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Hostinger Website Builder review

You might know Hostinger Website Builder as a Zyro website builder. However, now the two have become one, making a unique proposition in the market – a single plan will enable you to both host a site or build it with a functional drag-and-drop builder.

This makes it a perfect option for solopreneurs and small businesses looking to go online or those undecided about whether they’d like to build or host a website. Best of all, you can always convert your custom build site to WordPress too.

So, without further ado, in this Hostinger Website Builder review, we’ll examine the pricing, functionalities, and performance to determine whether the builder is as good as advertised.

⭐ Rating:
🥇 Overall rank:#2 out of #16
💵 Price:From $2.69/month
🪄 Ease of use:Extremely easy to use
🎨 Templates:130+ modern templates
🏢 Business features:eCommerce functionality, analytic tools, SEO settings
👨‍💻 24/7 live support:Yes
🔥 Coupons:Hostinger Website Builder coupon 81% OFF!

Hostinger Website Builder pros and cons

Visit Hostinger Website Builder to learn more about the features

Is Hostinger Website Builder easy to use?

  • The setup process. You get your website built either by picking a pre-made template and further editing it or by building one on an empty grid.
  • Building your website. Hostinger Website Builder has a very intuitive and minimalistic drag-and-drop editor.
  • Managing the dashboard. The dashboard is very minimalistic and pretty clean.

All in all, using Hostinger Website Builder is a very simplistic, yet functional website builder.

From the moment you set up your account, it will only take you a few moments to make the website.

Currently, you can build a website by opting for a pre-designed template that can be edited further or start one from scratch with an empty grid.

By choosing a pre-made template, your options go as wide as 130+ unique and fully responsive designs. Even better, you can further customize the said design with a provider’s functional drag-and-drop editor and a large variety of pre-made elements like contact forms, images, buttons, and many more.

When you choose to use to build the website from 0, you get the same drag-and-drop editor like you would with the pre-made template approach. The only difference is that now you also need to pick your color palate, add pages you'll need on your site, and place all the elements you see fit.

Lastly, sometime in the future, Hostinger Website Builder also plans to introduce an AI website generator, which will enable users to get custom websites generated entirely on personal preferences. However, this is still in the works.

Hostinger Website Builder editor

No matter which approach you choose, both will be edited using the very same Hostinger Website Builder drag-and-drop editor. As a whole, the editor is very straightforward and easy to use.

The main control center is located on the left side of the screen. Here you can manage everything from adding additional elements like “Image”, “Buttons”, and more, to new pages and even an eCommerce platform.


Now talking about the editor itself, it is pretty customizable. Its convenient grid system enables users to align chosen elements. This helps to keep the visuals clean and professional-looking.

However, be aware that there are a few restrictions. While the builder is positioned like a drag-and-drop editor, you will still have to comply with pre-made sections.

In addition, there's some site-wide customization as well. You can customize the color scheme, and shape of the buttons, as well as change font and even add animations.


So, as a whole, Hostinger Website Builder is very simplistic and well-suited for both beginners and advanced users alike. The editor is pretty straightforward too, helping users to customize pre-generated templates, yet still keeping them clean with a set grid system.

Hostinger Website Builder mobile editor

Hostinger’s updated mobile website editor allows you to create and edit your site only using your smartphone. It’s an easy-to-use tool that can be used on the go and has the same functionalities as the regular Hostinger editor. All main features were edited to be mobile-friendly and adapted to touch screens. The mobile editor also offers over 150 design templates.

Hostinger mobile builder

You can find all site editing tools on the Action menu. Here, you can add new posts, pages, text boxes, images, customize buttons, and fix all other items on the website. You can also move around, resize, and edit all these elements with your smartphone.

Another feature available with the mobile builder is the AI Assist feature. This tool helps you generate SEP-friendly text copy. And the Analytics feature will show you traffic statistics and trends.

Hostinger Website Builder pricing

Hostinger offers only 1 website builder plan, also known as Website Builder & Web Hosting plan. The price for said plan is as low as $2.69/mo – which is several times less than what the biggest website builders will charge you. No wonder Hostinger Website Builder is number one on our cheapest website builders' list.

Now you may wonder what the plan entails. Here are a few features you can expect from this provider:

  • 100GB disk space
  • Ability to build up to 100 websites
  • 100 professional business email accounts
  • Free custom domain for a year
  • Unlimited SSL certificates
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • eCommerce features with just 1% transaction fee
  • Web Hosting services

All of that, for just under $3 per month. However, it's worth mentioning that while the initial billing rate is the same for 12, 24, and 48-month billing cycles – just $2.69/mo, the renewal will vary. More so, only the 48-month billing cycle includes additional 3 months for free.

Lastly, Hostinger Website Builder has a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning that you can easily get everything back if you're not happy with the Premium plan. Plus, there’s a demo version that allows you to test out the editor and its functionalities before making the purchase.

Overall, Hostinger Website Builder offers excellent value all around. To compare, Shopify's plans start at $29.00/month, while the eCommerce-capable Wix plan starts at $0.00. Squarespace offers one plan at just $23.00 a month, but that will also include a 3% transaction fee.

Good Value

Hostinger Website Builder offers seriously good value for the money. While there’s only one plan available, you get all the necessities like generous storage, eCommerce functionality, extensive security, and more already included. Five stars. Good start!

Hostinger Website Builder performance

While website builders tend to be ‘heavy’ and take a while to load due to many elements on the site, it’s not the case with Hostinger.

Hostinger, at its core, is a hosting provider that comes with many speed optimizations. What this means is that you get the perks of good web hosting speed too.

And our testing proved just that – Hosting Website Builder is very fast. The LCP took barely 1 second and the wholly fully built site loaded in just 1.1s.


Considering that Google states that pages with LCP lower than 2.5s have a higher chance of ranking higher in the search result page, Hostinger Website Builder is doing great. Plus, a website that loads in under 3 seconds experiences less bounce-off.

Remember that this page also includes an entire eCommerce store inside, that's genuinely really good!

How secure is Hostinger Website Builder?

To ensure your website's security, Hostinger Website Builder covers all the needed bases. You can expect all the basic security measures as from any other eCommerce-suitable builder.

Here are the main security features included in the plan

  • Unlimited SSL certificates for all your websites. The SSL enables secure connections between your customer and your web server. This will ensure that all of the customer information, especially the payment data, will stay secure.
  • Automatic backups. This feature is very useful if you find yourself needing to restore a previous version of your website for one reason or another.
  • Cloudflare DDoS protection. This will protect you against malicious traffic to your site with the intention to crash it.
  • eCommerce tools that are PCI DSS validated at Level 1. This is the highest security standard for financial transactions, so you can be certain that all online payment-related information is processed securely.

What website to use Hostinger Website Builder for?

Different tools are meant for different jobs – the same is very much true for website builders. And Hostinger Website Builder is truly a great option for some of the most popular website niches.

Website typeBenefitsLimitations
Online shopsCheap to get started, visitor remarketing, and no commission feesSome features are still being developed
BusinessesGood built-in AI tools, easy to useNot many third-party options, some tools are limited
Portfolio siteExcellent templates focused on simplicity and beautiful mediaLimited features make the portfolio sites rather simple
BlogsSimple set up and beautiful templatesLimited functionalities, no post scheduling

Hostinger Website Builder for online shops

Hostinger Website Builder plan comes with just 1% commission fees, email marketing, discount codes, plus, shipping management – all this is available with Hostinger Website Builder.

That being said, Hostinger Website Builder is a bit limited meaning that for the time being there is no option to set up taxing or ‘restore’ a cart that has been left behind. Read our full Hostinger Website Builder eCommerce review right here.

Hostinger Website Builder for businesses

Hostinger Website Builder has a decent array of business tools. Said tools include artificial intelligence (AI) options: a heatmap, an AI writer, and a free-to-use logo-making tool. Plus, SEO setting and site analytics are available too.

At the same time, dedicated email marketing or social media posting services are missing. But while the features are few, everything that is there works really well. It’s all down to you and your needs. Read our take on the innovative Hostinger Website Builder AI tools here.

Hostinger Website Builder for portfolios

Hostinger Website Builder was made to be used for portfolios. A simple website setup process and beautiful image-focused templates are ideal if you're looking for a simple site to showcase your work.

There are over 130 templates, covering various niches – there's even a dedicated section for professional CV sites. If you're looking for an effortless route to a beautiful portfolio, Hostinger Website Builder’s bending backward to be just that. Read the full templates section here.

