The time to ditch your phone contracts has come, iPhone lovers! With a SIM-only deal, you can save money, enjoy large amounts of data, and take advantage of a wide variety of flexible plans.

But with so many deals, which one could be the perfect one for you? Worry not, as we are here to help. Let’s take a deep dive into the best iPhone SIM-only deals in the UK!

List of iPhone SIM-only deals


What is an iPhone SIM-only deal?

An iPhone SIM-only deal is a mobile phone plan that includes a SIM card that comes with a certain amount of data, calls, and texts. A cellular network provider will give you only a SIM card to use with the phone you already own.

You can find monthly, annual, or even longer iPhone SIM-only deals. You can also choose the amount of data you want, including the number of minutes and text messages you wish your plan to have. What’s even better is that you have greater flexibility when it comes to the length of your contract.

How does the iPhone SIM-only deal work?

Simply put, an iPhone SIM-only deal separates the phone cost from a contract. All you need to have is an iPhone that can work with different network carriers.

All you have to do is select the SIM-only provider that offers the best deal for your needs and activate the SIM card. Now, you are ready to make calls, send texts, or use your available data in any way you please. Keep in mind that you’ll usually pay a fixed monthly fee that covers all costs for your plan.

Benefits of iPhone SIM-only deals

There are several benefits that come with iPhone SIM-only deals, and we consider the following the most important to keep in mind:

  • Affordability. You will end up paying a lot more if you purchase your phone on a contract. This is where SIM-only deals shine. They significantly lower your costs, as you don’t need to pay for a phone.
  • Flexibility. Unlike mobile phone contracts that tie you to a provider for a year or two, SIM-only deals are very flexible. You can choose a monthly SIM-only plan, an annual one, or a longer deal, depending on your preferences.
  • Variety. Another great benefit is that iPhone SIM-only deals allow you to choose from different plans with various data limits, number of calls, or SMS messages allowance. You can even customise your plan if needed.

Which networks offer iPhone SIM-only deals?

Usually, almost all prominent UK network providers offer iPhone SIM-only deals. However, we picked the best ones for you. Let’s take a closer look!


One of the largest UK operators is O2. All of their iPhone SIM-only deals come with 4G or 5G Internet, and you may even benefit from unique extras, like Disney+ or Amazon discounts. On top of that, you can enjoy their generous data, call, and text allowance by choosing the SIM-only deal that suits you the most.


Vodafone is, without a doubt, a leading provider of SIM-only deals. Their various SIM-only plans allow you to choose the one with the perfect amount of data, phone calls, and SMS messages. You can even choose roaming passes and avoid ludicrous roaming costs across the EU.


Three is one of the few SIM-only deal providers that offer you the possibility to upgrade your existing plan to one with more data if you run out. However, you can find an iPhone SIM-only deal that comes with unlimited data. Ultimately, Three has one-month, yearly, and 24-month SIM-only deals with impressive 4G and 5G coverage in the UK, catering to the needs of all its users.


If you want to save additional costs on your fixed payment, then Lyca might be the best choice. This SIM-only provider has numerous plans that come with different allowances regarding phone calls, texts, and data. By selecting Lyca, you’ll enjoy contract-free SIM-only deals with stellar 5G data and no roaming expenses.

Pros and cons of iPhone SIM-only plans

To help you decide whether SIM-only iPhone deals are for you, we have outlined some of the advantages and disadvantages of such plans below.

What to consider when looking for an iPhone SIM-only deal

To choose the best iPhone SIM-only deal, you need to consider some of the following critical factors:

  • Data usage. One of the most important things is to have an iPhone SIM-only plan with sufficient data allowance. This will let you browse the Web without interruption, enjoy a seamless streaming experience, listen to your favourite music tunes, download large files, and have fun gaming lag-free.
  • Freebies. Usually, the prominent SIM-only providers launch deals with additional perks. This may include a free subscription to a popular streaming platform, discounts if you are a new customer, cashback, or data rollover.
  • Contract length. This might be the main reason why people decide to switch to SIM-only deals. They allow you to choose whether to go for a monthly plan or a longer one, like an annual plan or a two-year deal.
  • Number of phone calls and SMS messages. Last but not least, you should always check how many phone calls or texts you may send with the SIM-only plan you decide to pick. This is crucial so that you can avoid unfavourable limitations.

What SIM card works for my iPhone?

The type of SIM card that works for your iPhone depends on the model you own. Unfortunately, iPhones don’t support standard SIM cards (15x25mm) on any model, so you should avoid this type of card. However, if you have an iPhone like iPhone 4 or 4s, you need to go for a micro SIM card (12x15mm).

From iPhone 5 and later models, you should go for a nano SIM (8.8x12.3mm). That said, if you have some of the most recent mobile phone models, make sure that the provider has nano cards. Luckily, as most phones use such SIMs, all mobile operators will offer them.

Who can sign up for an iPhone SIM-only deal?

The answer to this question is as simple as it can be. Anyone who has an unlocked iPhone device that works with different network carriers can sign up for an iPhone SIM-only deal. However, it is worth checking that your phone works with other providers before switching to a SIM-only plan.

But don’t worry! You can visit your nearby mobile phone shop and solve this issue if it’s not unlocked. Then, you’re free to go for any SIM-only provider you’d like.

Can I get a SIM-only deal with unlimited data for my iPhone?

Yes, you can always get a SIM-only deal with unlimited data for your iPhone. The amount of data you receive doesn’t depend on the type of phone you have. However, iPhone SIM-only deals with unlimited data are pretty rare, and they usually cost more.

Nonetheless, they are great if you need to stream movies or TV shows, download large files, or just travel to different EU countries and not worry about using all your data and paying roaming costs. That’s why you should look carefully for such a provider.

Alternative iPhone plans

If the best iPhone SIM-only deals don’t correspond to your needs, here are a few alternative iPhone plans: