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Best antivirus with VPN included in 2022


Antivirus software and VPNs are two essential parts of the cybersecurity equation. Fortunately, most well-known antivirus providers offer a VPN as part of their security suites. After all, VPNs are excellent at protecting your data from online hackers, ISPs, and other third parties. Besides this, VPNs also have lots of other appealing benefits, including the option to bypass geo-restrictions on international streaming services.

In this guide, we will look at the best antivirus suites that include a VPN to help you decide which one to choose. So read on to learn everything you need to know.

Best antivirus with a VPN included

  1. Surfshark Antivirus – Best antivirus with a VPN
  2. Norton 360 – Premium antivirus with VPN features
  3. Bitdefender – Solid antivirus and VPN protection
  4. NordVPN – First-class VPN with threat protection
  5. TotalAV – Unlimited VPN traffic and strong malware protection

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Do I need an antivirus with a VPN?

Yes, you will need both a VPN and antivirus software if you want to protect your devices and your privacy. This is because an antivirus program keeps your device safe from software threats, while a VPN protects your data through encryption and hides your online activities.

A VPN secures your online identity and activity from third parties by redirecting your data through a VPN server, hiding your real IP address (and the websites you're visiting) in the process. This lets you take back your privacy from your ISP, the government, hackers, and others.

VPNs are really important for keeping you safe online, but they don't serve the same function as antivirus software. An antivirus program will protect your device by preventing malware from being able to take over your system, identifying threats, analyzing, and stopping any potential threats. A VPN is necessary, but your machine is still vulnerable to malware without good antivirus software.

Best antivirus software with a VPN – our detailed list

Although most well-known antivirus providers include a VPN in some of their price plans, they tend to be limited compared to standalone services. However, there are some antivirus providers that offer valuable VPN features. Here is a list of our favorites:

1. Surfshark Antivirus – Great antivirus with a VPN

Surfshark Antivirus banner
VPN data cap:Unlimited
Netflix unblocking:Yes
Apps:Windows, Android, macOS
Current deal:Get up to 81% OFF Surfshark Antivirus!

Surfshark offers a great combination of antivirus and VPN services for its users. The antivirus lets you create automatic scan schedules for the full system or only specified folders. You can also exclude specific folders from scanning, which can be useful to avoid slowdowns. Whenever you launch the Surfshark One app, it will refresh its antivirus database, so your antivirus will always be up to date. This antivirus has exceptional malware detection rates and daily virus database updates.

As for the VPN part of it, Surfshark blows every competitor's VPN offerings out of the water. It provides outstanding security features, including a kill switch, MultiHop, data leak alerts, and even a private Search tool. In terms of speeds, you won't be disappointed either. This provider ensures some of the fastest speeds available on the market, thanks to the WireGuard protocol.

Aside from that, Surfshark unblocks many streaming libraries, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and DAZN. Moreover, you can even set it up on devices that don't support VPNs. You can configure them via their SmartPlay feature, and it will unblock US libraries on all devices without a problem.

You can also connect to 3200+ servers in 95 countries. Which is more than an average VPN bundled with an antivirus can offer. Plus, their service relies on RAM-only infrastructure, ensuring no one can steal your data.

2. Norton 360 – Premium antivirus and VPN combo

VPN data cap:Unlimited
Netflix unblocking:Yes
Apps:Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Current deal:Get up to 66% OFF Norton Antivirus

One of the oldest and most popular antivirus providers on the market, Norton Antivirus has been protecting machines from cyber threats for the best part of thirty years. And it is still living up to its reputation for excellent antivirus protection, as it currently boasts some of the best malware detection rates around. It also has a VPN included in some of its plans.

Even better, when it comes to features, Norton probably has more to offer than any other antivirus software we've tested. It offers web threat protection, a password manager, and 10 GB of PC cloud backup. It also stands out from the competition with its 100% Virus Protection Promise – if Norton fails to remove a threat, they'll give you a refund.

Overall, if you want to combine your antivirus and VPN, you can’t do better than Norton.

And as well as offering one of the best antivirus security suites on the market, it also comes with an excellent VPN that offers unlimited data, and can unblock US Netflix. It is available on Norton’s Standard plan for $19.99 for the first year. And, unlike most antivirus VPNs, Norton’s VPN is not a white label product, meaning the company itself has created it. It is also implemented within the app. As expected from such a respected tool, we experienced no IP leaks at all during our testing.