Hostinger Website Builder for blogs

Hostinger Website Builder has a blogging suite – and that's about as much as we can say about it. If you're used to some dedicated blogging platforms like WordPress, you'll find it seriously limiting.

Editing a post will be like making a website: you'll be able to drag and drop various elements on your post and mix them together. It works for page editing, but for text, it can be needlessly complicated. Don't use Hostinger Website Builder if your primary goal is blogging. If you're a business looking to share a post every now and then, Hostinger Website Builder is perfectly fine, but that's where we draw the line. Read the full blogging section here.

Hostinger Website Builder templates – minimalistic simplicity

With over 130 templates to choose from, Hostinger Website Builder offers a pretty solid selection – each theme has responsive designs, for perfect viewing on both a desktop and a mobile version.

Everything is separated into 17 different subsections – from Landing Pages to fashion and blogs, or service industries like restaurants or traveling, most of the major niches are covered. Plus, you can also choose a blank grid and make a site of your choice.


Regardless, every single Hostinger Website Builder theme looks modern, so no matter which one you pick, you'll still have a website that genuinely looks good. So there's no surprise that Hostinger Website Builder holds strong positions among the best website builders for artists as well as the best website builder for photographers.

And simply by replacing the pre-selected text and images with those of your own, you should end up with a very well-customized personal website.

Hostinger Website Builder eCommerce features

Hostinger Website Builder offers a pretty powerful eCommerce suite for selling both digital and physical products.

While it is not the most advanced option among other eCommerce website builders, the Hostinger Website Builder platform comes with all essentials for selling online:

  1. Product and inventory management
  2. Shipping options
  3. Payment options
  4. SEO and marketing tools
  5. Analytics
  6. AI tools
  7. A blogging tool

So let's take a quick look at each of them.

Product and inventory management

Once you have your chosen or generated template ready, it’s time to add and manage your products.

It’s pretty easy with Hostinger Website Builder, but it does have a ton of options for you to configure – product variants, inventory tracking, shipping, and more included.

The first choice you’ll have to make is what you’ll be selling: physical or digital products, services, taking bookings, or simply accepting donations. Regardless, you’ll be able to add up to 500 different products to your store.


Once you make your choice, you’ll be faced with a pre-made form where you’ll have to upload an image, add a title of your product, and give it a description.


Down below you’ll also be able to set the item's price and weight. If it’s a digital item, you’ll also be able to place the link where users will be able to download the good within 48h. Very simple and straight to the point.

Overall, product and inventory management with Hostinger Website Builder is a very easy task. There is barely any info required and everything is pretty straightforward.

Shipping options

Among the strongest Hostinger Website Builder eCommerce suits is the simplicity of shipping setup.

The process is very simple: you can choose any and all countries you’d wish to ship your goods to. You can even set numerous shipping zones by lumping up countries within the same region.

Additionally, you can configure your shipping even more by adding conditions like a minimum price for free shipping or setting the rate according to the weight of the parcel.

So briefly, shipping with Hostinger Website Builder is completely straightforward, functional, and overall helpful when owning and managing an online store

Payment options

As Hostinger Website Builder’s plan enables you to accept over 20+ different payment options.

The main payment getaway the provider offers is Stripe. With Stripe, you can accept payments via credit card or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many more. Just be aware that a 1% application fee exists.

Now alongside Stripe, you can also set up a manual payment method where you can make accepting payments on delivery, bank transfers, invoices, etc available at the checkout.

As a whole, while the options are not as extensive as with other eCommerce-focused website builders, Hostinger Website Builder offers more than enough for you to accept payments comfortably.

SEO and marketing

When it comes to SEO and marketing, Hostinger Website Builder gives all the needed options. You can manage global SEO settings from the dashboard for the whole page or add SEO data for each page and product individually. More so, you can take advantage of both built-in and third-party marketing tools and features.

When it comes to SEO basics, Hostinger Website Builder has you covered.

You can add meta titles and descriptions for each page, product, and category individually.

  1. For each page, SEO settings are accessible from the main Hostinger Website Builder dashboard. It’s easy to fill out this info without leaving a single page.
  2. Each product has its own SEO settings in the Hostinger Website Builder eCommerce interface. Length for meta titles and descriptions is suggested too.

A couple of other things that make Hostinger Website Builder one of the best website platforms for SEO are automatically on:

  1. The templates are mobile responsive, meaning you won’t use that score when ranking, too.
  2. Generally, Hostinger Website Builder, being focused on performance, also has the upper hand when ranking. Especially compared to other builder-built websites.

