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1Password review 2024

1Password is one of the best password managers of 2024 for several reasons. It excels in cross-platform functionality, ease of use, good prices, and, most importantly, robust security.

However, unlike such competitors as NordPass and Dashlane, 1Password does not have a free version. It also doesn’t provide sufficient customer support for less-paying customers. So, what makes it worth getting? And is 1Password truly trustworthy?

In this detailed review, we will answer those questions and provide you with all the necessary information to help you determine whether 1Password is worth getting.

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1Password review – pros and cons

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1password review - key takeways

1Password is one of the leading password managers in the market today. It’s highly secure and offers some more unique features, helping it stand out even without offering a free version. 1Password is a Canadian company, and its business model is to provide a good service with minimal user data collection.

Here is a short overview of 1Password:

  • Security. Solid data encryption, no-knowledge policy, and third-party security audits ensure that 1Password is as secure as it gets. This is further confirmed by the fact that 1Password never had a data breach.
  • Ease of use. 1Password is very simple for even complete beginners to master. Also, its app and browser extension are easy to navigate, leading to an overall smooth user experience.
  • Features. 1Password makes up for the lack of a free version with an extensive feature list. One unique feature worth mentioning is Travel Mode – a way to ensure password vault safety, specifically when traveling.
  • Price. 1Password’s basic Individual plan is quite affordable, costing about $2.99/month. Families plan, which permits up to 5 users on one account, is not that much expensive either, costing $4.99/month. Additionally, 1Password offers plans for companies – Teams and Business.

Is 1Password safe?

Yes, 1Password is completely safe. Its security model is based on the safest AES-256 encryption cipher, multi-factor authentication, Secret Key, secure vault sharing, and other robust privacy features. For example, advanced AES-256 encryption and a Secret Key of 34 mixed characters scramble your stored data into numerous pieces and make it impossible to read them to anyone.

1Password also has a feature called Passage. It allows you to use passkeys instead of passwords, ensuring much stronger security. This feature provides you with a simple way to access all of your accounts using biometrics, be it Touch ID or Windows Hello. As passkeys are slowly replacing regular passwords in terms of security, this feature will eventually become even more relevant.

After thorough research, we learned that 1Password’s zero-knowledge policy leaves sensitive information unknown even to the company itself. However, if there’s a demand, the company would cooperate with law enforcement and may share user’s personally identifiable information with them.

On the other hand, 1Password’s Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol prevents hackers from intercepting the Master Password, Secret Key, and other transmitted data. With 1Password, you must create a unique Master Password for an entrance, and you can also enable a U2F key-based two-factor authentication that supports YubiKey, Titan, and more.

Finally, 1Password had completed penetration tests by ISE and security audits by Onica, with past pentests and security assessments completed by AppSec Consulting, nVisium, and CloudNative. Additionally, the company has a private bug bounty program from Bugcrowd, with 387 unique researchers looking for bugs. So, overall, it’s clear that 1Password ensures watertight security.

1Password security features

A seemingly simple password manager – 1Password – surprises us by offering a list of rarely seen features among reputable password management tools. Apart from essential security features, this provider is one of the best password managers, providing you with extras that noticeably strengthen your online safety and improve your online experience overall.

FeatureWhat does it do
Password generatorHelps you build complex passwords that consist of 100 different symbols, characters, and numbers.
Password sharingA feature that allows you to securely share passwords and sensitive information with trusted individuals or team members.
Auto-fillingAuto-fills credentials, forms, and does not fill in the information to bogus websites without your consent.
Multiple vaultsProvides you with an opportunity to break down your account into different vaults, for example, separate business and personal vaults.
WatchtowerSecurity gaps monitoring – looks out for weak passwords and compromised logins.
Travel ModeProtection for non-travel-safe data – allows storing selected credentials in a separate vault with an extra security layer when traveling.
Privacy cardsVirtual credit card information auto-filling with different merchants.
Auto-cleared ClipboardAutomatically erases copied information within 90 seconds from a clipboard.

Below, in our 1Password review, we will dig in deeper within each feature, overviewing its purpose, functionality, and showing you how it works.

Password generator, passkeys, and autofill

1Password’s password generator is an intuitive and simple tool to quickly create strong passwords for any of your accounts. You can either use its randomly generated password or create your own using a tool that allows you to select a type, words, separator, capitalization, and more. This creates passwords that you might remember yourself (or not at all), but that would be completely safe from hackers.

1Password password generator feature

An autofill feature, in turn, automatically fills in your passwords and other credentials to login slots, so you don’t need to manually copy and paste passwords from 1Password vaults or remember any of them.

Just like its main competitors, such as NordPass, 1Password also allows the safekeeping of passkeys. They are a modern way to authenticate a user without relying on passwords. So, 1Password’s autofill also works with passkeys.


Watchtower is a suite of security tools that comes with every 1Password membership. At a glance, Watchtower can alert you to any weaknesses in your security ecosystem, including passwords that need to be changed or strengthened, compromised logins, and security updates from websites you store credentials for.


Every vault has a Watchtower item in the left-hand column which you can use to view the status of items within the vault. Watchtower can check the security status of individual websites.

During our tests, we found this feature quite similar to what you would get with NordPass. However, the latter has two separate features for monitoring passwords and data breaches, while 1Password offers all these functionalities in one convenient dashboard.

Travel Mode

Every 1Password account includes Travel Mode. Vaults also help keep your data safe when you travel. If some data is not secure across national borders, you can activate Travel Mode for family members and team members who will be traveling internationally.

Storing “travel-safe” information in separate vaults enabled for travel mode will ensure uninterrupted access to that data, while protecting non-travel-safe data by removing the vaults when you cross borders.

To turn on Travel Mode, you can toggle it from the My Profile account window.On your My Profile page, a Travel Mode button is in the lower left.

1Password Travel Mode feature

Once Travel Mode is on, you must specify which of your vaults are travel-safe. To identify a vault as safe to access in Travel Mode, go to your home screen and click the Settings icon shaped like a gear on the vault you want to set to Travel Mode.

Once in the settings screen for that vault, set the vault to Safe for Travel using the toggle button.

Privacy cards

Due to the high demand for reliable financial protection 1Password has implemented the Privacy cards feature to its suite. Privacy cards allow you to safely autofill your virtual credit card information while shopping online or on any other occasion.

Each Privacy card is tied to a different merchant, meaning you need to create a separate card for different accounts. And for each credit card you can set the limit of your spending.

Similarly, NordPass allows saving and auto-filling credit card information using OCR scanning. But unlike 1Password, it doesn’t connect your cards with separate merchants, making it more comfortable to shop online.

Moreover, these virtual 1Password cards are only available for US residents aged 18 or older.

Auto-cleared Clipboard

To avoid dangerous consequences when you paste sensitive data into unsecured form fields, 1Password offers you an Auto-cleared Clipboard feature. Copying and pasting indeed saves heaps of time for each of us, whether it’s your login information or some personal information for the form, but it can leave sensitive data unprotected.

1Password clipboard feature

By enabling this feature in your 1Password app settings, all the information that’s been copied is erased once the 90 seconds pass. This way, you avoid accidentally pasting important information into inappropriate fields.

1Password pricing and plans

1Password pricing plans have been built to accommodate different user needs: there are 4 pricing plans available – Individual, Families, Teams, and Business.

Overall, the logic here is simple – the base 1Password account includes all the main features you'd expect from your password manager. Unlimited passwords for unlimited devices and all of the main security perks should be enough for just about anyone. Most importantly, you can test all plans for free for 14 days without adding any payment details.

But how do the plans differ? Let’s see that right below:

FeaturesIndividual planFamilies planTeams planBusiness plan
Current dealGet now and save 50%Get now and save 50%Get now from $19.95Get now from $7.99
Unlimited devices✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Unlimited passwords✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Two-factor authentication✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Watchtower✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Account recovery❌ No✅ Yes✅ Yes✅ Yes
Document storage1 GB/per user1 GB/per user1 GB/per user5 GB/per user
Admin permission control❌ No❌ No✅ Yes✅ Yes
Activity logs and usage reports❌ No❌ No❌ No✅ Yes

We also discussed the plan differences in detail below:

1Password Individual plan

This subscription plan is most suitable for single users. The plan provides you with a single account for unlimited devices and passwords, giving you access to all main 1Password features. The prices start at $2.99/month.

1Password Families plan

A dedicated subscription plan for families and households, coming with 5 separate accounts for unlimited devices. Here, you get all Individual plan features, plus Account Recovery and Shared Vaults with family. The prices start at $4.99/month

1Password Teams plan

If you’re running a small business, 1Password Teams is an option for you. A subscription works for 10 persons separately. It also provides you with extra features, such as Admin Permission Control. The pricing starts from $19.95/month

1Password Business plan

To protect all-size companies, you should choose 1Password Business. The subscription is scalable and offers dedicated features for advanced business protection, such as customizable policies or Family accounts for each employee. The pricing starts from $7.99/month.

What’s also important to know is that 1Password doesn’t provide you with a regular money-back guarantee or a free version. Instead, you get a 14-day free trial to test out the fullest 1Password version, and then you can choose the subscription you need.

1Password compatibility and ease of use

Before deciding to get 1Password, it’s no less important to learn whether the password manager is compatible with your devices and is overall easy to use.

1Password works on all widely used smart devices: macOS, Windows, and Linux, as well as Android and iOS. The password manager is also perfectly compatible with various browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and Safari.

Of course, each password manager version functions differently and comes differently regarding features. Hence, we will overview each 1Password version separately, taking a look at the set of features and ease of use.

Desktop app1Password is compatible with Windows and Mac mainly, though Linux compatibility can be achieved via the command line. The app itself is intuitive and easy to navigate.
Mobile app1Password app can be downloaded on any iOS or Android phone or tablet. The app itself is simple to manage and contains all the basics that a user might need.
Browser extension1Password browser extension is available on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and Safari. It can be obtained with a simple download once you have the 1Password account. The extension itself is very innovative and feature-rich.

