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Saily review

Recently, the creators of NordVPN announced Saily, a global eSIM service that will provide easy access to the internet anywhere. It will allow users to skip mobile internet service roaming fees while gaining secure web connections worldwide.

For now, Saily is in early access, meaning not everyone can try what will potentially become one of the best eSIM services available. However, you can sign up for the waiting list for updates about NordVPN’s latest product.

What we know about Saily

We don’t know much about the upcoming eSIM service from NordVPN. For now, the service claims it will offer various plans across hundreds of countries to supply customers with plenty of budget-friendly options. Additionally, Saily will be your alternative to unreliable public Wi-Fi hotspots when traveling abroad. Crucially, all these perks will be available conveniently in one place.

And since NordVPN is the fastest VPN available, we can expect Saily to reach for excellence in the speed department, too. Thus, it will likely support 5G connections in many areas.

Saily cover logo

Finally, the upcoming eSIM will likely be reasonably priced since NordVPN boasts an excellent price-to-performance ratio. Alternatively, you can expect a standard price, but the eSIM will include some security features ordinarily absent from other eSIM services.

How to sign up for Saily

Saily is currently in early access, and you can sign up for the waiting list on the official Saily website. All you have to do is enter your email address and patiently wait for further information.

How do eSIM cards work?

Firstly, it’s crucial to note that eSIM cards only work with modern smartphones that support the technology. Thankfully, most phones made after 2018 support this feature, but you should check your device’s specifications to be sure.

In short, embedded SIM cards, or eSIMs, allow travelers to enable a virtual local SIM card to access the internet. Some eSIM providers also grant SMS and voice call support. Their main appeal is that you can freely alternate and purchase them well before visiting your destination.

Most eSIM services offer various plans with varying prices, durations, and internet data. Unsurprisingly, the details and options will vary depending on the country. You’ll also find regional (such as European eSIM cards) and even global plans.

eSIM services support one-time and pay-as-you-go payment options. That means you can pay a fixed price for a certain amount of data for a specified period. Note that you can always add more on top if you see that you’re running out. Alternatively, you can choose the aptly named pay-as-you-go route.

The activation method will depend on your chosen provider and your smartphone. You’ll likely have to install an app or simply activate the eSIM by scanning a unique QR code. Then, you’ll have to go to settings to ensure your eSIM is active while your physical SIM card takes a break.

Why eSIM cards are useful

Here’s a summary of why many travelers choose eSIM cards over regular ones.

  • Convenience. eSIMs are superior to regular SIM cards because you can enable them in advance. There are also no lengthy verification and activation requirements. Plus, you don’t have to worry about changing and potentially losing your original SIM card.
  • Price. Using an eSIM is significantly cheaper than the roaming charges of your mobile internet provider. In some cases, eSIM cards are also more affordable than regular SIM cards offered to foreigners. Additionally, you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect plan for your travel needs, thanks to the variety of eSIM providers.
  • Speed. Using an eSIM while traveling abroad leads to faster internet speeds than data roaming because you connect to the local network.
  • Security. An eSIM can improve your online security because you don’t have to rely on unfamiliar free Wi-Fi networks available abroad.


There’s little to say about Saily due to the limited information about the service. At best, we can speculate about the specifications and how NordVPN’s entry into the eSIM market will surely disrupt the industry. After all, an eSIM from one of the best available VPNs should excite any travel enthusiast looking for global online security.



Frank Ferguson
prefix 1 month ago
When will this be available?
Cybernews Team
prefix 1 month ago
Saily's beta launch might be in early 2024 but currently there's no exact launch date publicly available. The waitlist is currently open, and subscribing might keep you in the loop for any official updates. Join the waiting list here: https://saily.com/
Noel Ashford
prefix 1 month ago
Or better yet just get Google FI ?! Nothing innovative here really IMO, Google had this 6 ish years ago. It offers the ability to let them VPN you or in my case I VPN back to my own home which runs DoH.
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