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Saily Review: Tested in 2024

Saily, developed by the creators of NordVPN, is a new eSIM service designed to provide easy internet access wherever you are. Unlike traditional SIM cards, eSIMs are digitally embedded in your device, allowing you to switch data plans on the fly without physically swapping cards. Saily offers flexible data plans in over 150 countries, fast speeds, and is even considered one of the best eSIM providers on the market.

In this Saily review, we'll put Saily through its paces, evaluating features like network coverage, plan and pricing options, activation process, and ease of use. We'll see if Saily lives up to the promise of seamless, affordable internet access wherever you sail.

🥇 Overall rank:#1
💵 Price:Starts from $2.99 (1GB for 7 days)
🌏 Countries:150+
🛜 Offered cellular networks:3G, 4G, 5G
📱 Does it allow phone calls:
🔗 Does it support mobile hotspot:

Saily Pros and Cons

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What type of plans does Saily Offer?

Saily currently focuses on individual country connectivity. This means they don’t offer regional or global eSIM plans at this time. Instead, Saily provides a selection of local eSIM plans specific to each of the over 150 countries they support.

Local eSIM allows you to choose a data plan made specifically for the country you’re traveling to and it provides you with a reliable connection from that country's networks.

Within the local plans, Saily offers a variety of data allowances (ranging from 1GB to 20GB) and plan durations (including weekly and monthly options) for you to choose from.

What is more, Saily offer top-up option like other international eSIM services do. If you find yourself running low on mobile data, you can easily add more to your Saily eSIM data plan in the app. Simply open the Saily app, select your eSIM, and choose the "Add data" option. From there, select your desired location, complete the purchase process, and activate your new data.

How much does Saily cost?

Prices of Saily eSIM slightly differ depending on the country you visit. In the US, for example, a 30-day plan for 10GB costs $22.99. The same plan in Turkey is priced at $8.99. Generally, the starting price is from $2.99 (1GB for 7 days).

Here's the list of Saily plan options you can choose from:

  • 1GB – 7 days
  • 3GB – 7 days
  • 5GB – 30 days
  • 10GB – 30 days

Does Saily allow phone calls?

While Saily is a convenient service for mobile data while traveling, it currently focuses solely on providing internet access. This means Saily does not support making or receiving phone calls or SMS text messages.

However, there's no need to worry about staying completely out of touch. Popular VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram offer free calling and texting features when connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

These are perfect for staying in touch with everyone back home without any extra charges. While some other eSIM providers might let you send texts, Saily focuses on data-only plans at a good price. So, if you use apps to chat with people, Saily is a great option.

Customer support

Navigating a new service, especially while traveling, can be stressful. For this reason, Saily offers multiple ways to get the support you need 24/7. Here's a breakdown of their customer support options:

24/7 live chat
Help center
Phone line

To put Saily's customer service to the test, we examined and tried each of the customer service methods available.

For quick assistance, you can access their live chat feature and connect with a support agent, it took us around 1-2 minutes to locate the live chat option and connect to a real person.

Saily customer support

We got all the needed information promptly and even more follow-up details to our questions via email later that day. Saily’s agents are equipped to handle basic inquiries and can definitely guide you through common hiccups.

If you prefer a self-service approach, Saily has a comprehensive help center. Here, we found some FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and topics to explore and potentially resolve your issue on your own. Overall, the support is sufficient enough for some basic concerns but if you encounter a technical issue, your best option is to contact an agent via a live chat. However, Saily currently doesn’t have phone line support.

What devices support Saily eSIM?

Saily eSIM should be compatible with any mobile phone that supports eSIM technology. However, it's always a good idea to double-check before your trip to avoid any surprises. Here’s how to check if your device supports Saily eSIM:

  1. Check your phone model. Search online for your specific phone model and eSIM support. This will usually lead you to the manufacturer's website or official specifications list, which will confirm if your phone has eSIM capabilities.
  2. Look for the settings menu. Many phones allow you to check the compatibility directly within the settings. The exact location might vary depending on your phone's operating system, but common areas to look at include Mobile Network, SIM card management, or Cellular. If you see an option for adding or managing an eSIM, then your phone is compatible.
  3. Contact your carrier. If you're still unsure, contacting your mobile carrier's customer support is a reliable option. They can confirm eSIM compatibility for your specific phone model and plan.

For more information, check out eSIM compatibility with different devices.

How to use and activate Saily eSIM

With Saily, it’s really simple to stay connected with mobile data while you travel. The apps are minimalist, neatly designed, and easy to navigate. So, how do you start with Saily?

Below, we provided quick guides on how to purchase, activate, and start using your Saily eSIM in just a few minutes.

To purchase the Saily eSIM card, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the Saily app. Head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the Saily app. This is where you'll manage your eSIM and data plans Saily app
  2. Launch the app and register with your Google account or Apple ID Download Saily
  3. Choose your destination. Within the app, select the country you'll be traveling to Saily destination
  4. Pick your data plan. Browse Saily's available data plans for your chosen country and select the one that best suits your data needs and trip duration Saily plans
  5. Complete the purchase. Follow the on-screen instructions to securely complete your purchase using a valid payment method Saily order
  6. That’s it! After you finalize the purchase, you’ll see purchased eSIMs under the eSIMs tab. Click on it and it will take you to the activation process Saily eSIM

The available payment methods are Google Pay and credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover). Saily does not yet accept Apple Pay.

How to activate Saily eSIM card

If you want to activate your Saily eSIM card and to have it up and running, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Saily app you downloaded earlier and go to your eSIMs
  2. Locate the activation option. Look for a section related to eSIM activation within the app. This will be labeled Activate eSIM or Install eSIM Activate Saily
  3. Simply click on the installation button within the app. This will take you to your phone's settings and request permission to install the eSIM profile Activate Saily eSIM
  4. Follow on-screen prompts. Your phone might ask you additional questions during the installation, such as Which card do you want to use for iMessage? Follow these prompts carefully and the entire process typically takes less than 2 minutes Saily setup
  5. Once the eSIM is installed, head back to the Saily app and locate the data plan activation section. With another simple click, your data plan will be activated, usually within seconds Active Saily plan
  6. Saily also provides clear in-country instructions to enable your eSIM for mobile data. These steps involve going to your phone's Settings and enabling Travel eSIM under Mobile Data. These instructions can be accessed within the app and doesn’t take long to complete Saily instructions
  7. That’s it! Enjoy your data plan abroad and contact customer support if you experience any issues
Bonus tip:

Saily suggests installing the app and not activating your plan until your trip. Remember that activation requires an internet connection, so activating your eSIM while you’re still at home is best.

Saily eSIM video review

Have a look at our brief Saily video review if you'd like to learn everything about this eSIM in less than five minutes.

Final thoughts

There you have it – Saily eSIM stands out as a really strong contender in a packed eSIM provider market. It’s a great choice for those who want easy internet access without expensive roaming charges and the hassle of juggling multiple SIM cards.

While it lacks regional or global plans currently, Saily's focus on local eSIMs offers cost-effectiveness for single-country visits. The app-driven experience automates the purchase and activation process, and the variety of data plans allows you to top-up and customize the plan to your needs. However, keep in mind Saily doesn't support calls or texts, so think about alternative options like VoIP services. Overall, Saily shows promise for budget-conscious travelers who want data access without a hassle.

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Frank Ferguson
prefix 4 months ago
When will this be available?
Cybernews Team
prefix 4 months ago
Saily's beta launch might be in early 2024 but currently there's no exact launch date publicly available. The waitlist is currently open, and subscribing might keep you in the loop for any official updates. Join the waiting list here: https://saily.com/
Noel Ashford
prefix 4 months ago
Or better yet just get Google FI ?! Nothing innovative here really IMO, Google had this 6 ish years ago. It offers the ability to let them VPN you or in my case I VPN back to my own home which runs DoH.
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