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Best internet providers in the UK

If you’re a UK resident and are still wondering which broadband option is the best, we’ve got you covered. For this article, we looked into the market of UK internet providers, testing their performance, pricing, and customer satisfaction. Whether you're a remote worker, an avid streamer, or a casual internet surfer, our guide will help you to navigate the choices and make an informed decision before getting the best broadband deals in the UK in 2024.

Start with the UK’s best value broadband and get a blazing fast connection with 38Mbps or 72Mbps download speeds, a 12-month contract with no early termination fee. Grab the plan and start with a £12/month, with no setup costs!
Plusnet offers competitive speeds up to 900Mb for UK residents. It’s made to suit any home and multiple devices – from just £24.99 a month, you get cash-saving perks. Sign up now for a 12, 18, or 24-month contract and a free setup.
Get the Virgin Media M125 Fibre Broadband plan with average speeds of 132Mbps and unlimited downloads. An 18-month contract comes with a reliable Virgin Media Wi-Fi Hub, exclusive perks, and only £26.50/month with no upfront costs!
With EE’s Fibre 36 Essentials Broadband plan, you get a 30Mpbs speed guarantee, a Smart Hub router, easy setup, and no upfront costs. Sign up for a 24-month for £28/month – no home phone service required!
Boost your internet experience with various TalkTalk packages and speeds, plus handy extras. Enjoy unlimited usage and a reliable Wi-Fi Hub that is easy to set up on your own. Packages start at just £26.95/month for an 18-month contract!
Sign up for an exclusive BT Fibre 2 Broadband plan and get ultrafast speeds (67Mb on average), and free access to BT Wi-Fi hotspots. Prices start at £29.99/month for a 24-month contract and there are no upfront costs!
With average speeds of 36Mb, 1n 18-month contract, and £0 setup fees, Sky will let you get the most out of the Superfast 35 Broadband plan. Prices start from £29.50/month and the deal applies to new customers only.
Get unlimited Full Fibre 150 broadband, ideal for heavy downloaders, students, or families sharing their connection! No fair usage policy or traffic management. Sign up for an 18-month contract for just £19.99/month.
NOW Super Fibre plan boasts average download speeds of 63Mbps, £0 activation, and £10 delivery fee, unlimited downloads, a line rental, and more. Prices start at £24/month for a 12-month contract. Speeds may vary by location.
For only £22.99/month, get Shell Energy’s Superfast Fibre plan with average speeds of 38Mbps, a new Wi-Fi 6 hub, and unlimited usage. There are no activation charges. The offer applies for an 18-month contract.

How to choose the best broadband deal?

With so many providers and packages available, selecting the best broadband deal can be tricky. Whether you rely on it for gaming, streaming, or managing smart home services, to ensure you make the most informed decision, consider the following key factors:

  • Speed requirements. Begin by thinking about your internet usage. Do you mainly browse the web and check emails, or do you frequently stream high-definition content or engage in online gaming? Different activities demand varying speeds. As a general guideline, standard browsing requires around 10-25 Mbps, while 4K streaming and gaming broadband may need 50 Mbps or more.
  • Data limits. Some providers impose data limits on your usage. If you're a heavy internet user, opting for an unlimited data plan is a wise choice to avoid unexpected overage charges.
  • Contract length. Broadband contracts typically range from 12 to 24 months. Consider your long-term plans and flexibility needs. Shorter contracts may offer greater freedom but could come at a higher monthly cost.
  • Cost and discounts. Compare the costs and any introductory discounts offered by providers. Be sure to keep in mind the installation fees and equipment costs.
  • Bundles. Some providers offer bundled services, including TV and phone. If you need these services, bundling can often save you money.
  • Availability. Confirm that the provider services your specific location and check their network coverage in your area.

How do I know which broadband is best in my area?

The best UK broadband for your area should offer consistent and high-speed internet access, ideally matching or exceeding your specific usage requirements, whether for streaming, gaming, or work. It should come from a reliable provider with a track record of minimal downtime and responsive customer support.

Moreover, the best broadband deal should align with your budget, offering competitive pricing and transparent terms without hidden fees or restrictive contracts. Ultimately, the best broadband in your area should strike the right balance between speed, reliability, affordability, and customer satisfaction.

Which types of broadband are available in the UK?

The United Kingdom offers a diverse landscape of broadband options, catering to a wide range of connectivity needs. Whether you're seeking blazing-fast speeds, flexibility, or connectivity on the go, there's a broadband solution for you. This guide explores the primary types of broadband available across the UK, including Fibre Optic Broadband and Mobile Broadband, shedding light on their key features and benefits.

Fibre Optic Broadband

Fibre Optic Broadband, often simply called fibre, is the gold standard for high-speed internet in the UK. This technology relies on optical fibers to transmit data at incredibly fast speeds. It's known for its reliability, low latency, and capacity to handle bandwidth-intensive tasks like streaming and online gaming. With various providers offering fibre broadband, it's a top choice for those who demand consistent, high-quality internet performance.

Fibre Optic Broadband can be set up on a variety of devices, as it primarily involves connecting to a router or a modem that’s compatible with fibre optic technology (desktop computers, laptops, phones, smart TVs, and more).

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband is a flexible solution that allows you to stay connected on the go. It leverages cellular networks, making it an excellent option for those in need of internet access while traveling or in areas where fixed-line connections are limited. Mobile broadband is accessible through MiFi devices or by using a smartphone as a hotspot. While it offers mobility and convenience, it may not match the speed and data allowances of fixed-line options, making it best suited for light internet usage or as a secondary connectivity solution.

Bottom line

In conclusion, the UK’s broadband market offers a multitude of services to meet various connectivity needs. While both Fibre Optic and Mobile Broadband have their unique pros, our top recommendation for users looking for an unbeatable combo of high-speed performance, reliability, and widespread coverage is Vodafone. Their commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology, stellar customer support, and competitive pricing places them at the top of the broadband market in the UK.

Regardless of your internet requirements, Vodafone stands out as the ultimate choice to ensure a seamless online experience.

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