identity and SSN alerts, data breach notifications, saving account alerts, alerts on crimes committed in your name, and investment account activity alerts.
  • Support. Also, you get contact with US-based identity restoration specialists and 24/7 live support.
  • Insurance. If you do become a victim of identity theft, Norton LifeLock offers up to $1.000.000 for a lawyer and experts’ help expenses. Also, there’s up to $1.000.000 for stolen funds reimbursement.
  • Additional features. Norton LifeLock comes with the Norton antivirus package, with which you also get the entire security package including virus scanning, malware protection, a VPN, and a password manager.

To get a Norton antivirus with LifeLock included, you will need to invest in a more expensive subscription tier. So the price starts at $49.99/year, but it does provide a very comprehensive and secure antivirus suite with identity theft protection.

3. McAfee – reliable antivirus software that protects from ID fraud

McAfee interface 1
Dark web monitoring:Only for email
Credit monitoring:Yes
Current deal:🔥 Get McAfee, save up to 67% 🔥

McAfee is an established and well-known security tool. This company has been in the security game for a long time and, with no surprise, has an extensive list of identity theft protection tools.

Why did we pick it?

  • ID data monitoring. For identity theft protection, there are several direct tools. Those include identity monitoring, personal data cleanup, lost wallet protection, and contact with identity restoration experts. Also, there is a dark web monitoring feature, checking for leaked email addresses.
  • Credit monitoring. You will get the credit monitoring features with McAfee, and if there is any suspicious activity you can always use the credit lock to prevent further threats to your finances.
  • Insurance. If you do become a victim of identity theft crime, McAfee offers $25.000 ransomware coverage, $1.000.000 identity theft coverage, and always accessible online support.
  • Additional features. Additionally, there's reliable McAfee antivirus software, you’ll get ransomware coverage tools, a password manager, VPN, and a secure file shredder, which helps to safely remove data that might be sensitive and create security issues if it leaked or was hacked.

McAfee has plenty of plans that differentiate how many devices can be protected. So you can protect yourself and your family from identity theft threats. The best deal for that comes for $39.99/year.

4. Bitdefender Ultimate Security – top antivirus with identity theft prevention tools

Bitdefender interface
Dark web monitoring:Yes
Credit monitoring:No
Current deal:🔥 Get Bitdefender for up to 70% OFF! 🔥

Bitdefender is one of the most reliable security tools. There’s an antivirus, a VPN, and identity theft protection tools. While compared with other providers on this list, Bitdefender has fewer options for identity theft protection, however, it is still a pretty reliable tool for security.

Why did we pick it?

  • ID data monitoring. There is a Dark Web monitoring feature included in the Bitdefender antivirus package, and it checks for any of your data on the dark web and sends you an alarm if anything’s found.
  • Online tracker. One great feature is the digital footprint tracker, so you can see where exactly and what information of yours can be found online.
  • Additional features. The actual Bitdefender security package is pretty extensive. There’s real-time protection from malware, so your device won’t be affected by ransomware and your data stolen. The built-in VPN and password manager are also great tools to strengthen your online security.
  • Security suggestions. Lastly, Bitdefender offers suggestions on how to improve your security to prevent identity theft threats. Those include changing weak passwords or activating 2FA whenever you connect anywhere with a password.

Bitdefender concentrates on overall security more than protecting you from ID thefts. However, there are tools included in the antivirus package that help prevent those threats. So, if you’re mostly looking to protect your device and get some additional security against identity theft, then Bitdefender plans start at $17.99/year.

5. Surfshark – reputable identity theft monitoring service with great additional security features

surfshark one banner
Dark web monitoring:Yes
Credit monitoring:Yes
Current deal:🔥 Get up to 86% OFF Surfshark One! 🔥

Surfshark is known to be a great VPN provider and now additionally has reliable antivirus software. Placing Surfshark in this list is probably surprising, however, this provider has quite a few features that help protect you from ID theft threats.

Why did we pick it?

  • ID data monitoring. Surfshark offers personal data leak alerts, so are informed if your personal information is ever in danger. This includes scanning for email, identity information, and credit cards and if anything's found, you get a notification.
  • Additional features. The Surfshark antivirus is a great tool to protect you from malware. So your device won’t get infected and your data will stay secure in the system.
  • Online protection. The best tool for online protection is the Surfshark VPN, which is great at protecting your data online. So you can be certain that with Surfshark, your information is securely encrypted and can’t be accessed by hackers or other malicious threats.
  • Data removal. Lastly, Incogni is an additional premium tool that you may use to remove personal information from online sites. You do need to get an additional subscription.

Surfshark offers the most rudimentary identity theft protection tools, however, if you already have the VPN, then you can upgrade your subscription to add the antivirus or use the Incogni tool. The price for Surfshark starts at $3.98/month for a VPN, and you’ll get unlimited simultaneous connections.

Comparison of the best identity theft protection services

Here’s how all the identity theft protection tools compare:

AuraNorton LifeLockMcAfeeBitdefender Ultimate SecuritySurfshark
PriceFrom $49.99/yearFrom $49.99/yearFrom $39.99/yearFrom $17.99/yearFrom $3.98/month
Dark Web monitoringYesYesYesYesYes
ID monitoringYesYesYesYesYes
Credit monitoringYesYesYesNoYes
Ransomware protectionYesYesYesYesYes
Identity theft insuranceYesYesYesNoNo

How does identity theft protection work?

Identity theft protection services work in a way where they monitor websites, forums, and databases for any leaked information.

The information that these protection tools look for includes social security numbers, bank account numbers, names, addresses, email addresses, even fingerprint information, and others.

Norton dark web monitoring

If the identity theft protection services find any of the data mentioned, then they will alert the user of the leaked data. Some might offer tips on what next steps the user should take, or provide possible contacts to reach out for.

Additionally, the best identity theft protection tools offer insurance, so that even if you become a victim of ID theft, not all of your finances are compromised and it’s easier for you to regain control of your data.

Is credit monitoring the same as identity theft protection?

Credit monitoring is a part of identity theft protection. A lot of your personal information is related to your credit data, so protecting this information is integral to securing your identity protection. That protection is strengthened with a credit monitoring services.

card monitoring

Identity theft protection is more of an umbrella term that includes all services that protect your personal data from leaking or being used illegally.

Credit monitoring services check for unauthorized or suspicious activities with your credit file. If any unusual behavior is noted, then the user is informed and encouraged to take certain actions. Additionally, a lot of banks already monitor your credit activity to protect your financial information.

How to pick an identity theft protection service

There are several points to consider when choosing the best identity theft protection tool for yourself:

  • Dark Web monitoring feature – constantly checks the dark web places where information is regularly traded or sold. The products look for any of your information and if anything is found, you’re informed.
  • Data Breach monitoring – looks for breaches or leaks of your personal data, passwords, or if your personal information has been stolen or leaked. Additionally, checks for weak passwords.
  • Identity theft coverage – identity theft insurance is included with this feature, so in case your information has been breached and stolen, this service helps restore the credit history and identity records to the point of pre-theft.
  • Ransomware coverage – this is an insurance policy to cover ransomware attacks. This feature covers the losses you might experience due to ransomware attacks.
  • Credit monitoring – tracks changes in credit service behavior to inform of potential frauds, information leaks, or possible identity theft.
  • Additional security services – for a full security package pick providers that also offer a VPN, to protect your data online, a password manager, to secure your login information and create difficult passwords, and antivirus software to prevent malware attacks. This can further strengthen ID theft prevention.
  • Price – identity theft protection is usually a part of an antivirus software package, and those can be expensive. So make sure that you’re choosing the one that offers the best security tools for the best price.

Why do you need identity theft protection?

Identity theft protection is pretty important, especially considering that this crime has become fairly common. And the consequences of your ID being stolen are long-term.

Here are some of the most important points to consider:

  • Protect your identity from leaks or hacks. With identity theft comes a lot of issues, like needing to change your information, billing, accounts, and you might even have some stolen funds that may never be returned.
  • Be informed of all possible breaches in security. Learn about how your information is stored, what information, and why. So, in case there’s a breach, then you will know what information has been targeted and which security points were the weakest.
  • Monitor your credit reports. Any unusual behavior with your credit scores is an indicator that there’s a threat to your information and you must look deeper into this. And, if you find purchases or money deposits that aren’t your own, make sure to freeze your credit reports.
  • Insurance to cover lost funds. Top identity theft protection tools have insurance policies that if the tool isn’t capable of accurately protecting your information or informing you about possible breaches, then there are insurance policies to minimize the financial hits you might experience.

How can I find out if someone is using my identity?

There are a couple of ways to check if you’re a victim of ID theft. There are specific things to check for and look out for:

  • Check and track the bills. If you stop getting a certain bill, or start getting a new one, it can be a sign that someone has changed your billing information.
  • Review your purchase information. If you find some abnormalities or don’t recognize certain purchases, it’s a sign that your identity protection has been sabotaged.
  • Check your bank account statements. This is a good way to track inconsistencies or withdrawals that you don’t recognize as your own. Any money withdrawal that you didn’t make is a sign of identity theft.
  • Credit card reports. If you start noticing new accounts in your name, that is a clear indication of identity theft.
  • Use identity theft protection tools. These tools are created to monitor your data online, so whenever any abnormalities are noted, you’re informed to take action. Additionally, these tools also protect your device from malicious attacks that can be done to target your data.

How do I protect my identity for free?

Using free tools isn’t as secure as investing in premium subscription tools to prevent identity theft. However, even freemium tools are better than nothing.

A freemium antivirus is capable of stopping malware, maybe it won’t provide real-time protection and scanning, but it adds another layer of data security. It will prevent known malware threats to attack your device and log your data because malware can log whatever you type into your device and steal data from your computer.

Additionally, some services like Experian or Credit Karma offer free credit monitoring features. Also, most banks already monitor your transactions and would inform you if they noted any unusual activity with your credit information.

The cheapest way to protect your identity is to be vigilant about what platforms, websites, or people you trust with your personal information. Because sometimes, mindlessly, you may be providing more information than it is smart and secure to do.

Also, you should always educate yourself about new ways to protect your ID, or the newest threats that might be targeting identity protection. Additionally, it is smart to learn what tools the banks employ to prevent identity thefts, also what platforms you use yourself, and how and what data they collect about you.

Lastly, if you do become a victim of identity theft, make sure to have an emergency plan. If your accounts get hacked or your information leaks, who would you contact, and which authorities in your area can provide you with any help.


Identity theft protection is a vital security requirement to protect yourself and your data. The consequences of this crime pose threat not only to your information but also to your financial data.

Our top pick for identity theft protection is Aura antivirus. This security software provides an extensive list of features to prevent identity protection and has insurance policies to reimburse any financial losses.

Additionally, Aura antivirus provides reliable protection from malware threats, a VPN to encrypt your data online, and a password manager to secure and differentiate your difficult passwords.

This is the best tool right now to both prevent identity theft threats and guide you in case you fall victim to this crime.


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