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Best AI website builders in 2024

Creating a website has never been as easy as it is now, thanks to AI website builders: they simplify the whole process to just a few steps.

However, not all AI website builders are as functional. Not all AI builders can understand your prompts and written requests, and some struggle with consistent branding and designs. Some also lack originality and uniqueness and could be quite expensive.

That’s why I, together with the Cybernews research team, tested and reviewed 24 website builders, evaluating their AI generation process and results, AI tool sets, ease of use, and price value. Below, you will find our list of the 6 best AI website builders.

6 best AI website builders 2024

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What we looked for in the best AI web builders

When searching for the best AI web builder, I paid attention to numerous things. I look for AI website builders that:

  • Create professional web designs with all the necessary elements and content blocks. Bonus points if the builder immediately understands your prompts and the process of building a site requires minimal or no input.
  • Offer flexible customization. Some AI web builders allow you to make little to no changes on your website and offer re-generation instead. I chose those builders that give you the freedom to adjust the AI-created website to your liking.
  • Offer a wider range of AI tools. Nearly all web builders feature an AI text generator. However, I looked for more enhanced AI features like AI heatmaps, AI logo makers, and AI image generators.
Recent updates
In the 2024 June update, I reviewed and updated the provider overviews to include the most relevant features, and to provide a more comprehensive overview of what it’s like to use these AI website builders. The Gator website builder was removed from the lineup since it no longer exists.

Best AI website builders – our detailed review

We tested 24 website builders and their AI tools, including AI website generators, text and logo generators, and more. We also evaluated the builder editors' customization options and opportunities and identified some key areas for improvement. The research team and I wrote down our main insights during the testing and evaluation process. In the end, I considered the price value and the target user.

1. Wix ADI – best AI website builder overall

Starting price:$14.50/month
Top AI tools:ADI, AI text creator, Wix Ascend (AI-powered marketing tools)
Best for:Small to big businesses (from beginner to advanced user)
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Wix ADI is the best AI web builder on the Cybernews list. It has a variety of AI tools, including but not limited to a website generator that considers all your requirements, the AI text creator, a section generator, and an extensive questionnaire to help build a unique website that matches your personal or brand identity.

Pricing. Wix offers one free plan but it doesn’t let you connect a custom domain. The premium plan prices start from $14.50/month and there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee included.

Who it is for. The Wix ADI builder is extremely friendly to users of all experience levels and can be used to create both simple and complex sites. It is especially suitable for businesses – small, big, and everything in between.

Building a website with Wix ADI web builder

The Wix ADI website creation process is as extensive as it gets, as it considers all your preferences and needs for a website. Most sites, like Hostinger or SITE123, ask for the basic info (usually brand name and description), whereas Wix asks additional questions like the history of the brand, what’s the target audience, what design you prefer, and possible challenges. Based on these answers, Wix ADI creates a personalized website for you.

Wix ADI website creation process

There is also an AI text creator, which comes in handy both for getting product descriptions and generating ideas. For optimizing website sections, you can use a section generator, which is especially useful if you like the overall website design and want to change only some parts. Additionally, you can always edit the result to make your site more unique.

Editing the Wix ADI-generated website

Wix features an AI text creator and section generator, which produce results that require little to no editing. Additionally, as found in the Wix review, the navigation process is intuitive, and the extensive questionnaire for creating a website allows the ADI to create something that matches the user’s vision and identity really well.

Overall, I was impressed with the websites I got from Wix ADI. It created a website that matched my needs and my brand identity. I also enjoyed the freedom to edit the site in the dashboard.

2. Hostinger Website Builder –affordable and easy-to-use AI website editor

hostinger website builder banner
Starting price:$2.69/month
Top AI tools:AI website generator, AI writer, AI logo maker
Best for:Personal projects, blogs, small businesses
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Hostinger Website Builder is another great AI web builder in my eyes. Besides the AI website creator, it includes many other tools, including but not limited to AI creators for text, images, pages, blogs, logos, and more. The AI heatmap tool is especially useful for site’s design optimization.

Pricing. Hostinger Website Builder prices start from $2.69/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee too. Hostinger doesn’t offer a free trial, and the AI image and logo generators are based on credits which you’d need to top up. On the bright side, it costs merely $4 for 100 credits, so it’s not that outrageously expensive.

Who it is for. Hostinger Website Builder is perfect for creating personal blog sites or for small businesses. However, if your site is more complex or has specific requirements, the Hostinger AI functionalities might not be suitable or sufficient.

