Sky Broadband Deals in 2024

Sky offers a wide selection of competitive broadband deals across the UK for new and existing customers. With speeds ranging from 36Mbps to 900Mbps, customers can go for broadband-only deals or bundle with Sky's acclaimed TV packages like Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream – and landline service.

In this guide, we evaluate today's Sky deals, comparing speeds, prices and features from other providers to see if Sky offers the best broadband value. We'll also look into the different types of Sky broadband deals, what to consider when comparing Sky broadband deals with others, the benefits of Sky broadband, and more.

List of Sky Broadband deals:


Sky Broadband's key points

  • Sky offers bundled packages with broadband, TV, phone, and mobile deals to simplify your services and payments into one monthly fee.
  • Stream on the go with the Sky Go app.
  • Subscribers can customise their plans by adding or removing premium features to suit changing needs.
  • TV packages include discounted access to the Sky Q set-top box with a huge on-demand catalogue of over 500 Sky Originals and box sets.
  • Get exclusive blockbuster HBO content on the Sky Atlantic channel package.
  • Stream Netflix and Disney Plus without switching apps for ultimate convenience.
  • Sky guarantees fast speeds of up to 900 Mbps, depending on the deal selected – with a 4K sports and events feed.
  • Broadband contracts are for an 18-month term.

Types of Sky Broadband deals

Sky offers a variety of bundled packages so customers can choose the right services for their needs. The major options are broadband-only, TV and broadband, broadband and home phone, or a package with all three services.

Sky broadband-only deals

With broadband-only deals, you get the core function of great internet without paying for television or other extras. Sky's broadband utilises fibre-optic and copper cabling to deliver fast and reliable speeds for activities like streaming, gaming, and working from home. All Sky Broadband packages offer Sky Broadband Boost with a Wi-Fi Guarantee for reliable coverage in every room or your money back. Plus, you can get 50% off selected broadband-only plans.

Sky broadband and phone deals

This option lets you choose your preferred broadband package and pair it with Sky Talk phone services. These plans include free unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles as standard. You can also add extra calling features as you need them – things like anytime minutes or international calling.

That said, Sky Talk comes in three tiers:

  • Evenings & Weekend – with free UK calls at specific times
  • Anytime Extra – for any time, unlimited UK calls
  • International Extra – for unlimited UK and international calls to 50 destinations

Sky broadband and TV deals

Bundling broadband with a TV package gives you Sky's acclaimed digital television alongside a reliable internet connection. TV plans grant access to hundreds of entertainment, sports, movie and news channels. Popular add-ons include premium channels like Sky Atlantic and Sky Cinema or comprehensive sports coverage with Sky Sports. This flexibility makes it easy to customise a TV and internet plan to match your interests.

Sky broadband, TV and phone deals

Sky offers triple-play bundles with broadband, home phone, and the full range of Sky's digital TV programming in one package. As such, you can combine all key communication services while taking advantage of Sky's discounted integrated pricing.

Things to consider when comparing Sky broadband deals with others

Sky Broadband has some very appealing offers, with high-speed internet, entertainment bundles, and extra benefits. But before you decide if Sky Broadband is the best fit for your digital lifestyle, you should consider the following key factors:

  • Speed. When choosing a broadband deal, accurately assess your speed requirements. Sky targets power users with deals like Gigafast's 900 Mbps speeds. However, lighter users and small households can get by very comfortably with less. Consider factors like simultaneous streaming, gaming, and connected devices to identify the optimal plan for your unique online activities.
  • Budget. While Sky's offerings are among the priciest, they pack in heaps of value, especially if you need high-speed broadband as well as a comprehensive TV bundle. But value is subjective, so ensure the package you choose aligns with your needs and financial comfort zone, without paying for unnecessary extras.
  • Installation fee and upfront cost. The initial expenses, such as installation fees and upfront costs, can vary significantly between providers. Some may offer free installation and no upfront costs, tipping the scales in their favour.
  • Anticipate price adjustments. A common practice across providers is the introduction of price hikes upon the conclusion of the initial contract term, typically 18 months with Sky. Investigating the anticipated increase and evaluating its affordability within your budget will spare you future headaches.
  • Contract length. Shorter contracts ensure flexibility if you decide to move but are generally pricier month-to-month. On the other hand, extended contracts offer savings but tie you down longer.
  • Bundles. Sky Broadband's allure often lies in its bundled extras, combining broadband with TV and streaming subscriptions. While enticing, it's critical to evaluate the practicality of these add-ons. Will they enhance your digital experience, or are they likely to remain underused features of your package?
  • Compare providers. Don’t let loyalty curb your curiosity. The broadband market is competitive, with providers constantly updating their deals to attract new customers. Take your time to compare Sky’s offerings with what others have on the table. Focus on prices, speeds, and any add-ons. Tools like broadband comparison websites can simplify this process and help you find the best cheap broadband deals.
  • Customer support. The backbone of any good broadband deal is reliable customer service. Sky's reputation could be a deciding factor, but you’ll also want to weigh this established historical strength against other providers' current testimonials and ratings.

Benefits of Sky broadband

Choosing a broadband service will hinge on an ISP's unique advantages, which can significantly influence your final decision. Here are the key benefits of choosing Sky broadband:

  • Unlimited data. Sky offers “truly unlimited” downloads without speed caps or traffic management – great for large households or heavy users.
  • Complete entertainment package. By combining TV, broadband, and phone services (with the option to include mobile deals), Sky presents a streamlined solution for all your entertainment needs. This convenience, potentially accompanied by cost savings, makes for an appealing package.
  • Excellent TV options. Sky's expansive range of TV channels, including premium sports and movies, deliver top-tier home entertainment through innovative boxes like Sky Q.
  • Sky Boost extras. Options like Sky Boost provide perks like evening engineer visits, daily line checks, and screen time control via the Sky Broadband Buddy app.
  • Powerful Wi-Fi coverage. The Sky Q Hub is one of the best routers that provides strong and fast wireless connections – ensuring smooth streaming around your home.
  • Reliable network. As part of Openreach’s broadband network, Sky taps into the UK's most extensive fibre and cable infrastructure to deliver ultrafast internet speeds.
  • Switching incentives. If you're switching from another network user like BT or TalkTalk, Sky's offer to contribute towards any cancellation fees makes the transition smooth and more affordable.
  • Excellent customer service. Sky consistently ranks among the top ISPs for the fewest complaints and highest satisfaction in Ofcom reports, thanks to its reliable customer support.

Sky broadband speeds

Sky Broadband offers a wide range of packages to suit different needs, with advertised average speeds spanning 36Mbps to an impressive 900Mbps with their Gigafast offering. However, the availability of their fastest deals depends heavily on your location.

While most households in the UK can access decent speeds up to 145Mbps thanks to fibre technology, rural areas, in particular, may be limited to slower broadband packages that use ADSL technology to deliver internet to your home.

It's therefore critical to check serviceability for your specific postcode to see which speeds are achievable, as real-world performance can deviate substantially from advertised averages.

With careful package selection and location assessment, Sky can deliver broadband speeds on par with or exceeding the current UK average of 69.4Mbps (as of March 2023, according to Ofcom).

Here’s a quick overview of Sky’s broadband deals currently available for new customers – each with varying average speeds.

Broadband packageAverage download speeds
Sky Broadband Superfast 3536Mbps
Sky Broadband Superfast61Mbps
Sky Broadband Full Fibre 100100Mbps
Sky Broadband Ultrafast145Mbps
Sky Broadband Ultrafast Plus500Mbps
Sky Broadband Gigafast900Mbps

Sky Broadband deals prices

While not the cheapest, Sky Broadband delivers value with reliable internet and premier access to top-tier TV content. The table below shows the current prices of the most popular Sky broadband deals.

Sky Broadband dealAverage speedsDownloadsMonthly price (prices may change during the contract term)Upfront costContract duration
Sky Broadband Superfast 3536MbpsUnlimited£38£518 months
Superfast 35 Broadband with Sky Stream, Sky Entertainment and Netflix36MbpsUnlimited£61£018 months
Sky Broadband Superfast 61MbpsUnlimited£27£518 months
Sky Superfast Broadband with Sky Stream, Sky Entertainment and Netflix 61MbpsUnlimited£38£018 months
Sky Broadband Full Fibre 100100MbpsUnlimited£27£518 months
Sky Broadband Full Fibre 100 with Sky Stream, Sky Entertainment and Netflix100MbpsUnlimited£38£018 months
Sky Broadband Ultrafast145MbpsUnlimited£29£518 months
Sky Broadband Ultrafast +Wifi Max145MbpsUnlimited£32£518 months
Sky Broadband Ultrafast Plus500MbpsUnlimited£32£518 months
Sky Ultrafast Plus Broadband with Sky Stream, Sky Entertainment and Netflix 500MbpsUnlimited£44£018 months
Sky Broadband Gigafast900MbpsUnlimited£42£518 months
Sky Broadband Gigafast with Sky Stream, Entertainment and Netflix900MbpsUnlimited£54£018 months

Sky broadband installation

Getting started with Sky Broadband is smooth, provided you have an active phone line. Self-installation kits allow most customers to set up the service themselves without an engineer’s visit.

However, it's important to note that fibre packages require establishing a dedicated fibre-optic connection. As such, Sky will advise if an engineer’s visit is needed based on your home's requirements. Similarly, bundling broadband with Sky TV services like Sky Q requires the installation of a satellite dish, which an engineer does.

While Sky will often waive your installation fees, confirming all upfront costs is vital when you sign up for a plan. This precaution helps you guard against surprises, as extra charges can apply depending on the broadband package and seasonal promotions.

Security tips for using Sky broadband deals

To enhance security while using Sky broadband deals, consider the following tips:

  • Activate Sky Broadband Shield. This tool provides advanced protection against viruses, phishing, and malware through firewall and browser safeguards.
  • Set age ratings. Utilise the age rating settings (PG, 13, 18) to control the content accessible through your broadband connection, tailoring it to the appropriate age group.
  • Enable safe search. This security feature blocks explicit results from search engines, protecting younger users.
  • Customise website restrictions. Allow or block specific sites or categories you want to block or allow.
  • Parental controls. Use parental control settings to ensure that only appropriate content is accessible across the various devices connected to your Sky broadband, especially for children.
  • Stay informed. Ensure you regularly check for security updates to protect your online experience.

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