On the downside, Norton 360's VPN doesn’t come with a kill switch and blocks P2P traffic, so it is not suitable for torrenting.

3. Bitdefender – Amazing antivirus, good VPN features

Bitdefender banner
VPN data cap:200MB daily
Netflix unblocking:No
Apps:Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Current deal:Get all Bitdefender plans at 60% OFF!

If you are looking for a good antivirus solution, Bitdefender is a good way to go. It has some of the best malware detection rates around and excellent performance on lots of different device types. And better still, it comes with a VPN.

Bitdefender offers an impressive suite of features, including real-time protection, advanced threat defense, web attack prevention, anti-phishing, and anti-fraud. It even has a free version of its antivirus software, although the free package doesn’t include the use of its VPN. If you want access to Bitdefender’s VPN, it is available with Bitdefender’s cheapest plan, which costs $23.99 for the first year.

Bitdefender’s VPN is actually a pretty legitimate option, even including some premium features, such as a kill switch. It uses technology from Hotspot Shield to deliver a fast and secure VPN service from within the Bitdefender app. You can also get Bitdefender VPN as a separate, more feature-rich product, but you will have to pay extra for that.

When all is said and done, however, you might want to go the paid VPN route, because the feature included in the antivirus suite is limited. Most notably, it has a daily limit of 200 MB, which makes it really useful for browsing, but not much else.

4. NordVPN – malware protection with a first-class VPN

NordVPN threat protection banner
VPN data cap:Unlimited
Netflix unblocking:Yes
Apps:Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Current deal:Get NordVPN with 68% OFF!

NordVPN is one of the leading VPN services on the market, and it also includes advanced threat protection for overall security. While there’s no antivirus, this feature ensures overall browsing security. This includes protection from malware and other lurking cyber threats.

Not to mention that you’re also guaranteed an interruption-free browsing experience thanks to the ad and tracker blockers. And you get all of this when purchasing the VPN service, which starts from as low as $3.29/month.

Speaking of which, the VPN is the provider’s strength – it’s an exceptional combination of speed and security. You get basic but reliable features, such as a kill switch, split tunneling, Smart DNS, and more. Aside from that, NordVPN has its own proprietary protocol called NordLynx, which ensures blazing fast speeds.

But that’s not all – NordVPN is loaded with servers. With over 5400 of them in 60 countries around the world, you can access the most popular geo-restricted streaming services. And since they all run on RAM, your data gets destroyed after each reboot, ensuring high-grade security.

5. McAfee Antivirus - VPN compatible with Chrome OS

McAfee interface 1
VPN data cap:Unlimited
Netflix unblocking:No
Apps:Windows, Chrome OS, Android, iOS
Current deal:Get up to 71% OFF McAfee VPN!

The name of McAfee is one of the most well-known in the world of antivirus software. And not without reason. During independent tests, this quality tool is usually able to detect all the malware and viruses that are thrown to it - including zero-day threats.

However, McAfee is good not only at blocking online dangers. It offers lots of other features, too. For example, you’ll also get a device cleaner, a file shredder, a vulnerability scanner, an app boost feature, and lots of other perks. And let’s not forget that it also comes with encrypted storage space and a password manager!

In addition to all this, McAfee offers a VPN - otherwise, it wouldn’t be on this list. The VPN comes with all paid plans of McAfee. It offers unlimited data, letting you connect to servers in 50 different countries.

However, you can also get it separately. That would cost you $2.92/month for a yearly plan, or $7.99 for a monthly plan. The subscription covers 5 devices and includes applications for Windows, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android.

6. TotalAV – Unlimited traffic and good protection

TotalAV banner
VPN data cap:Unlimited
Netflix unblocking:Yes
Apps:Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Current deal:Get TotalAV, now 84% OFF!

While TotalAV is perhaps less feature-rich than the world's biggest antivirus providers, it still provides excellent protection. It also offers a powerful VPN at a very reasonable price, so this is a great option if you want to use one provider for your VPN and antivirus software.

TotalAV uses Avira technology for much of its antivirus suite, including on-demand and real-time detection, anti-phishing, and a range of system optimization tools. It also offers excellent protection against ransomware and other online threats. The tool has excellent malware removal scores. You can use TotalAV on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and its desktop app is incredibly convenient.

But the feature that makes TotalAV stand out is its Safe Browsing VPN, which is (sadly) only available on its more expensive plans. It is included on the TotalAV Internet Security plan for $39.99 for the first year, or the TotalAV Total Security plan, which costs $59.00 for the first year. Based on Windscribe’s VPN technology, it offers unlimited data, fast speeds, and relies on the OpenVPN tunneling protocol. It has server locations, which is a very impressive number, even for a standalone VPN.

Unfortunately, however, there is no VPN kill switch and it would be more trustworthy with a no-logs policy.

7. Avira Antivirus – Great free antivirus plan with VPN

Avira antivirus banner
VPN data cap:500MB monthly
Netflix unblocking:No
Apps:Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
Current deal:Get 1 year of Avira at 40% OFF!

Avira Antivirus is the only provider on our list that offers a VPN with its free plan. However, it is important to note that the free plan is limited, as it has a data cap of just 500 MB a month. You also can’t select the location of the server you want to connect to, so you can’t effectively use it to unblock content from other countries.

With that said, Avira’s antivirus offering is one of the best on the market. This lightweight German software has great malware detection rates, and it is extremely user-friendly. It offers virus scans, real-time protection, and a file shredder, as well as an excellent password manager, file quarantine, and its Avira Safe Shopping plug-in.

Although Avira does have a free version, its paid plans have a lot more to offer, even if some of its more expensive plans can be quite costly. Avira's cheapest plan, Avira Antivirus Pro, comes with internet protection, email protection, and customer support.

Avira VPN uses their own technology and is implemented within the app. It is also available as a separate service, which is quite strong in its own right – definitely worth considering.

How we selected and tested these antiviruses

When selecting our favorite antivirus services that come with a VPN, we used the following criteria:

  • Security. In order to find tools with the most robust features for protection from various malware threats, we assessed the offered security attributes. That includes real-time protection, firewall, and any other additional features.
  • Malware detection results. We made sure that each antivirus program could detect all potential threats. We did this by analyzing the results from various independent lab tests, such as AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, and others.
  • VPN features. We also made sure that the VPN included in the antivirus package is useful, user-friendly, secure, and reliable. To do this, we took an in-depth look at the features included on the VPN, as well as the technology used to create it.
  • Quality of the overall package. We looked at the combination of the antivirus software and the VPN feature specifically to decide if it is a good solution. We also considered the price of the packages that include a VPN, assessing whether or not they are good value for money.

What to look for in an antivirus with a VPN

  • Price. If you are looking for an antivirus program that comes with a VPN, it is really important to choose a combined solution that offers excellent cybersecurity for a price that suits your budget. After all, antivirus programs that include a VPN tend to offer it on their more expensive plans. So you will need to make sure that paying that bit extra is worth it for you.
  • Extensive features. Take a close look at the features the included VPN has to offer. We recommend looking for one that has a decent number of servers and good security features. Some users also want a VPN to bypass region blocks on international content (e.g. the US library of Netflix or BBC iPlayer). This is possible, albeit not many antivirus VPNs are fit for the job.
  • No data caps. Watch out for data caps, as some VPNs that come with antivirus programs impose limits on how much you can download and upload. Luckily, some offer unlimited data (including a few on our list). If you want a VPN for more than light web browsing, avoiding data caps is the way to go.
  • Protection capabilities. The antivirus software itself is very important. A good antivirus program will come with an extensive suite of security features, including real-time scans, anti-phishing protection, and extremely good malware detection rates.

What is the difference between antivirus and a VPN?

Antivirus software secures your device from malware through real-time protection and scanning your device for suspicious activity. Meanwhile, a VPN encrypts and redirects your internet traffic to keep your information safe from anyone who might be snooping around.

A VPN will ensure that your ISP and the government doesn't know what you're doing online – something an antivirus can't do. Such online privacy is particularly important if you're based in a country that has strict censorship or if your day-to-day includes sensitive activities like investigative journalism, political activism, etc. However, practically anyone will benefit from a VPN – starting from those who want to access geo-restricted content and ending with those who need encryption when working on insecure public wifi.

Both antivirus software and VPNs are important cybersecurity tools designed to protect your device and your privacy. Yet they serve very different functions, so we strongly recommend using both a VPN and an antivirus program.

How to use antivirus with a VPN

To use antivirus with a VPN, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Install an antivirus that has a VPN included. We recommend Surfshark, now 81% off!
  2. Open the app and sign in or register an account
  3. Enable the VPN feature and connect to a chosen server
  4. You’re all set!

To make sure the VPN is working, look up your IP address online before connecting to the VPN – a simple Google search of "what is my IP" will do the trick. Then, connect to the VPN and check again – you should see a different IP address than before you connected. If the IP is the same as before – the VPN is not connected or there is some other malfunction. In this case, learn more about how to change your location with a VPN.

Disadvantages of using an antivirus with a VPN

By definition, an antivirus program will prioritize its antivirus protection over any other feature it offers. Therefore, a VPN that comes with an antivirus program will likely be more limited than a dedicated VPN service. Here are the main disadvantages of using an antivirus and a VPN solution:

  1. Less servers. On the contrary to the standalone VPNs, those included in an antivirus suite come with fewer servers in different locations and don't allow you to manually choose which server you want to connect to. Additionally, provided servers often neither support torrenting nor are great for unblocking streaming content.
  2. Limited security features. If you choose to use the combined package of an antivirus and a VPN, there’s a high chance that you won’t be able to enjoy the full functionality of VPN’s security features. There might not be a kill switch or a possibility to switch between different tunneling protocols.
  3. Data caps. Antivirus VPNs tend to impose data caps, which means that they are not suitable for anything heavier than occasional web browsing. And will also find that VPN connections with combined apps can be a lot slower than standalone VPNs.

Although we recommend using both an antivirus and a VPN, some users may only want the latter. In this case, choosing a dedicated VPN service will be both cheaper and save you the trouble of navigating a more complicated antivirus app.

However, an antivirus with a VPN feature can be a great solution for many users – why not get two birds with one stone?

Is there a free antivirus with included VPN?

Although most antivirus providers that offer a VPN will include it in their more expensive packages, some programs come with a free VPN.

For example, Avira’s free antivirus plan comes with access to its VPN. However, it is certainly limited. For one thing, it comes with a data cap of 500 MB a month. This means that you can’t use it to do much more than light web browsing. It also doesn’t give you a choice of servers to connect to, so you can’t use it to unblock most region-restricted content.

As with most things, you get what you pay for with cybersecurity tools. And free VPNs tend to be so limited that you'll likely be better off paying for one that has robust security features and unlimited data.

Video review: Best Antivirus with VPN


If you want to use an antivirus program that comes with a VPN service, there are some outstanding options out there. However, the VPNs on antivirus packages differ greatly in what they offer and what they will cost you. These features range from sorely limited options to full-fledged VPN services, like Surfshark, that can hold on its own against many standalone tools.

Antivirus software is vital for cybersecurity, but so are VPNs. They will encrypt your traffic and hide your online activities – a lifesaver (sometimes literally) in a time when data breaches are extremely common and true privacy is as rare as a four-leaf clover. Perhaps getting a two-in-one antivirus and VPN combo is the right choice for you?

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prefix 10 months ago
hey, if i have a vpn do i need antivirus? i keep seeing contrasting opinions on this. i would appreciate some clarity on the matter. btw i use mac and if it’s not like 100% necessary i would like to save my money for something more useful
CyberNews Team
CyberNews Team
prefix 10 months ago
Both are good at different tasks. A VPN will help you to protect your privacy and defeating geo-blocks. Meanwhile, an antivirus will make your device harder to penetrate for malicious programs. For this reason, most antiviruses are including VPNs in their antiviruses. However, they’re still inferior to dedicated VPN provider tools.
prefix 11 months ago
WHich antivirus with vpn comes with password manager and could you recommend anything personally as a security expert? ty
CyberNews Team
CyberNews Team
prefix 10 months ago
Most antivirus providers include a password manager, so the chances are that you could pick whichever from the top 3 and get this feature. Though, don’t forget that most password managers are available for free. We cover these here: https://cybernews.com/best-password-managers/free-password-managers/
prefix 11 months ago
do you know whether any of these programs sacrifice any functionality for macOS? i heard that antivirus for mac does not work as well as PC since the system is a lot more closed
CyberNews Team
CyberNews Team
prefix 11 months ago
As a rule of thumb, all antiviruses will be more modest on macOS compared to their Windows counterparts. Yet, when it comes to the VPN features, no matter which version you pick – those will be identical across the board.
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