Three offers a diverse range of SIM-only deals, catering to various needs and budgets. With generous data allowances, Three has plans suitable for light users and heavy data consumers. These plans blend affordability with flexibility – with monthly contracts available for 30 days or up to 24 months for those willing to commit.

Along with cost savings, Three's network coverage, reaching 99% of the UK population, is extensive and reliable. And with 5G speeds among the fastest in the UK, Three is the top choice for those seeking high-speed mobile connections. Check out our guide on the best Three SIM-only deals available now if you are thinking about joining this network.

List of Three SIM-only deals


Is Three a good network?

Yes, Three stands out as one of the best networks in the UK for several reasons. Firstly, it has made significant strides in improving its coverage and speed. For instance, it has expanded its 4G coverage to reach 99% of the UK population, and its 5G network ranks among the fastest in the UK, with average download speeds ranging from 200Mbps to 226Mbps.

Three's competitive advantage lies in its affordable prices, which are among the most budget-friendly among the major UK networks. Its SIM-only plans offer generous data allowances with no caps and include additional features such as unlimited texts and calls and free Paramount + streaming subscriptions.

Moreover, Three offers 5G at no extra cost on all Pay Monthly contracts, SIM-only, and Pay As You Go plans. These plans are available on a flexible rolling 30-day, 12-month or 24-month term, which empowers you to choose the one that brings more value and suits your needs.

Customer service is also an essential aspect of any network. Three has a reputation for providing good customer service, albeit with some mixed reviews – with some users expressing satisfaction and others reporting issues. Its customer support options include online chat, phone support, and a comprehensive FAQ section on its website.

While some limitations exist, such as occasional signal issues in rural areas and the absence of certain added benefits, the consensus is that Three provides a trustworthy network with competitive speeds and excellent network coverage.

Why you should choose a Three SIM

There are several reasons why you should choose Three if you are looking for the best SIM-only deals on the market. Here are some of the benefits of opting for a Three contract:

  • Affordability. Three's SIM-only deals are designed to be more economical in the long run compared to regular contracts, as you are not burdened with the cost of a new phone.
  • Stay ahead with 5G. Three boasts one of the most comprehensive 5G rollouts in the UK, covering many cities and towns and offering some of the fastest speeds and best latency scores.
  • Generous data allowances. Three's SIM-only deals include various data options, from 3GB to unlimited data, catering to various data usage requirements.
  • Flexibility. Three SIM-only plans are available on a 24-month, 12-month, or one-month (30-day rolling) contract, providing customers more flexibility than Pay Monthly phone plans. As such, you can switch phones anytime as you are not locked into a long-term contract, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Extra perks. Three SIM-only plans include access to the Three+ rewards app, free roaming in 71 destinations, unlimited minutes and texts, tethering capabilities, and Wi-Fi calling, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Environmental benefits. By sticking with your current phone, you contribute to reducing electronic waste, making SIM-only deals a more environmentally friendly choice.

What to look for in a Three SIM-only contract

When picking a Three SIM-only deal, there are several key factors you need to consider. They include:

  • Data allowance. Think about how much you use your phone – if it's just for basics like social media and emails, a smaller data plan should do. But if you're big on streaming or gaming, you'll want more data. Three's got options from 3GB to unlimited data, so you can pick what works for you.
  • Contract duration. Consider how long you want to commit. Longer contracts usually mean lower monthly costs, but shorter ones give you more freedom. So, think about what suits your wallet and your lifestyle best. With Three, you can get one-, 12-, and 24-month contracts as well as pay as you go plans for more flexibility.
  • Speed. Three offers good speeds, especially on 5G. So, check if your phone can handle 5G and see if Three covers your area before choosing a 5G plan. Ensure you have 5G coverage where you live before signing up.
  • Price. Balance what you want with what you can afford – cheaper plans might mean fewer perks or less data. Find the sweet spot between cost and what you need from your plan.
  • Roaming. If you travel abroad, see if Three's Go Roam feature covers your destination. It lets you use your UK allowances in over 71 countries at no extra cost. Be aware of any additional costs if you're going outside of the covered destinations.
  • SIM card type. Make sure to grab the right size SIM card for your phone. Nowadays, most networks have what they call “combi-SIMs” that fit any device, so just go for one of those if you're not sure.

