In today's data-hungry world, selecting the ideal cell package can be difficult. Traditional phone plans with long contracts can tie you down, and pay-as-you-go solutions can be costly and frequently lack flexibility. However, what if a network had the best features from both worlds?

Vodafone UK's SIM-only service, VOXI, is upending the industry with its flexible data plans and no-strings-attached policy. VOXI provides plans to cater to different needs and offers affordable pricing for light internet users and data-hungry streamers. Check out our article below for the top VOXI SIM-only deals!

List of VOXI SIM-only deals


Is VOXI a good network?

VOXI may be a recent entrant in the mobile network market, but it has some advantages that make it a solid option if you’re looking for good SIM-only deals. The reasons VOXI might be the ideal mobile partner for you are broken down below:

  • Good coverage. VOXI provides great coverage throughout the United Kingdom and operates on Vodafone's dependable network. This implies that most places, including busy cities and rural areas, allow you to stay connected and use your mobile data allocation.
  • Speedy connections. VOXI isn't just about coverage; it prioritises speed too. You can expect smooth browsing, quick downloads, and lag-free streaming thanks to their 4G network, with 5G access available on all plans.
  • Useful extras. VOXI provides something special: limitless data for some categories like social media and video streaming (based on your plan of choice). This implies that you do not have to worry about going over your allowance regardless of your heavy internet usage.

Why choose VOXI SIM-only deals?

There are several compelling reasons to consider SIM-only VOXI deals when searching for your next mobile plan:

  • No credit checks. VOXI does not require credit checks for its SIM-only deals. This feature makes it an accessible choice for those who may have struggled to get a mobile phone contract in the past.
  • VOXI Drop. VOXI goes the extra mile with its unique "VOXI Drop" program. Each month, they surprise customers with exclusive rewards, which can include anything from data boosts to discounts on popular services. It's an exciting perk that adds value to your plan.
  • 5G capabilities. In more than 100 UK towns and cities, VOXI provides 5G coverage. This enables its users to enjoy quicker upload and download speeds, fluid streaming, and responsive gaming.
  • Affordability. With rates starting as little as £10 per month, VOXI SIM alone offers are incredibly affordable. This makes it a cost-effective option for anyone who wishes to stay away from the hefty fees associated with standard mobile phone contracts

What to look for in a VOXI SIM-only contract

VOXI provides a selection of SIM-only options to suit varying data requirements and price ranges. But how can you choose the ideal option when there are so many?

The following is a summary of the essential elements to take into account when choosing the ideal VOXI SIM deal:

  • Data allowance. VOXI is renowned for its innovative data strategy, providing limitless data for social networking and occasionally video streaming on specific plans. However, you will still have a separate data allocation for regular browsing and downloads.
  • Contract flexibility. In contrast to conventional mobile networks, VOXI provides rolling 30-day plans. You have total control of your spending as there are no hidden costs, and you may change, terminate, or downgrade your plan whenever you like.
  • Speed. VOXI has great 4G coverage in the UK but also has access to Vodafone’s 5G network, which offers incredibly quick upload and download speeds for a flawless mobile experience (available with certain subscriptions).
  • Price. VOXI prides itself on offering competitive prices. Consider your budget and data needs to find the best value for money. Don't forget to factor in any potential savings from "VOXI Drops" when making your decision.
  • Roaming. Even though VOXI provides a few roaming choices, it's crucial to review the particulars of each plan before you travel. A plan with a sizable roaming limit or the option to increase roaming data as needed can be a smart choice for regular travellers.

What SIM-only deals does VOXI offer?

When it comes to deals with SIM alone, VOXI defies convention. VOXI offers a welcome option with an emphasis on flexibility and value, in contrast to traditional networks that offer fixed contracts and limited data allotment.

Here's a summary of the several kinds of deals that VOXI has to offer:

  • Unlimited data VOXI deals. Many popular social media apps and sometimes even video streaming services come with unlimited data in most VOXI subscriptions. So you won't have to worry about burning up your entire data allocation while streaming or gaming.
  • Unlimited Social+Music+Video deals: VOXI has several plans that offer unlimited browsing to social platforms and streaming for video providers like YouTube and Netflix.
  • 30-day VOXI deals. VOXI provides 30-day flexible rolling contracts that let users choose their plans every month. For individuals who wish to maintain flexibility and modify their plans based on their consumption patterns, these options are ideal.

VOXI SIM-only deals contract length

VOXI offers just 30-day flexible rolling contracts for its SIM-only plans. As mentioned above these contracts include various deals depending on what individual users want the most. And the best part? 5G is included in all of the 30-day plans.

However, if you are looking for a provider that offers longer contracts, it is better to look elsewhere for long-term SIM-only deals.

How to activate a VOXI SIM card

Are you eager to explore the world of customisable data plans with your VOXI SIM card? To help you get started, follow this short step-by-step guide:

  1. Insert your new VOXI card into the SIM card slot of your phone.
  2. If one is accessible, join a Wi-Fi network to guarantee a seamless activation procedure.
  3. On your smartphone, go to your chosen browser and check out the VOXI SIM activation website:
  4. You might need to provide identification to VOXI during the activation procedure. To finish this stage, follow the instructions, which can ask for personal data, such as your name, address, and birthdate.
  5. Verify that your VOXI SIM card has been activated after you have filled out all the required information and provided proof of identity.
  6. Restarting your phone or device will complete the activation procedure.
  7. After your device has rebooted, confirm that your VOXI SIM card is enabled and operating correctly by trying your connection with a call, text message, or web browser.

Can I use my VOXI SIM abroad?

Yes, it is possible to use your VOXI SIM card overseas. You can use your data, minutes, and texts while travelling overseas without any additional fees thanks to VOXIs free roaming service in 48 European countries.

VOXI provides a few roaming possibilities; however, confirm specifics prior to departure. There are two zones: Europe (needs a European Roaming Pass) and elsewhere (needs a Global Roaming Extra or credit top-up). Remember, roaming charges can add up quickly, so plan accordingly!

Does VOXI offer SIM plans for bad credit?

Absolutely! Credit checks are not performed by VOXI for its SIM-only plans. Hence, they are a great option for people with a bad credit history. Subscribing and using their services is simple and doesn't involve any lengthy contracts or credit checks.

Do you get 5G with VOXI SIM-only deals?

Yes, all VOXI SIM-only offers come with 5G access! With 5G SIM-only plans, you can access fast upload and download speeds, which are perfect for streaming, gaming, and instantaneous large file downloads. Remember that different places may have different availability of 5G coverage.

Which other networks offer good SIM plan alternatives?

Some other networks that offer good SIM plan alternatives include: