Broadband only deals in the UK (April 2024)

Are you searching for the top broadband-only deals in the UK for April 2024? You’ve come to the right place. We've spent the last 96 hours researching and testing the most reliable and cheap internet providers and laser-focused our options based on factors like speed, data usage, and contract length.

We understand the importance of uninterrupted connectivity, whether you're working remotely, streaming, or simply browsing. Our guide helps you find the best broadband-only deals to meet your needs so that you can access your virtual services, banking apps, and communication tools without hassle.

With our comprehensive research, you can confidently choose a deal that offers reliable connectivity without the need for a landline or bundled services.

Dive into lightning-fast 132Mb speeds, perfect for seamless streaming and gaming experiences. Enjoy unlimited downloads without the hassle of setup costs, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. Stay connected on a flexible 18-month contract for just £26.50/month, providing exceptional value and reliability for your broadband needs.
Immerse yourself in blazing 100Mb speeds, ideal for smooth browsing and seamless streaming of your favorite content. With a nominal setup fee of £9.95, enjoy unlimited downloads and hassle-free connectivity. Stay connected effortlessly for £24.00/month on an accommodating 18-month contract, offering unbeatable performance and affordability.
Experience smooth surfing, streaming, and gaming on reliable 66Mb speeds with Plusnet. Enjoy unlimited downloads and no setup cost. Stay connected for just £26.99/month on a 24-month contract, offering exceptional value for your broadband needs. Plusnet ensures seamless connectivity and affordability for your online activities.
Dive into ultra-fast 152Mb speeds for seamless streaming and gaming. With unlimited downloads and zero setup cost, TalkTalk offers unbeatable value at £28.00/month on an 18-month contract. Experience reliable connectivity without breaking the bank.
Experience lightning-fast 100Mb speeds with Vodafone's unlimited downloads. Enjoy the convenience of zero setup cost and seamless connectivity on a 24-month contract, priced at just £29.00/month. Vodafone offers exceptional performance and value, ensuring a hassle-free broadband experience tailored to your needs.
Enjoy seamless streaming, gaming, and browsing on BT's reliable 50Mb speeds, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. With unlimited downloads and a one-off cost of £11.99, BT offers exceptional value. Stay connected effortlessly for just £29.99/month on a flexible 24-month contract, experiencing reliable broadband without compromise.
Immerse yourself in blazing-fast 500Mb speeds for seamless streaming and gaming. With unlimited downloads and no setup cost, Plusnet delivers exceptional performance. Stay connected for £40.99/month on a 24-month contract and enjoy unparalleled speed and reliability for your broadband needs.
Experience unmatched speed with lightning-fast 910Mb connectivity and unlimited downloads. Enjoy hassle-free setup with zero one-off cost on a 24-month contract for just £39.00/month. Vodafone ensures reliable connectivity and exceptional performance for your broadband requirements.
Get ready for lightning-fast 516Mb speeds with Virgin Media's seamless streaming and gaming experience. Benefit from unlimited monthly downloads and no setup cost, offering unbeatable value. Stay connected for £33.00/month on an 18-month contract, ensuring reliable connectivity without compromise. Virgin Media delivers exceptional broadband performance tailored to your needs.
Enjoy fast 944Mb speeds with Shell Energy Broadband. Benefit from unlimited monthly downloads and an 18-month contract, perfect for avid streamers and gamers. With no phone line required and a one-off cost, enjoy seamless connectivity for just £49.99 per month, experiencing unparalleled speed and reliability for your online activities.

What do broadband-only deals mean?

Broadband-only deals refer to internet packages that solely provide access to broadband services without bundled extras like TV or phone. Essentially, you're subscribing to internet connectivity alone. For instance, you might need internet access for streaming movies or playing online games only.

Instead of paying for additional services you don't need, broadband-only deals offer a straightforward solution tailored to your internet requirements. It's like ordering a pizza without extra toppings – you get exactly what you need without any unnecessary frills.

Which providers offer broadband-only deals?

Things to consider when getting a broadband-only deal

Before you pick an internet provider for your broadband deals, there are crucial factors to consider if you want to get the best value and service.

  • Data usage. Consider your internet habits and how much data you typically consume. If you stream HD videos or play online games frequently, you'll likely need a plan with unlimited data to avoid overage charges.
  • Availability. Check the availability of broadband providers in your area. Not all providers offer coverage everywhere, so ensure that your desired provider serves your location to avoid disappointment.
  • Bundles. While broadband-only deals exclude extras like TV or phone services, some providers offer additional perks like streaming subscriptions or Wi-Fi equipment. Evaluate these bundles to determine if they align with your needs and budget.
  • Contract length. Review the length of the contract associated with the broadband deal. Shorter contracts offer more flexibility but may come with higher monthly costs, while longer contracts often provide better value but require a longer commitment.

How does no landline broadband work?

No landline broadband utilizes a direct connection from the provider's network to your home, bypassing the need for a traditional telephone line. Instead, it relies on technologies like cable, fiber optic, or mobile networks to deliver internet access. For instance, cable broadband uses coaxial cables to transmit data, while fiber optic broadband uses light signals through optical fibers. Mobile broadband utilizes cellular networks to provide internet access. These options offer fast and reliable internet without the need for a landline connection, making them ideal for those who prefer not to have a traditional phone service.

Bundles vs. broadband-only deals

Bundles typically combine multiple services, such as broadband, TV, and phone, into a single package, offering convenience and potential cost savings. Broadband-only deals, however, provide standalone internet access without additional services.

Advantages of bundles

  • Cost savings with combined services
  • Convenience of managing multiple services together
  • Access to additional features like TV channels
  • Potential discounts for bundling services
  • Simplified billing with one provider

Advantages of broadband-only deals:

  • Flexibility to choose a standalone internet service
  • Avoid paying for services not needed
  • No requirement for additional equipment
  • Easier comparison of standalone internet plans
  • Potential for lower overall cost compared to bundles