Overall, 1Password offers user-friendly apps and extensions with all the necessary features being quickly accessible. Mobile apps might be slightly more simplistic compared to desktop ones, but overall, 1Password users should not be disappointed with their pick.

1Password desktop app

First of all, 1Password for Linux works via the command line, which is no surprise for this OS user. But the future is promising with more and more software developers, like NordPass, offering graphic Linux apps. Meanwhile, Windows and Mac users receive a simple but attractive GUI.

1Password desktop version interface

To test the desktop version, we used the 1Password Family plan, as it unlocks nearly all possible app sections, such as Kids, Parents, and more. What it means for you is that with the Individual or Business plans, you unlock a slightly different left-side menu bar.

But no matter the subscription you are on, all users receive the same core features:

  • Watchtower
  • Multiple Vaults
  • Password generator
  • Privacy Cards

However, note that Travel Mode can be managed through a browser or a mobile device only.

1Password mobile apps

1Password offers mobile apps for the iOS and Android operating systems. The app will give you quick access to all of your passwords, letting you quickly copy and paste all the required information.

1Password android interface

The 1Password mobile app is very easy to set up whether you have a 1Password account already or not. If you do, all you need to do is scan the QR code in the Emergency Kit PDF that you received once you created an account.

Overall, both iOS and Android applications are very similar. Within the very beginning, we liked how highly customizable they are – we could easily add or remove preferred sections from the home page. Or you may even pin desired items to the app's home page for quick but secure access.

Not only the customization level is alike, but the set of features is, too. The only difference is that Apple users receive the Handoff feature, allowing them to view an item on one device and pick it up on another. You can also connect your Apple Watch to 1Password via iPhone to access various credentials on the run, except documents.

1Password browser extensions

1Password also includes a browser extension available on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and Safari browsers. It's a pretty powerful solution, letting you access just about any of the features available on the full product.

1Password browser extension

Once the extension is added to your browser of choice, logged in, and activated, it becomes easy to add and access data to 1Password. For instance, it is armed to drag and drop data stored in your vault to the relevant fields.

Moreover, 1Password’s browser version is one of the most feature-rich options among password managers. That said, you’re allowed to use all features found on the desktop app and even more. Here’s what differs:

  • More import options – other password managers, various browsers, CSV files.
  • Travel Mode – allows you to mask certain credentials for the time you are traveling.
  • Lock – when you use a browser version, you can easily lock 1Password.

And again, 1Password comes unusual, forcing users to jump from one app to another; as for adding a new item, you would be transferred from a browser extension to a desktop app.

How to download and install 1Password

multiple devices vpn
  1. Head to the 1Password website and create an account using the 14-day free trial
  2. Fill in your login credentials
  3. Add payment details now or choose to include them later
  4. Download the application for your device
  5. Launch the downloaded file and continue with the installation process
  6. Open the app, sign in to your account, and import your passwords

1Password video review

If you prefer visual information or you simply wish to learn more details about how this password manager works, you can also check our 1Password video review.

1Password customer support

1Password maintains an extensive FAQ and searchable user forum, which can be used to find answers to common questions. It covers most of the main issues – and offers a lot of professional troubleshooting in the form of extensive how-to guides.

For more complicated questions, 1Password maintains support channels by email, Twitter, and forum response.

24/7 live chat❌ No
Email support✅ Yes
Knowledge base✅ Yes
How-to guides✅ Yes
Phone support❌ No

To test, we contacted the support by email with the question if it is possible to expand the number of family members to more than 5, and it took only 8 minutes for 1Password support to answer us. That was very fast compared to our previous experiences with other services (not necessarily that of the password managers), which took a few hours or even days to get an answer by email.

1Password customer support interface

On the downside, there are no phone or chat support options available in the event of hard-to-resolve issues. VIP support is available for business plans or higher, but for most users, a relatively fast but not instantaneous email support architecture is the best option for now.

Is 1Password worth it?

1Password is an easy-to-use and reliable password manager. Its extensive security features, like AES-256 data encryption, two-factor authentication, and a passwordless option using passkeys ensure that your data will remain secure.

Of course, there are ways that it could improve. It doesn’t have a free version and its customer support does not provide an option for quick fix. So, without being able to use it for free, 1Password customers are also expected to either sort out their own issues or wait quite a while to get them addressed.

But overall, 1Password is definitely a service that we can recommend. From uncomplicated user interface to abundance of features, it’s definitely a password manager that is worth the money paid. Besides, it offers a 14-day free trial, so you don’t have to commit to test 1Password out.

How we tested the 1Password password manager

To accurately analyze 1Password and its features, we thoroughly tested it based on our standard password manager testing procedures. We took advantage of the 14-day free trial to check how 1Password performs on our Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 2 with Windows 11 installed and Apple M2 Pro Ventura devices. We also checked 1Password mobile apps and browser extensions.

Our team and I investigated how each of the main features, such as password generating and autofill, work, if there are any issues, and how long it takes to load. All of this ensures that the information we provide accurately represents the average user experience. As we also put our tested password managers through greater challenges than a normal customer would, you can get a broader picture of 1Password’s pros and cons before getting it yourself.

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