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McAfee antivirus coupon codes 2023

When you hear the name of the McAfee antivirus, it really rings a bell. It’s one of the best antivirus programs out there thanks to the excellent antimalware rates. And subscribing to it for a better price is truly a great opportunity. So, read the article below and find the best coupon codes for McAfee.

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Reasons to choose McAfee

McAfee is considered to be a great security tool not only by users but also by experts. The product consists of features for strong protection against viruses, malware, and ransomware. Moreover, McAfee antivirus offers additional benefits that will protect your network, sensitive information, and passwords.

Rank#8 out of #25
PriceFrom $39.99/year
Best current deal:Get McAfee, save up to 67%

Let’s have a quick overview of security tools offered by McAfee:

  • High-quality protection. McAfee provides you with a complex suite of security features. It consistently protects your device from malware, ransomware, and crypto-jacking. Moreover, it has implemented real-time protection to detect every sneaky intruder, so you can always feel calm.
  • Additional benefits. This antivirus software seeks to improve your browsing experience and device’s performance as well. With McAfee you are able to recognize dangerous websites, sensitive files or even boost your device’s speed.
  • Customer support. Whenever you get into trouble with McAfee software, you can receive a few options of support. There are a lot of technical instructions on their website that may explain the issue. Otherwise, you can have a live chat with the support agent or have a discussion on McAfee community’s forum.

How do I use my McAfee coupon code?

Applying the coupon code for McAfee is so quick and easy that you won’t even take five minutes to do that. The code is applied automatically, so all you have to do is this:

1. Choose your preferred coupon code from our list and click Visit McAfee

2. After getting directed to its web page, choose “Pick my plan

McAfee webpage with options to choose plan

3. Choose a plan and hit “Buy now

4. Enter your email address and click “Continue to payment

5. Provide your payment information and choose “Place order

Payment information at McAfee checkout

6. Your coupon code will be activated automatically

We would also like to note that McAfee offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, changing your mind about their services won’t be so painful for your wallet.

What can I do if my McAfee coupon code isn't working?

We know how exciting it can be to redeem a great promo code. Sadly, we also know how upsetting it is to see that the code isn’t working. Therefore, we would like to share the reasons and solutions for invalid coupon codes:

  • The promo code has expired. Every promo code has an expiration date and that’s what you should pay attention to. Nevertheless, an expired code isn’t the worst-case scenario because you can always find updated coupon codes on our website.
  • You have mistyped the code. If the code requires to be manually typed in, then there is a possibility that you have made a spelling mistake. To fix this, you should double-check the code or just retype it.
  • Unrecognized error. Sometimes it happens that the code doesn’t work for an unknown reason. In this case, you should contact McAfee’s support team and let them know about the issue. You can reach its support via the official website by having a chat or using the consumer support center, or via a phone call.