Meanwhile, the marketing game is supported mostly by app integrations and a couple of built-in tools.

  1. Right from the dashboard, you can connect to Jivochat, Messenger, or WhatsApp for supporting your customers in their shopping live.
  2. Multiple sales channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Shopping are available from the Hostinger Website Builder eCommerce builder interface. This allows you to showcase your products on multiple platforms and reach wider audiences.
  3. Google and Facebook ad integrations are available from the online store manager interface.
  4. The Abandoned Cart Recovery process is built-in and automated.
  5. You can set up automated emails to ask for feedback, remind of favorite products, and send out coupon codes for loyal customers.

Many of the marketing tools rely on third-party app integrations, but the setups are easy and take close to no time at all.

So to summarize Hostinger Website Builder SEO and marketing features for online stores briefly, it’s a fully-featured platform that is more than capable to launch and grow an online business.


For analytics purposes, Hostinger Website Builder offers simplistic information like overtime session tracking.

You can also monitor where the said sessions come from and what kind of devices your user use.


This information could be really useful in determining your main target audience and making your site device-friendly.

So while this does look pretty basic, it covers the essentials.

Hostinger Website Builder AI tools – the secret weapon

Hostinger Website Builder has some innovative AI tools as well. Here are some of the features included:

  • AI heatmaps – this feature will show you the most eye-catching components of the website and guide you with button placements, CTAs, and general site layout. It’s easy to understand, since the bigger and the warmer-colored the area on the website is, the more attention the readers are paying to it.
  • AI writer – you'll get access to several custom-made texts that you can use on your website immediately. What Hostinger Website Builder content generator does is it gives you a good starting point, some sentences that can put you in the right direction, then it’s up to you to edit it all.
  • Logo maker – the logos you can create are pretty basic. However, they can help in case you’re in a hurry. Or just need to show some ideas to a designer.

Blogging tools

Blogging with Hostinger Website Builder is fairly basic but quite functional. Getting started is easy, however, using the blogging tool can be slightly more difficult. Editing posts on Hostinger Website Builder’s blogger tool doesn't feel like Google Docs or WordPress, or any other platform genuinely meant for writing. Hostinger Website Builder’s blog interface looks a lot like its website builder.


You can actually add any elements and sections you insert on your site, here on your blog as well. So, you can make your blogs more engaging and perhaps even conversion-leading by introducing text blocks with buttons, Instagram feeds, and more.


So while super simplistic, the Hostinger Website Builder blogging tool can be a useful asset to businesses and online stores. Combine it with good SEO tools, and you are competing for the top positions on the search engine listings – blogging still remains among the top tools for building an online presence.

So to sum up the whole Hostinger Website Builder eCommerce website builder review, it’s a pretty good tool. The product management is very functional. Shipping and payment options are all there. Plus, SEO and marketing features are enough to get started.

Customer support

24/7 live chat
Knowledge base

Hostinger Website Builder customer support is available 24/7 via live chat and email. Plus, you can browse through a vast help center section to find the answers yourself.

We tested Hostinger Website Builder’s live chat option and it only took us a minute to get in contact with a live agent, who explained what our issues were and offered a solution. In addition, we were recommended some extra light reading to do, to make sure we don’t run into the same problem again.

By the way, if you suddenly don't have time to chat with an agent, you can simply close the chat. You'll get an email notification once the agent replies or solves your issue.

And, if you're not in the mood for a chat – the same live chat icon works as a search bar for the Help Center – a vast knowledge base of how-to's and helpful guides for the Hostinger Website Builder platform.

Video tutorial

Hostinger Website Builder is easy to get a hang of but naturally, watching a video tutorial makes the learning process even faster. Check out our Hostinger Website Builder tutorial to learn how to choose the right plan, edit elements, use AI tools, and more.

Hostinger Website Builder review – conclusion

Hostinger Website Builder is a great way to create a personal website. And it's also a fast, cheap, and easy-to-use solution for website building.

You won't have to edit too much to get a beautiful site either. The builder comes with over 130+ responsive templates for the most popular niches too. So you’ll definitely have no difficulties finding a base to start with. Plus, you can always start crafting your site from scratch too.

That being said, Hostinger Website Builder’s helpful tools and A+ customer support make it a good beginner option.

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