Building a website with Hostinger AI web builder

Building a website with Hostinger is fairly straightforward. You can either choose an existing template or create your website with AI. In my experience with the Hostinger AI website creator, the resulting website matched my requirements quite well. Initially, the builder asked to answer some questions, such as the brand’s name and website type (whether it’s an online store, a blog site, a portfolio, or others), and add a short description. I could also choose a specific style (minimal, elegant, bold) and color palette. The result – Hostinger AI builder understands the prompts well and does exactly what you ask it to do. When I asked for a minimalistic website, it created a minimalistic website.

Hostinger Website Builder’s text generator produced different kinds of text that required minimal editing. Hostinger’s product and website descriptions were nearly ideal, so the tool could be a massive help when launching your new website.

Hostinger AI website creation process

Other notable Hostinger Website Builder’s AI features include an AI image generator, AI page generator, AI blog generator, AI writer, AI logo maker, and AI heatmap. The heatmap analyses your website and suggests the places that can potentially attract more users, so you’ll know where to place the most important information. The AI logo maker can generate simplistic logos. Users also have the option to create the logo themselves.

Hostinger website builder AI tools

After testing Hostinger, I was really impressed with all the AI features it offers. With minimal human input, Hostinger AI website builder allows you to create a website that suits you and your brand’s image, making it a great tool for website creation.

3. SITE123 – when you want a quick and easy AI website builder

Starting price:$12.80/month
Top AI tools:AI editor, logo maker, image optimizer, AI-powered chatbots
Best for:Small business sites (beginner to advanced)
Current deal:SITE123 coupon 40% OFF!

SITE123 is another useful yet simplistic website builder. It creates a simple website based on your prompts that you can further edit yourself, and features an AI text generator – it is useful for inspiration when you’re not sure what to put in your website.

Pricing. SITE123 offers 1 free plan and 5 paid plans, with the Basic plan retailing for $12.80/month. And if you end up not enjoying the services, there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Who it is for. The SITE123 AI website generator will be especially useful for small business sites. Since it is quite straightforward and easy to use, both beginner and advanced users can benefit from the builder.

Building a website with SITE123 AI web builder

SITE123’s interface might be slightly more complicated to navigate compared to Wix or Hostinger builders, but it’s still fairly simple to use. Regarding AI website creation, SITE123’s builder questionnaire is less advanced than Wix ADI’s or Hostinger’s, since it doesn’t ask about the branding style or colors, which is pivotal to launching a successful website that represents your brand’s identity. Nevertheless, the web-building process with SITE123 is simple. The builder takes you straight to creating a website, asks you to answer a couple of questions, and directs you to register an account with SITE123 to get your AI-generated website. Chances are that the website will be quite simplistic, but you can always edit it yourself. As noted in the SITE123 review, it will provide you with a shell of your future website, and it’s up to you to make adjustments.

SITE123 website building process with AI

SITE123 web builder has only one AI feature, which is a text generator. It is not very good, compared to Hostinger’s text creator, but could still be useful for generating ideas. In my tests, the generated texts featured additional information that I did not provide, and some parts of the text were false. There were also cases where SITE123 added some unrelated images to our website.

Editing an AI-generated site with SITE123

Despite a few minor issues, SITE123 is a handy tool, especially for small businesses. It’ll certainly provide you with a solid framework for your website and you’ll have the freedom to adjust it to your liking. So, it really comes down to whether you want more AI input or enjoy some creative freedom.

4. Shopify – AI website builder for eye-catching online stores

Shopifybanner with website layout
Starting price:$29.00/month
Top AI tools:Shopify Magic (suite), AI product recommendations, fraud protection
Best for:eCommerce, small online stores (beginners)

Shopify is widely known as the most popular AI website builder for online shops. It provides its users with valid insights into the market and customer behavior, so you can boost your business.

Pricing. The starting price of Shopify is $29.00/month. You get a 3-day free trial to play around with the website builder and see if you like it.

Who it is for. As the name suggests, Shopify is meant for eCommerce and online stores. Those looking to create a small e-shop will enjoy the Shopify website builder.

Building a website with Shopify AI web builder

Generally, it is quite difficult to classify Shopify as an AI builder because unlike Wix ADI or even SITE123, instead of creating a whole website from your prompts, it only features an AI text generator that can help you out with product descriptions and headings. You can choose from three headings, and a description that can be regenerated numerous times. Despite being the only and quite limited AI feature, Shopfy’s text generator is several times better than Site123’s and produces results closer to what Hostinger offers. The generated texts didn’t have any irrelevant information, were grammatically correct, and generally useful.

Selection of available Shopify website templates

Building an eCommerce website on Shopify is as simple as it gets. You can choose from multiple templates, and then edit them later on to suit your brand’s vision.

