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Bitdefender coupon codes & promo

While Bitdefender cannot brag about being as known as the seniors of the market, its security quality matches the top providers. And the best thing? You can now download the app for the lowest price ever.

We believe in the importance of cybersecurity and think that it should be available for everyone, so we curated the greatest deals for Bitdefender so you could stay 100% safe:

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What is Bitdefender?

Bitdefender Antivirus is a quality antivirus tool that can help you not only get rid of the existing threats, but also protect you from new ones entering your device. Its effectiveness has been proven by such independent testing companies as AV-Comparatives, and it has even won the Product of the Year award for great performance.

It’s also good to know that Bitdefender offers a free version that includes real-time protection, which is a rare feat among free anti-malware tools.

Reasons to choose Bitdefender antivirus

Bitdefender antivirus is a great service, which provides excellent protection and security. So, here are the reasons why Bitdefender should be your top antivirus choice:

Overall rank:#1 out of #25
Price:From $23.99/year
Best deal:Get Bitdefender for up to 62% OFF!
  • Security. Bitdefender scored nearly perfect independent lab results during the July-August period of 2021. The tool offers real-time protection and will secure you from zero-day malware. In case of a ransomware attack, Bitdefender will block malicious actions. For an extra security layer, there’s an AntiSpam feature that picks out messages that include spam characteristics. There’s an anti-tracker tool as well. It’s a browser extension that stops suspicious scripts from gathering your data.
  • Additional features. Bitdefender is super rich in features. It comes with a built-in VPN with a kill switch. And, in order to keep your passwords stored safely, you get a password manager. There’s also a file shredder, which doesn’t let third parties restore the files you deleted. And if you’re a parent, with more expensive plans, you’ll be able to control which websites you allow your child to visit.
  • Customer support. Bitdefender has a live chat available. When we tried contacting them, we were surprised that the agent responded in a matter of minutes. And just in case you run into some general issues, there are also guides and FAQs on their website.

You can find out more in our Bitdefender antivirus review.

How do I use my Bitdefender coupon code?

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What if the promo code is not working?

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