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Surfshark Antivirus review: is the One bundle worth it?

Surfshark antivirus is a decent tool and is a product of one of the best VPN providers on the market – Surfshark. The antivirus comes with the all-round cybersecurity bundle called Surfshark One.

Although the antivirus is lightweight and doesn’t have many features, it does come with a high-quality VPN service, a private search engine, and data breach monitoring tools. It’s now available on macOS, Windows and Android.

In this Surfshark antivirus review, we’ll cover its features, pricing plans, user interface, and more.

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Surfshark antivirus pros and cons

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Is Surfshark safe?

Surfshark antivirus is a safe solution for everyone. It protects you from various types of threats, including trojans, worms, and others. It offers real-time protection, and the included VPN has a feature called CleanWeb which protects you from annoying ads and trackers.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the antivirus doesn’t have an integrated firewall that would prevent malware from sneaking into your device in the first place. There’s also no vulnerability scanner which could help prevent potential threats.

Surfshark antivirus is also gentle with your resources. During my full scan test, the average CPU usage was around 22%. While the peak usage was 53%, it got down pretty quickly. This means that scans aren’t going to visibly affect your device performance.

Surfshark antivirus features

Surfshark antivirus might not be as feature-rich as other top antivirus software but it stands out by providing all-round security. This includes a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that keeps you anonymous online, a very safe search engine, and data breach monitoring.

As for the antivirus, it has various scanning options, including quick, full, scheduled, and drag-and-drop item scans. There’s also real-time protection that is now available not only on the Android app but on Windows and macOS as well.

Nonetheless, there’s always room for improvement. As an extra layer of protection, most high-quality antivirus programs include a firewall which prevents threats from getting into your system in the first place. Or it’s also common to implement a password manager or parental controls which are all handy security features. While Surfshark antivirus doesn’t offer these features, it’s a relatively new product that is still being updated, so we might see huge improvements in the future.

Device scanning

Surfshark has three device scanning options available – quick, full, and file/folder scan. Starting from the quick one, it appeared to be too quick, making it seem like there weren’t many files scanned.

surfshark antivirus scanning options

The full scan, however, took me around 25 minutes to complete on a fast virtual machine. The best part is that the antivirus did find 9 out of 10 malicious files that I tested with, meaning it has solid malware detection rates. Plus, with Surfshark antivirus, it’s even possible to exclude items from any type of scan.

The drag-and-drop file or folder scanner is also worth noting because it’s very beneficial. You can drag multiple items at once or one by one. It’s a convenient way to customize your scan. It would be even nicer to have an option to save a specific scan for later use.

With Surfshark, you can still schedule quick or full scans. It allows you to choose weekdays and the time that you want the scan to be performed. This is helpful for users who want to scan their system regularly but don’t want to keep doing it manually. Did we mention that you can also scan up to 5 devices at once? That's right!

Real-time protection

If you’ve never heard what real-time protection is, to put it simply, it monitors your device for threats at all times. This means that the antivirus is running in the background all the time trying to ensure that threats are instantly detected.

Real-time protection secures your device from various types of malware, including worms, trojans, backdoors, and others.

Surfshark One features

Since the antivirus comes in the Surfshark One bundle, additional features are also worth mentioning. One of them is the well-known Surfshark VPN which is one of the best VPNs on the market. There’s also the Alert feature which monitors your data and alerts you in case of a data breach. And lastly, you also get Surfshark Search which is a private and very secure search engine.

Surfshark VPN

When you purchase the antivirus in the Surfshark One bundle, you also get a VPN. And if you don’t know what it is, a VPN is a tool that makes you anonymous and secure online. With it, no third parties can take a peek at what you’re doing while connected to the Internet.

Surfshark VPN is one of the leading VPNs on the market, so it’s a great investment into your cybersecurity. It’s a feature-rich service and includes a multihop feature, which changes the server a few times so there are no connections to your real IP address. It also offers the camouflage mode which makes VPN traffic look like regular network traffic.

surfshark one vpn interface

I liked that Surfshark VPN can even be used in heavily restricted countries. And even if your VPN connection suddenly drops, there’s a reliable kill switch that disconnects you from the Internet. This helps you avoid your IP address being exposed.

Aside from the fact that you get exceptional speeds, you also have tons of locations to connect to as the service offers 3200 servers in 100 countries. A vast server fleet lets you enjoy anonymous torrenting and streaming of geo-restricted content. That’s right – if your favorite show isn’t available in your region, Surfshark VPN can help you bypass such restrictions.

In a world where your personal data is shamelessly used by third parties, a secure search engine is a must, and Surfshark offers a great one. It’s no secret that various search engines – yes, including Google – collect your data. That’s not the case with Surfshark – everything you do is strictly private. This also means that your search isn’t affected by previous ones.

Surfshark one Search engine

The best part about Surfshark Search is that it’s completely ad-free, so you’ll have an undisturbed experience. You can use this tool to search for webpages, images, and videos.

Surfshark Alert

The Alert feature is basically what other antiviruses call Data Breach Monitoring. It scans the web to see if any of your data is leaked. If it is, Surfshark is going to send you a warning. You can even customize how often you want to receive reports – every time a data breach has recently occurred or only when your accounts are affected.

Surfshark One alert feature

The data it can monitor includes your email address, credit cards, and IDs. All you have to do is add it to the list of what the tool is supposed to check. Keep in mind that if you want to use Surfshark Alert, you have to enable two-factor authentication to protect your data.


There’s one more Surfshark tool that we simply have to mention, even though it hasn’t yet been included in the One bundle (hopefully, it will be in the future).

It’s called Incogni and it’s super helpful for those who don’t want their personal data roaming around the Internet.

In short, the team behind Incogni will contact data brokers that store your personal information, including your phone number, address, email, etc., and will make sure that all of it is deleted from the databases.

For more info, read our Incogni review.

Plans and pricing

Surfshark antivirus comes with the One bundle, so unlike most popular antivirus programs, this one has only one package option with all features included. However, you can purchase the plan for different durations. The longer subscription you choose, the more money you save in the long run.

1-month plan$14.44/month
1-year plan$41.88/year
2-year plan$95.52/year

If you purchase the plan for one month, it’ll cost you $14.44/month. It’s quite a lot for one month and considering that buying a year’s subscription would make it a total of $41.88/year, investing in a longer subscription is much more worth it.

Not to mention the fact that when buying Surfshark antivirus for one year, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. It means you can try out the service for a month without long-term commitment and find out whether you enjoy the service risk-free.

The antivirus also covers 5 devices, making it a good deal considering that you also get a VPN and other useful tools. As for payment options, Surfshark has a wide range of them, including credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, and cryptocurrencies.

Ease of use

Surfshark antivirus currently has apps for Windows, Android, and macOS. The service is a relatively lightweight solution that is reasonably priced for what it offers in terms of security and features. But are the apps convenient? Are they easy to use? Let’s find that out.

macOS app

Surfshark antivirus recently became available on macOS. The setup is fairly simple. One thing you need to know before installing it is that you have to download the app from their official website. Once you're done with that – you're set to explore all the features Surfshark has to offer.

surfshark antivirus 2

The macOS app is convenient and very simple to navigate, and the minimalistic design pleased my eyes. It includes real-time protection and allows scheduling scans or excluding selected items from it. As for the quick scan, it took me less than 1 minute to scan around 7000 files.

Just like in the Windows app, there's the Alert, Search, and VPN sections. The VPN section offers all the must-have features, including auto-connect, CleanWeb, and a kill-switch. In terms of scans, you can conveniently schedule them or exclude selected items.

Even though Surfshark doesn't offer as much on macOS as on the Windows app, the app is ultra easy-to-use while the design is neat and very organized.

Windows app

Starting from installation, Surfshark took me barely a few minutes to set everything up. All you have to do is purchase a plan, sign up, and download the app. Once you install it with a few simple clicks and open it, you’re taken to the main dashboard where everything is located.

Surfshark One antivirus interface

The antivirus section is very organized – the left side displays scheduled scans, an option to exclude items from scanning, and a virus database. Luckily, Surfshark recently made some changes and real-time protection is now available on Windows as well.

All the tools – VPN, antivirus, Alert, Search, and Settings – are placed on the left side of the screen, making it very simple to navigate. For instance, Surfshark Search includes nothing more but a search bar. Meanwhile, the Alert feature redirects you to the web page where you can set up 2FA and monitor new and archived breaches. As for the VPN section, everything from servers to connection options and features is nicely laid out in one place.

Android app

The Android app is as user-friendly as the Windows one. It’s not overfilled with unnecessary items, making it easy to find everything you need. Once you set the app up, there are four sections at the bottom of the screen – Surfshark, Locations, One, and Settings.

Surfshark Antivirus Android app

The Surfshark section is basically the VPN’s main dashboard together with your IP address and a kill switch. You can find servers and their locations in the following section. You can also connect to the fastest server or the nearest country.

Moving on to the One section, you have everything else that the bundle includes – the Search, Alert, and antivirus tools. While the first two look more or less the same as on the Windows app, the antivirus includes the Scan button only. This is the standard for mobile antiviruses, so it’s very convenient.

Overall, the app couldn’t be more intuitive. Well, maybe if the antivirus had a separate section, but that’s only a personal preference.

Customer support

Surfshark customer support is great – there are a few options you can make use of. First off, if you like figuring everything out yourself, you can make use of their extensive knowledge base. Once you open Surfshark’s customer support page, you can see the help center search bar which you can use to find guides related to your issue.

Below it, there are three sections – VPN, Surfshark One, and My Account – which help you navigate through the existing knowledge base. Not only can you find useful guides, but video tutorials as well.

Surfshark Antivirus customer support options

However, when in need of some human assistance, you can scroll down and find two options – “Send us an email” and “Chat with us”. While the first one is self-explanatory, the latter is a 24/7 live chat.

All I can say from my personal experience is that Surfshark’s agents were super friendly and answered all of my questions in no time.

Video review

Final verdict

Surfshark antivirus is a solid tool for removing threats from your Windows or Android devices. It blocked 9 out of 10 malicious files that I’ve tested with and provides real-time protection.

The antivirus comes with the Surfshark One bundle that was released back in 2021. Being quite new, it could use some improvements, such as implementing a firewall or a password manager. However, knowing that Surfshark already provides great overall protection and has a lot of upcoming items, it’s one of the top cybersecurity bundles out there.

It comes with an incredibly fast and secure VPN, a private search engine that doesn’t collect your information, and a data breach monitoring tool that alerts you when your data is exposed to others.

If you’re considering getting Surfshark antivirus, I’d recommend getting the one-year subscription. It’s much more cost-efficient than the monthly subscription and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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