4G broadband deals in the UK (July 2024)

Are you trying to find a dependable internet connection without all the trouble of fixed lines? 4G broadband in the UK might be the solution. 4G uses mobile networks to provide internet connection to your home, providing an alternative to standard fixed-line broadband. Let's explore the UK's best 4G broadband deals and look at wireless connectivity, unlimited data plans, and different residential broadband packages.

Best 4G broadband deals:


What is 4G broadband?

Have you ever wondered how your phone gets such fast internet everywhere? It’s because of 4G, the fourth generation of mobile network and the predecessor of 5G. Increasingly, you can use that same speedy technology for affordable and reliable home internet, too!

4G broadband is also referred to as wireless broadband or 4G home broadband. It works with the same 4G mobile networks to bring the internet wirelessly to your home. Unlike regular broadband that needs cables, 4G broadband uses radio signals from cellular communication towers. This means you don't need to arrange – and wait for – any technician visits or cable installations.

Things to consider when getting a 4G broadband

Here are some key things to consider before utilising wireless internet to guarantee a fulfilling experience:

  • Device compatibility. Ensure all your devices and home Wifi routers are compatible with your selected provider's 4G network frequency. You can easily verify this with the provider by visiting their website. Most of them provide a compatibility checker.
  • Coverage area. 4G relies on cell towers to deliver your internet connection. So, just like your mobile phone signal, it's vital to check the coverage strength in your area.
  • Data plans. 4G broadband plans come with varying data allowances, exactly like your mobile phone plan. Consider your internet usage habits. Select a plan that best suits your needs and has a suitable amount of data. To avoid going over your limit and paying more.
  • Speed. 4G offers decent speeds. But speed can vary depending on your location and network congestion. Check the download and upload speeds of different plans. If you're a heavy internet user, prioritise plans with higher speeds for a smoother experience.
  • Contract terms. As with any contract, take a close look at the terms and conditions before signing up. This includes the contract length, any upfront fees, and, most importantly, early termination charges.

Coverage and data speed of 4G broadband

The performance and dependability of 4G broadband services mostly depend on network coverage and data speed. In this case, "coverage" refers to the geographical region the service can reach and guarantees continuous connectivity. Your internet activities, such as downloading or streaming, are influenced by data speed. That represents the pace of data transfers.

When utilising 4G broadband, users can expect fast upload and download rates and extensive coverage in urban as well as rural areas. This high speed and wide availability facilitates internet access for a range of online activities.

Which providers offer 4G broadband?

Various providers are offering 4G broadband deals in the UK. The top providers include:

  • EE. Offers a reliable 4G connection in the UK. EE takes pride in offering the fastest download speeds for 4G broadband.
  • Vodafone. Vodafone offers great 4G broadband coverage in the UK and is known for its coverage and dependability.
  • BT. BT also offers reliable 4G speed at highly reasonable rates.