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Best VPN Coupons Of 2021: Discounts & Offers

VPN coupons let you save a lot of money. If you’re looking for a promo code for the best VPNs in business, look no further. Here we have the best promo codes and VPN coupons for 2021, to keep you and your wallet protected.

NordVPN is the top VPN provider of 2021. Get the new generation security features, incredibly fast speed and browse the net securely – at 72% off! Coupon code is applied automatically.
Browse anonymously without having to worry about prying eyes with Surfshark VPN. Competitive speed and extra security features (such as split tunneling), now with 83% off the 2-year plan + 3 months free! The coupon code gets applied automatically.
Get this blazing hot deal for a 1-year IPVanish VPN subscription and enjoy safe browsing today. Coupon code applied automatically.
Take advantage of Atlas VPN's 700+ servers worldwide, ad blocker, 24/7 support, data leak protection, and much more. A whopping 86% off the 3-year plan and 3 additional months with the automatically applied "BLACKFRIDAY" coupon code only from CyberNews.
Searching for a long-term subscription to ensure safe browsing? Get this wallet-friendly PureVPN 2-year plan and even additional 20% off with "cybernews20" promo code.
Get a whole year 44% off with this blazing hot VyprVPN deal and keep your connections safe no matter where you are.
An excellent Black Friday deal that includes 10 simultaneous connections, ultra fast servers, 24/7 customer support, unlimited bandwidth and other great perks. 30-Days money-back guarantee allows to try out PrivateVPN risk free.
Private Internet Access offers an intuitive, safe, and fully customizable VPN experience, now with 83% off. Coupon code is applied automatically.
A top-notch VPN service for torrenting and streaming, CyberGhost VPN is now 83% OFF! Get your additional 3 free months for your plan. The coupon code is applied automatically.
Want a VPN with strong security features? You’re looking at it! Get TunnelBear VPN for 3 years and save 67%! The coupon code is applied automatically.
Every single one of 3,000+ TorGuard’s servers located in more than 50 different places around the globe support WireGuard and torrenting. If you’re searching for a speedy VPN, this one’s for you.
If you were struggling with thinking of a plan on how to get ExpressVPN cheaper, we are here to help you! Grab this ExpressVPN deal with 35% off with any plan you wish.
Enjoy a safe and speedy browsing experience with ZenMate VPN today. Discount applied automatically.

How to choose the Best VPN coupon?

Here are some things to take into account when choosing a VPN promo code:

  • Determine what you will use a VPN for. If you’re travelling a lot and using public wifi, look for a VPN that offers top tier security features. And if you’re in a country that prohibits VPN use, look for one that offers traffic obfuscation for maximum anonymity and security.
  • Figure out your budget. How much per month can you pay for a VPN service? If it’s not that much, you’re in luck, because most coupons listed here turn the pricey prices into virtually nothing. Choose your favourite.
  • Choose your plan duration. Do you want to just set up a long term plan and forget it – or are you looking to just dip your toes in to see what everything is about? Whichever way you go, look for the options offering a free trial, a money-back guarantee, or both. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your preferred VPN experience with no worries.

How to apply a coupon code?

Here’s a step by step guide on how to apply a promo code:

1. Click the green button on the coupon (it will take you to the VPNs website) or copy the discount code.
2. Go to the VPN provider’s website and choose your VPN plan.

IPVanish choose plan

3. Proceed to checkout. Check if the discount has been applied.
4. Sometimes you’ll need to enter a discount code at the checkout. Find discount codes on the coupons.

Enter promotional code field

5. If the discount code is fake or expired, you’ll see something similar on your screen:

Entered coupon code not valid
Enter payment details form

6. Enter your payment details and check appropriate boxes, then click “subscribe now” or any similar button. That’s it, you got yourself an awesome VPN deal.

Are these coupon codes up to date?

All the coupon codes on our site are updated regularly. We want you to have the best VPN experience, hence we only provide real, up-to-date coupon codes or discount links for the best VPN providers.

However, if by any chance you stumble upon a likely fake or expired discount code, there is no harm in entering these codes on the checkout page. You’ll see right away if the code is legit.