When testing Shopify’s interface, I appreciated that it’s generally intuitive, thanks to its drag-and-drop approach. While you don’t get full flexibility and the help of AI in creating your website, you can still adjust the basics, such as customizing text, images, columns, and other aspects of your website’s appearance.

Generating product headings and descriptions with Shopify AI text generator

Overall, as far as website builders for eCommerce go, Shopify is a good option. It allows for quite a lot of customization, features templates to help bring your ideas forward, and offers good tools. However, with only one AI-powered tool, it is not exactly an AI website builder – even if the text generator works really well and provides good descriptions for the store items.

5. Jimdo – simple AI website builder for small businesses and freelancers

Starting price:$9.00/month
Top AI tools:Jimdo Dolphin (generator), AI logo maker, AI SEO optimization
Best for:Small businesses, eCommerce, freelancers (beginner)

Jimdo website builder has to be one of the easiest tools to use. Even though its AI tools are quite limited, it can generate a good website from scratch. The editor is flexible enough to accommodate your unique preferences and needs.

Pricing. Jimdo comes with 1 free and 4 paid plans where prices start at $9.00/month. Additionally, the provider offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Who it is for. The Jimdo website builder is quite versatile and will fit users looking to create eCommerce websites, beginner freelancer portfolios, or landing pages for small businesses.

Building a website with Jimdo AI web builder

Once you create a Jimdo account, you’re redirected to the website creation page, where you have the option to choose whether you want a website with or without coding. Then you have to answer some questions about the purpose of your website (is it a business, a hobby, or something else), name, category, goals, and what’s the product. What I appreciate about Jimdo is that it generates multiple templates to choose from – some other AI website creators offer only one final option, although extensive questionnaires like from Wix leaves little room for error. Once you select a Jimdo template, you can go to the dashboard and edit your website if needed.

Jimdo AI-generated website templates

The user interface is uncomplicated as well. Navigating through the website was an intuitive experience, and since it’s a drag-and-drop editor, you can easily customize your page. A minor drawback would be certain limitations regarding image sizing and the choice of fonts.

Creating a website with Jimdo AI website builder

Overall, Jimdo is great for creating websites. A unique appearance and no out-of-place images are a huge plus, so you get to enjoy a clean and minimalistic website that requires little editing.

6. WebsiteBuilder.com – website builder with all the key AI features

Starting price:$7.58/month
Top AI tools:Website generator, AI image optimizer, logo maker, chatbots
Best for:Personal blog, portfolio (beginner)
Current deal:Get up to 60% OFF WebsiteBuilder!

WebsiteBuilder.com offers an intuitive web-building tool that may be lacking in AI features but can produce great results nonetheless.

Pricing. The price for premium WebsiteBuilder options starts at $7.58/month. You can get your money back within 14 days of the purchase.

Who it is for. If you’re a beginner looking to build a site, WebsiteBuilder will be perfect for you. It is also suitable for portfolio sites or personal blogs.

Building a website with WebsiteBuilder.com AI web builder

During the web creation process, users are asked the standard questions like the name of the brand and what industry you’re in. A great thing about WebsiteBuilder.com is that you can refresh the entire AI-generated website and get a new version each time, so you can keep refreshing until your website looks just how you like it.

New AI-generated website from WebsiteBuilder.com

That said, you must double-check the website as you might need to make minimal adjustments. When I tested WebsiteBuilder.com, I found some images unrelated to our prompts, so make sure everything is fine with your website. For example, when I wanted to build a website for a coffee bean store, there were some images related to VR sets and cyber technologies. I had no such issues with more advanced AI website creators like Hostinger or Wix ADI.

WebsiteBuilder.com also features an AI text generator that provides great results. The generated content is very human-like, which is always great to have – this text generator also works better than SITE123’s and is more customizable than Shopify’s. You can also choose between different writing styles, such as professional, experienced, playful, excited, and many more.

WebsiteBuilder.com's AI text generator

Overall, WebsiteBuilder.com is an easy to use tool that’s especially useful if you need to create a website fast. However, you should keep in mind that while the website is generated automatically, it might contain content you don’t want, so be prepared to do some editin yourself.

Best AI website builders compared

See how each AI website generator compares in terms of AI tools, free options, and other features:

RatingPricingNotable AI toolsBest forFree planFree domain nameEcommerceMoney-back guarantee
From $14.50/monthADI website generatorPersonal projects, blogs, small businesses✅ (Free with Wix watermark and domain)Yes, 30 days
Hostinger website builder
From $2.69/monthAI writer, AI heatmap, AI logo makerSmall to big businesses (from beginner to advanced user)Yes, 14 days
From $12.80/monthAI website generatorSmall business sites (beginner to advanced)Yes, 14 days
From $29.00/monthAI text generatorEcommerce, small online stores (beginners)✅ (free trial)Yes, 30 days
From $9.00/monthDolphin ADI website generatorSmall businesses, Ecommerce, freelancers (beginner)Yes, 14 days
From $7.58/monthAI website generator and AI logo makerPersonal blog, portfolio (beginner)Yes, 14 days

How we tested and ranked AI website builders

Website builder testing is an extensive and complex process. For this article, we tested 24 website builders to see which ones offer the best AI tools. We first generated sites and tested the editors, their functionality, and other AI features. Here’s a step-by-step process of how we researched and tested these AI website builders:

  1. Setup and AI website generation. Our testing began with setting up a standard website using AI. We closely examined how efficiently and effectively each website builder's AI tools could generate a complete website with attention to detail, ensuring a fast process.
  2. Editor customization. After the initial website generation, we tested each website builder's editor. Our team of researchers looked at whether the builder allowed us to customize and add elements to the generated website. Additionally, we looked at whether AI features, such as text generation and content enhancement, were available for use even after the website had been generated.
  3. Additional features. Beyond website creation, we tested other essential features, such as SSL certificate integration. A secure website is crucial, and we ensured that each builder could fulfill this requirement.
  4. Customer reviews. In addition to our hands-on testing, we also considered the feedback and reviews from customers on platforms like Trustpilot and similar sites. This allowed us to gather insights into real user experiences and satisfaction with each website builder.
  5. Comprehensive evaluation. Finally, we conducted a comprehensive evaluation of each website builder, taking into account various criteria, including features, pricing, customer support, and any additional benefits or drawbacks. Our goal was to provide a well-rounded assessment of both cheap website builders as well as options for bigger budgets.

Best free AI website builder

Our top free AI website builder option is Wix ADI. It is entirely free to start building your website, but you’ll need to purchase a premium plan if you want to get a custom domain, enable online payments, or access other extra features.

Many businesses go for a professionally-looking custom domain that, more often than not, ends with a .com. All in all, you can use Wix ADI web builder as your playground and see whether you like it, before opting for the premium plan.

What is an AI web builder?

AI website builder is a site creation platform that allows you to generate a website using artificial intelligence. This lets you skip the tedious process of building a project from scratch and lets you focus on the site’s content as well as further customizations. AI website builders usually include:

  • AI website generator. The AI website generator is the core feature of an AI web builder. It uses artificial intelligence to generate a custom website for you based on your preferences.
  • AI logo maker. An AI logo maker can help you create a professional-looking logo for your business in seconds.
  • Text generator. A text generator helps generate high-quality content for your website, such as product descriptions, blog posts, and landing pages.
  • Other features. AI web builders may also offer other features, such as SEO optimization, image optimization, and security features.

Of course, generating a website first requires you to fill in some information regarding your project. This includes your brand or company name, type of the project, and maybe even goal or intention. Then, the website is created in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

Some AI website builders come with additional AI-powered tools. This may be an AI writer for generating content fast or an AI logo maker to save some money on a professional designer or simply give your designer ideas.

Do you need an AI website builder?

In short: it depends. The main selling point of AI is automation; i.e. making our lives easier. As such, it comes with pros and cons when building a website.

Expert comment
Tech editor and security expert

AI website builder pros:

  • Ease of use. An AI website is primarily meant to make users' lives simpler by streamlining the website-building process. With an AI website, users are simply asked a few questions and in just under 5 minutes they get a custom-made website.
  • Innovative tools. Some AI features might significantly improve your site creation, content production, and even branding processes. Wix ADI is a good example of that since the builder offers an AI writer, which can generate new content on the guidelines you provide. Plus, there’s a functional and free section generator that enables you to optimize the sections on your site.

AI website builder cons:

  • Design and editing limitations. While AI is an ever-changing technology that is getting more advanced daily, currently it has its imitations. These can be seen either in the slightly basic design of generated websites or in the editor itself which allows you to make fairly minimal design customizations.
  • AI functionality isn't extensive. AI is primarily meant to help you get online fast. The drawback of that is that there are very few base things that you get to choose from and no extensive features or elements in sight.

Best AI web builders – video review

Check out the best AI website builders reviewed in our video guide and find out the best deals.

Bottom line

As a whole, with AI popularity rising daily, the selection of AI website builders in the market is getting larger and larger. However, not all builders are equally good at what they do.

So if you’re looking for a flexible, customizable, and highly visual AI website generator, our top #1 suggestion is Wix ADI. The builder comes with a beautiful website generator that in just a couple of minutes presents you with a responsive website that showcases your chosen design style and further allows you to apply even more customization options.

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