Finding the right ID Mobile SIM-only deal in can be a game-changer, especially with the ever-increasing demand for data and mobile services.

With a vast array of ID mobile SIM-only deals available, navigating contract lengths, data allowances, and potential hidden fees can be a challenge. This guide breaks down the complexities of iD Mobile plans and will help you find the best iD Mobile deals for your needs and budget.

List of ID Mobile SIM-only deals


Is iD Mobile a good network?

iD Mobile has some of the best SIM-only deals on the market. It rides on Three's network and is known for its fast 5G speeds and expanding coverage. This translates to the following benefits for iD Mobile customers:

  • Speedy connections. iD Mobile uses Three’s network so it offers 5G which is twice as fast as competitors. This enables you to download content faster, enjoy smoother streaming, and experience less lag while on the go.
  • Growing coverage. iD Mobile’s coverage might not be as mind-blowing as other networks, but the mobile provider is expanding to reach more areas.
  • Extras. iD Mobile SIM deals come with features like data rollover so that any left-over data can be carried to the next month. This is an effective approach if you don’t want to waste any data that your plan offers.
  • Competitive prices. iD Mobile is a phone service provider that offers cheap prices on its plans. Their SIM-only offers are affordable and provide a great opportunity for those who value quality but don't want to pay too much.

What are the benefits of an iD Mobile SIM-only deal?

iD Mobile SIM-only deals offer a compelling package for budget-minded mobile users. Here are the key benefits of acquiring one of these deals:

  • Experience superior download speeds, streaming, and gaming.
  • Get good value for money without sacrificing on data or minutes.
  • Carry your leftover data to the next month.
  • Access a growing network with wide coverage.
  • Get extras like free texts or data boosts.

What to look for in an iD Mobile SIM-only contract?

Finding the perfect iD Mobile SIM deal requires considering several factors. Here's a breakdown of the key aspects to keep in mind:

  • Data allowance. Determine which plan offers adequate data allocation by analysing your monthly data consumption. Choose the data plan that best meets your needs. To prevent data waste, don't forget to take advantage of data rollover if it is available.
  • Contract length. iD Mobile offers flexible contract lengths, such as 30-day plans and 12- and 24-month agreements. A 30-day plan would be best if you're looking for something short-term. Longer contracts, however, frequently have cheaper monthly payments.
  • Speed. iD Mobile uses Three's network, therefore in many places, you should be able to get strong 5G speeds. It is advisable to consult the coverage map to ascertain whether your location is covered by Three’s 5G network.
  • Price. iD Mobile is renowned for being reasonably priced. Examine several options and account for all monthly expenses, including any one-time costs. Keep in mind that if a plan has insufficient data or features, it may not always be the best deal.
  • Roaming. Think about roaming possibilities when travelling abroad. Roaming allowances may be included in some iD Mobile plans, while add-ons may be necessary for others.

What SIM-only deals does iD Mobile offer?

iD Mobile caters to various mobile usage needs with a range of SIM-only deals. Here's a breakdown of some key options:

  • Pay-as-you-go iD Mobile deals. Pay-as-you-go deals are for people who don't require a set monthly plan and prefer flexibility. iD Mobile offers are fantastic. Add the credit you need, and pay for the amount spent.
  • 5G iD Mobile deals. Use the Three 5G network to take advantage of 5G deals and experience the next generation of speeds. Enjoy quick downloads, better speed, and a smooth streaming or gaming experience.
  • 12-Month iD Mobile deals. With 12-month SIM-only deals, you can have both flexibility and an affordable plan. These deals need a one-year commitment but frequently have lower monthly pricing than shorter contracts.
  • iD Mobile unlimited data deals. For data-hungry users, iD Mobile offers unlimited data deals. For individuals who primarily depend on their phones for business and enjoyment, this feature allows them to stream, download, and browse without worrying about data restrictions.

Contract length types of iD Mobile SIM-only deals

iD Mobile SIM-only deals come in a variety of contract lengths to suit your needs:

  • 30-day rolling contracts. 30-day SIM-only deals offer maximum flexibility and allow you to change or cancel your plan at any time after the first month. They might have slightly higher costs per month compared to longer contracts.
  • 12-Month contracts. A good middle ground, these plans often provide a balance between affordability and commitment. You'll typically get a lower monthly price compared to a 30-day plan but you must commit for a year.
  • 24-Month contracts. 24-month contracts have the lowest prices but the longest commitment. That’s why you have to ensure the plan will be viable for you.

How to activate an iD Mobile SIM

Your iD Mobile SIM can be activated quickly and easily. This is what you must do:

  1. Keep the activation code — which is typically located on the SIM card packaging—as well as your phone and iD Mobile SIM card close at hand.
  2. Insert the SIM card only after you have shut down your phone.
  3. Locate the SIM tray. Usually, it's located on the back of your phone or on the side.
  4. Gently place the SIM card into the allotted slot, making sure to align it with the tray's orientation.
  5. Power your phone back on.
  6. Look for signal bars to appear on your screen. It may take a while to register to the network.
  7. Head over to in your phone's browser.
  8. Locate the "Activate SIM" section on the website.
  9. Input your activation code and any other required information.
  10. The website will guide you through any remaining steps specific to your plan.
  11. Once finished, you'll receive confirmation that your iD Mobile SIM is active.
  12. Try making a call to a friend or family member to ensure everything functions properly.

Can you use your iD Mobile SIM abroad?

Yes, but with restrictions! Included roaming is available in 50 locations in Europe, the EEA, and beyond with iD Mobile. This implies that you can use your data allotment (up to 30GB), minutes, and texts exactly as you would at home.

However, you'll probably have to pay expensive roaming fees if you go outside of these areas. It's always wise to check the iD Mobile website or app for the latest roaming charges and specific destinations before travelling.

Does iD Mobile offer SIM plans for bad credit?

iD Mobile primarily focuses on credit checks for phone contracts with bundled devices. However, for iD Mobile SIM-only deals, it often performs only a soft credit check. This makes these deals a potential option for those with bad credit.

iD Mobile also offers pay-as-you-go SIMs, which require no credit check at all, as you'll only pay for the data, minutes, and calls you use.

Can you get 5G-enabled iD Mobile SIMs?

Absolutely, as iD Mobile partners with Three. This network is a veteran in the mobile service field and can offer very good 5G speeds. Many iD Mobile’s SIM-only deals are already 5G-enabled, so you get to experience the newer generation of mobile speeds that will give you faster downloads and smoother streaming.

Be careful while you make a selection and ensure that the plan you opt for particularly mentions 5G compatibility to ensure you have access to this cutting-edge technology.

Which networks offer good SIM plan alternatives?

If you are still not sure whether you should go with iD Mobile, here are some providers offering good SIM-only deals too:

  • Three – Three boasts the UK's fastest 5G network and offers SIM plans with no data caps at no extra cost, ideal for users who engage in bandwidth-heavy activities.
  • Smarty – Another provider utilising Three's network, Smarty offers limited but very affordable SIM-only deals with straightforward pricing and data rollover.
  • GiffGaff – Among pay-as-you-go and SIM-only packages with different data allowances, this service has made it possible for customers to earn credit by helping each other on a general forum.
  • Virgin Media – If you are already with Virgin Media for broadband and television, you should know that it offers low-cost tariffs which just require a SIM. You can also get free unlimited data on some plans.
  • O2 – O2 is not just about SIM deals, but also about extra perks like exclusive access to concerts and discounts through their O2 Priority rewards scheme.