What SIM-only deals do Three offer?

Three's SIM-only deals are offered with different data allowances, contract lengths, and additional benefits. Here's a variety of SIM-only deals offered by Three:

  • Unlimited data SIM-only Three deals. If you hate worrying about data limits, a SIM-only unlimited plan is the way to go. It offers endless data, calls, and texts on either a month, year-long, or two-year contract. Just note, though the data is unlimited in the UK, there's a 12GB monthly cap when roaming.
  • 30-Day SIM-only Three deals. Three provides 30-day rolling contracts, allowing users to switch SIM-only monthly plans without long-term commitments.
  • 12-Month SIM-only Three deals. The majority of the Three Mobile SIM-only deals are on 12-month contracts, which offers a balance between commitment and flexibility. These SIM-only 12-month plans often come with varying data allowances and additional perks.
  • 24-month SIM-only Three deals. Three's 24-month SIM-only deals come in Lite, Value, and Complete options. These long-term plans provide savings in the long run and allow customers to add extras like Paramount+. They also come with unlimited calls and texts and built-in roaming in 71 destinations worldwide.
  • 5G SIM-only Three deals. All of Three's SIM-only plans come with 5G speeds at no extra cost, provided the handset is 5G-compatible, offering fast and reliable connectivity.
  • Pay as you go Three deals. If contracts aren't your thing, pay-as-you-go SIM-only deals allow you to only pay for what you use. And for added convenience, you can grab Data Packs for a fixed amount of data each month - no strings attached. Three's pay-as-you-go packages start from £10 a month for 10GB of data, along with unlimited calls and texts.

Which Three SIM-only deal is right for me?

Ideal Three SIM-only deals offer a good balance of data allowance, flexibility, and affordability. One attractive option is the Three Lite SIM-only 120GB offer for just £12 a month. This package grants unlimited minutes, texts, and a substantial 120GB of 5G data, catering well to users with high data demands.

Furthermore, Three's extensive 5G network coverage and swift performance underscore its reliability, particularly for individuals prioritising fast and consistent connectivity.

Does Three offer SIM plans for bad credit?

Yes, Three offers SIM plans for customers with bad credit – but with conditions. Three requires a credit check for all of its pay monthly plans, including SIM-only deals – potentially hindering those with poor credit from getting approved for a standard monthly SIM contract.

To remove this barrier, Three provides affordable Pay As You Go (PAYG) SIM-only plans that do not require a credit check. These PAYG options are great alternatives for individuals with bad credit who cannot get approved for a monthly SIM contract.

Additionally, Three may be willing to work with customers who fail their credit check if they understand the specific reasons. Three can then see if it is possible to overturn the decision. This suggests that Three may have some flexibility for those with bad credit.

However, in instances where your credit rating doesn't allow you to sign up for a Three SIM-only plan, you can explore other networks like EE, Asda Mobile, Lebara Mobile, SMARTY, and VOXI, where a credit check is not mandatory.

Can I use my Three SIM abroad?

Yes, you can use your Three SIM abroad through several Three SIM-only deals, though the experience can differ based on your specific plan and where you're headed.

Through its "Go Roam" service, Three allows customers to utilise their UK plan allowances in 71 destinations worldwide without any extra charges. The service is available to Three users with their Pay As You Go, SIM-only, and SIM and device plans. You can roam in hotspots like Europe, the US, and Australia.

But there is a catch. For destinations not covered by Go Roam, Three might apply daily or standard roaming fees, which could add up fast. It's, therefore, crucial to review Three's roaming policies and charges before your journey to avoid any surprises on your bill.

Can I get 5G-enabled Three SIMs?

Yes, you can get 5G with Three's standard SIM cards at no extra charge. Its SIMs automatically work on Three's 5G network if you have a 5G-enabled phone or tablet.

Three says its 5G covers more places than other networks in the UK since they use 140MHz of spectrum bandwidth, which is 50MHz more than anyone else. Their big spectrum investment means your 5G SIM-only deal should offer you faster speeds than other carriers as long as your device supports it.

Other networks providing SIM-only plans

There are several other UK mobile networks besides Three that offer SIM-only plans. They include: