SIM-only deals let you enjoy convenient mobile phone service at a flexible cost. Wondering what the best Vodafone SIM-only deals are in 2024?

We’ve handpicked the finest Vodafone deals based on data allowance, contract length, and price. Keep reading to learn more.

List of Vodafone SIM-only deals


Is Vodafone a good network?

With so many providers in the UK offering good SIM-only deals, what makes Vodafone a great choice? Here are some reasons why we recommend Vodafone:

  • Coverage. Vodafone boasts extensive coverage, reaching over 99% of the UK population. Whether you're in bustling cities or remote areas, Vodafone ensures seamless connectivity for users nationwide.
  • Speed. Experience fast speeds on the Vodafone network, with average download speeds of around 26.4 Mbps. Enjoy smooth browsing, streaming, and downloading experiences, even during peak usage times.
  • Extras. Subscribers benefit from a range of enticing extras on Vodafone. Enjoy inclusive subscriptions to popular streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Prime, as well as global roaming in over 100 destinations worldwide.
  • Innovation. Vodafone's commitment to innovation is evident in its 5G network rollout. With blazing-fast internet speeds in key urban areas, Vodafone continues to lead the way in mobile technology advancements.

What are the benefits of Vodafone SIM-only deals?

Vodafone SIM deals offer a ton of benefits, including:

  • Unlimited calls and texts are included in all plans
  • Free subscriptions to streaming services on select contracts
  • 4G nationwide coverage and superfast 5G coverage in some zones
  • VeryMe customer rewards scheme offers freebies and discounts
  • Inclusive tethering allows use as a Personal Hotspot
  • Option to set pricing caps for budget control
  • Access to Wi-Fi calling and hotspots on London Underground
  • 12-month, 24-month, and short-term one-month plans available
  • All SIMs include 5G at no extra cost (NB: You must have a 5G phone to access it)
  • Extensive roaming zones in over 100 destinations for international travel
  • Large data allowances, from 20GB to unlimited data
  • Top-notch customer service for assistance and support

What to look for in a Vodafone SIM-only deals contract

There are essential factors to consider when choosing a Vodafone SIM-only contract. From data allowances to coverage and pricing, these are the key factors to consider for a tailored mobile experience:

  • Data allowance. Consider your data usage habits when selecting a Vodafone SIM deal. If you frequently watch videos or stream music, opt for a plan with a larger data allowance, like 100GB to avoid running out of data mid-month.
  • Coverage. Check Vodafone's coverage map to ensure that your area is well-covered. Signal strength and reliability are essential, especially in remote areas.
  • Speed. Look for plans with high-speed data access to enjoy seamless browsing, streaming, and downloading. Vodafone offers average speeds of around 26.4 Mbps, providing smooth connectivity for various online activities.
  • Price. Look at the contract length and additional benefits when assessing the overall cost. Find promotional deals or discounts that may lower your monthly bill, allowing you to save money without compromising on quality.
  • Roaming. If you travel frequently or plan to use your phone abroad, check out SIM-only contracts with inclusive roaming options. With Vodafone's extensive roaming zones, you can stay connected internationally without worrying about excessive charges.

What SIM-only deals does Vodafone offer?

When it comes to mobile plans, Vodafone offers a range of deals tailored to suit different needs and preferences. Here are the most popular deals:

  • Pay-as-you-go Vodafone deals. With this option, users can top up their accounts with credit and only pay for the minutes, texts, and data they use. With a pay-as-you-go plan, you don’t have to get a monthly contract.
  • 5G Vodafone deals. Vodafone offers many SIM-only plans, and all of them come with 5G available. With lightning-fast speeds and low latency, 5G opens up a world of possibilities for streaming, gaming, and downloading on the go.
  • 12-month Vodafone deals. For those seeking stability and long-term value, Vodafone's 12-month deals offer a balance between flexibility and commitment. Users can enjoy competitive rates and benefits without being tied down.

What's the best type of Vodafone SIM for me?

The best type of Vodafone SIM for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you value flexibility and control over your spending, a pay-as-you-go SIM may be ideal.

For those seeking high-speed internet and the latest technology, a 5G SIM offers lightning-fast connectivity. Alternatively, if you prefer stability and long-term value, a 12-month SIM provides competitive rates without the hassle of frequent renewals. Consider factors such as data usage, coverage needs, and budget constraints to determine the most suitable Vodafone SIM for your mobile needs.

What different types of contract lengths can you get with a Vodafone SIM-only deal?

Vodafone SIM-only deals offer flexibility with contract lengths, including 12-month and 24-month options. Check our list below for more information on what these plans offer customers.

  • Twelve-month SIM-only deals. Vodafone offers some of the best 12-month SIM-only deals. These plans come with unlimited minutes, texts, and data, and some even include roaming in various destinations.
  • Twenty-four-month SIM-only deals. Some of the current two-year contracts offer 3 months free. Apart from the generous data and call limits, Vodafone also offers roaming in 83 destinations worldwide.
  • 30-day SIM-only deals. There are several one-month SIM-only plans that offer unlimited data, minutes, and texts, including 5G availability free of charge. Vodafone caters for every budget.

Does Vodafone offer SIM plans for bad credit?

Yes, Vodafone does offer SIM plans for individuals with bad credit. While a credit check is typically required for postpaid plans, Vodafone also provides options for those with poor credit history through their SIM-only plans. These plans usually do not require a credit check, allowing individuals with bad credit to still enjoy mobile service without the worry of being declined.

However, the available options and features may vary compared to standard plans, so it's advisable to inquire directly with Vodafone about their specific offerings for customers with bad credit.

Can I keep my phone number if I switch to a Vodafone SIM-only deal?

You can easily keep your phone number when switching to a Vodafone SIM-only deal through a process called number porting. Simply request a PAC (Porting Authorization Code) from your current provider and give it to Vodafone when activating your new SIM. Vodafone will then initiate the transfer process, usually completing it within one working day.

During this time, you can continue using your old SIM until the transfer is complete. Once transferred, your phone number will be associated with your new Vodafone SIM, allowing you to seamlessly transition to your new plan without losing contact with friends, family, or colleagues.

Can I use a Vodafone SIM abroad?

Vodafone allows you to use your SIM card abroad through its inclusive roaming feature. Depending on your plan, you may be able to use your phone in over 100 destinations worldwide without incurring additional charges. This feature enables you to stay connected while travelling, whether for business or leisure, without worrying about hefty roaming fees.

However, it's essential to check your specific plan's terms and conditions to understand the roaming allowances and any associated costs. Additionally, be aware that roaming availability and destinations may vary depending on your plan and the country you're visiting.

Can I get 5G-enabled Vodafone SIMs?

Vodafone offers 5G-enabled SIM cards, allowing you to experience the benefits of next-generation mobile connectivity. With a 5G SIM-only deal, you can access lightning-fast internet speeds, low latency, and enhanced network reliability in areas where 5G coverage is available.

However, it's essential to check the coverage map to ensure that 5G is available in your area before purchasing a 5G-enabled SIM. Keep in mind you'll need a 5G-compatible device to fully utilize the capabilities of the 5G network.

Other networks providing SIM-only plans

Vodafone SIM-only deals are reliable. However, if you decide to try a different provider in the UK, there are plenty of networks with a range of products to suit your budget, mobile phone preferences, and data requirements. Here are some of them: