Leak check FAQ

How do we know if your data is leaked?

CyberNews has a research team performing worldwide security checks on publicly available (unprotected) databases.

Why do we provide this tool for checking if your personal information is leaked?

We understand the importance of informing people that might have had their personal data publicly accessible. As in most cases it is impossible to inform each person individually, we created this tool that helps people to check if their data was leaked so that they can take necessary measures to protect their information.

My email was not found among leaked data – am I completely safe?

Please note that our database contains a small amount of all the records that have been breached over the years (only those that we managed to find ourselves). Many breaches never result in the public release of data and indeed many breaches even go entirely undetected. Just because your email address wasn’t found here doesn’t mean that is hasn’t been compromised in another breach.

How do we store the data?

Our database contains nothing more than the email address we found during our security research. All information in our database is encrypted.

Is anything logged when people check if their data has been leaked?

Nothing is explicitly logged when you perform the personal data leak check. Your email address that you enter in the search field is hashed and we use this hashed email to perform a search in our database. As we do not log your email addresses, be sure that we do not share your information with any third party unrelated to the service.

How can I delete my information from your site?

If you wish us to remove your email form personal data leak check, please contact us. Please note that unfortunately it is impossible for us to remove your leaked information from the internet.

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