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Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 deals


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: tech specs and key features

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Specs (rumoured)
Flippable display6.7-inch AMOLED, 120Hz, 1080 x 2640, 1,750 nits brightness
Cover screen3.4 or 3.9-inch AMOLED, 120Hz, 720 x 748
Operating systemAndroid 14
ChipsetSnapdragon 8 Gen 3
Rear cameras50MP wide, 12MP ultra-wide
Front Camera10MP
Battery3,790 mAh

The new Galaxy Z Flip 6 packs some impressive features. For starters, you get the cutting-edge Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset with blazing-fast speeds and effortless multitasking.

With up to 12GB of RAM onboard, this phone should be able to handle any heavy-duty task. You also have 256GB or 512GB storage options.

The Galaxy Z Flip 6 runs Android 14, “skinned” with Samsung's OneUI 6.1 user interface. This customised version of Android ensures smooth updates, meaning it will be as easy as ever to secure your Samsung phone with the latest operating system patches and feature updates from Samsung and Google.

The new "Galaxy AI" features include automatic recording and transcription via the Notes app, which makes note-taking and meetings more accessible.

Additionally, our sources describe an "Interpreter" mode that simultaneously uses outer and inner displays to help you communicate with people in different languages! For further comparison, you might want to look at the specs of the Samsung S24 Ultra with 1TB storage.

What are the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 AI features?

The definitive list of AI features will not be completely certain until release. We’ll follow up with a confirmed update after the Galaxy Z Flip 6 is released at Galaxy Unpacked.

However, we can indicate the likely features below.

The Galaxy Z Flip 6 and the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will both have the Samsung Galaxy AI suite. This includes:

  • Live Translate: Real-time translation during conversations, which you can use in third-party calling apps like WhatsApp and Zoom
  • Chat Assist: AI-suggested replies for messaging
  • Note Assist: Automatic transcription and summarisation of voice recordings
  • Circle to Search: Allows users to circle an object or text to get search results instantly using Google Lens

The Galaxy Z Flip 6 will also have features that take advantage of its distinctive form factor, including:

  • AI Translation on Cover Screen: The Z Flip 6 will display translations on both the internal and cover screens, enabling both parties to see the translated text in their respective languages
  • Enhanced Chat Assist: This feature is optimised for the Z Flip 6's cover screen, suggesting replies without needing to open the phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: price and availability

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 will be available in stores from 10th July 2024.

Pricing varies based on storage options, and providers often adjust their prices.

Be sure to check the latest deals above to find the best offer for you.

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 has unique pros and cons, giving you further insight into your purchase decision.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 contract deals

If you cannot afford to pay outright for your new Samsung, contracting with one of the UK's mobile providers is a smart option. You can enjoy the new phone while only making smaller, more manageable payments toward it over a longer period.

Contracts usually have 12, 24, or even 36-month variations. This may be useful when selecting a suitable payment package for your budget.

You can also explore contract deals that allow you to get the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 at no upfront cost, with unlimited data and 5G data, and learn how to find the cheapest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 deals on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 with no upfront cost

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 with unlimited data

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 with 5G data

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How do you find the cheapest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 deals?

The cheapest Galaxy Z Flip 6 deals are on our Samsung deals page.

How do you choose the best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 deals?

Are you curious about how to choose the best Samsung Galaxy deals?To get the best deals on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, consider the following key factors: how much data you need, whether you want one upfront payment or a higher monthly price.

Let's consider data usage. If you like to stream shows on your way to and from work or often work remotely from your mobile device, you will need a more generous data plan. Around 20GB of monthly data should be sufficient for users who consume streaming media mostly or only have the occasional mobile video conference.

Otherwise, we’d recommend a plan that offers upwards of 40GB.

Another key consideration is how much you are willing or able to pay upfront. Some of these deals have no upfront cost and a higher monthly cost, making them more accessible.

Finally, consider the monthly price. The Flip 6 will be a premium device, like the Samsung S24 Ultra range, available in 512GB and 1TB configurations. Alternatively, if you already have a phone, you may want to consider a SIM-only deal for more flexibility and lower monthly costs.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: what’s different?

Below are the Galaxy Z Flip 6 specs compared to the existing Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 (rumoured)Galaxy Z Flip 5
SizeUnfolded: 165.1 x 71.9 x 6.9 mmFolded: 85.1 x 71.9 x 13.1 mmUnfolded: 165.1 x 71.9 x 6.9 mmFolded: 85.1 x 71.9 x 15.1 mm
Battery life11h+~10h
Display6.7-inch AMOLED, 120Hz, 1080 x 2640, 426ppi6.7-inch AMOLED, 120Hz, 1080 x 2640, 426 ppi
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Gen 3Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
Rear cameras50MP wide, 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP telephoto12MP wide, 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP telephoto
ColoursBlue/Light Blue, Mint, Silver Shadow, Yellow, Crafted Black, Peach, White, LavenderCream, Graphite, Lavender, Mint, Gray (online), Blue (online), Green (online), Yellow (online)
Starting price£1,149.00£1,049.00

Design: Our sources suggest that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will likely maintain most of the dimensions of its predecessor but will be 0.2mm thinner when folded. This minor change might make it slightly more comfortable to carry and use. The device will also feature vapour chamber cooling, a first for the Z Flip series, enhancing performance during intensive tasks.

Battery Life: Rumours suggest the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 offers improved battery life, claiming two hours longer LTE internet usage and three hours longer video playback than the Flip 5. This improvement is likely due to the more efficient Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and a slightly higher battery capacity of 3,790mAh, up from 3,700mAh in the Flip 5.

Display: The Galaxy Z Flip 6 features a 6.7-inch AMOLED interior display at 120Hz and a larger 3.9-inch cover display. Notably, the cover display is now an IPS panel instead of OLED, which might affect colour vibrancy but allows for a larger display area and potentially better power efficiency.

Performance: Unofficial leaks suggest the Flip 6 will pack the latest and greatest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 system-on-chip (SoC), providing increased performance and power efficiency. Additionally, we expect the Flip 6 to have 8GB or 12GB of RAM options, up from only 8GB in the Flip 5. This memory increase will enhance its multi-tasking and gaming capability.

Camera: We expect this device to have a significantly upgraded camera setup, including a 50MP primary (rear) sensor, up from the 12MP sensor in the Flip 5. This upgrade will ensure higher-quality photos and videos across various shooting conditions.

Water and dust resistance: Sources indicate that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will have an IP48 rating for resistance to water and dust, just like the earlier model.

Colours: The Flip 6 will be available in new colour variants such as Blue, Mint, Silver Shadow, Yellow, Crafted Black, Peach, and White.

Pricing: The Flip 5 started at around £1,049.00, and the much-anticipated Galaxy Z Flip 6 will likely start at around £100 more.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 remains a formidable device, and rumours suggest that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will bring several exciting upgrades that could make it a game-changer in the foldable phone market. With its enhanced performance, new quirks and features, and superior battery life, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 promises to be a significant leap forward.