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Broadband and home phone deals

Reliable broadband and home phone services are more than simple conveniences – they’re essential for connection to our modern world, whether that’s for work, entertainment, or staying in touch with loved ones.

To make the most of these services and save on costs, many providers offer bundled deals that combine broadband and home phone. These bundles are great for those who want cost savings, the convenience of a single provider, and regularly use both services.

In this guide, we'll explore the key benefits of broadband and home phone bundles, discuss why adding a phone to your broadband might be a smart move, and highlight the main factors to consider when choosing the best deals. We’ll make sure you make the best choice without getting bogged down in technical details.

Best broadband and home phone deals


How do broadband and phone deals work?

Broadband and phone deals offer a combination of internet and home phone services in one package, providing a convenient and often cost-effective solution. These packages typically include broadband for your internet needs and a landline for phone calls, all for a single monthly fee.

Choosing a broadband and phone bundle can save you money compared to buying these services separately. Many providers offer discounts on bundled plans, making them an attractive option if you need both internet and phone services. Plus, having both services with one provider can simplify billing and customer support.

If you’ve settled on not needing a home phone, there are plenty of great broadband without landline deals available.

If you're considering a broadband and phone bundle, this guide will cover the benefits and key factors to consider when choosing a plan. Read on to find out how to select the right package for you.

Reasons to add home phone to your broadband

Here are some situations where a broadband and phone bundle might make the most sense for certain users:

  • Poor mobile signal. Your mobile phone can often lose signal at home, and a broadband and phone package provides a reliable alternative for voice calls. You won't have to worry about dropped calls or weak reception.
  • Frequent international calls. If you regularly call family, friends, or business contacts overseas, these bundles often come with discounted rates for international dialing, helping you save money on long-distance communication.
  • Daily use of a home phone. For those who still rely on a landline for everyday communication, a broadband and phone bundle offers convenience. You can streamline your billing and manage both services under one contract, reducing complexity.

These points illustrate when a broadband and phone package could be a good fit. Keep reading to explore additional factors to consider when choosing a deal.

Providers that offer broadband together with phone service


Vodafone boasts extensive coverage, reaching up to 97% of UK households using the country’s Openreach network, offering a variety of broadband speeds to suit different needs. Determining the appropriate speed for your broadband largely depends on your internet usage.

Vodafone's broadband packages can be bundled with Anytime Landline and Mobile Calls, which lets users get unlimited calls to standard UK landlines and mobiles from their home phone. They’ll also be able to take advantage of Evening and Weekend Calls to standard UK landlines – between 7 PM-7 AM.

Starting at an extra £5 a month, you can get 300 minutes to call select international destinations.


You'll enjoy reliable internet connectivity, unlimited phone calls within the UK, and access to Sky's extensive entertainment options, making this a well-rounded package. It boasts around 97% coverage in the UK, and you can also make use of add-ons to access cheap international calling from your landline.

When you sign up for a Sky broadband package, the standard offering includes Sky's Pay As You Talk service, allowing you to keep a landline without any extra charges unless you actually use it. This is ideal for those who rely primarily on mobile phones.

However, if you make frequent landline calls, adding a Sky Talk package to your 18-month broadband plan isn’t a bad idea. Sky offers three main Talk options: Talk Evenings & Weekends, which provides unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles between 7 PM - 7 AM on weekdays and all day on weekends, with a per-minute charge during weekday business hours; Talk Anytime, with unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles at any time of day; and Talk International, which extends the unlimited calls to UK numbers all day, every day, along with coverage to 50 other countries.

Each package caters to different calling habits, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.


BT's broadband and phone bundles deliver reliable connections with average speeds exceeding 67 Mbps, making them ideal for a range of online activities. Available in around 97% of the country and boasting around 10 million customers, BT offers a variety of home phone packages that you can add to your broadband plan. The most basic package, Pay As You Go, comes with a small monthly fee, allowing you to make calls to UK landlines and mobiles at a flat rate per minute at any time.

If you're looking for unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles, the Unlimited Minutes package has you covered, though it comes with a higher monthly cost. For those with international connections, the Friends & Family International plan provides discounted rates for calls to over 200 countries, while International Freedom offers fully inclusive calls to landlines in 36 countries and mobiles in five, with cheaper rates to 199 other destinations.

Each package caters to different needs, letting you choose the best fit for your communication style. It also comes with BT Protect, which helps block nuisance calls.

Virgin Media

The 18-month contract provides a cost-effective broadband and phone bundle, with the added benefits of inclusive calls, reliable connectivity, and access to Virgin Media's wide range of entertainment options. Unlimited international calling is available, though it doesn’t use the UK’s Openreach network, meaning it’s only available in about 56% of the country.

Virgin Media offers a selection of home phone plans tailored for those who frequently connect with friends and family. Their packages come with standard options, beginning with Weekend Chatter, which includes unlimited calls on weekends with a 60-minute limit per call. Weekday calls are charged at a standard rate.

The Evening & Weekend Chatter plan expands coverage with unlimited calls on weekends and between 7 PM and 7 AM on weekdays. For those seeking more flexibility, the Anytime Chatter package offers unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles 24/7. If your calls extend internationally, the International Anytime Chatter plan provides unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles, plus inclusive minutes for calling over 50 other countries.

Things to consider when choosing a broadband and home phone deal

Before committing to a home phone and broadband bundle, it's essential to consider various factors to ensure you're getting the best value and service.

  • Landline usage. Assess your landline usage patterns to determine if bundling with broadband is cost-effective. If you frequently make long-distance or international calls, bundling with line rental may offer significant savings compared to standalone landline services.
  • Price. Compare the overall cost of bundled services with purchasing each service separately. Bundles, such as broadband and TV, often come with discounted rates or special offers, providing potential savings on monthly bills.
  • Internet speed and data usage. Evaluate your internet usage habits, including streaming, gaming, and downloading. Choose a broadband package with speeds and data allowances that align with your usage patterns to avoid overage charges or slow connections.
  • Contract length. Consider the length of the contract carefully. Longer contracts may offer better deals upfront but could limit your flexibility in the long run. Shorter contracts provide more flexibility but may come with higher monthly costs.
  • Additional services. You may want to consider any additional services or perks included in the bundle, such as TV streaming subscriptions or home security features, to maximize the value of your bundle.

Pros and cons of broadband and phone landline deals

Let’s quickly highlight the pros and cons of committing to a broadband bundle deal:

Broadband and phone landline pros:

  • Savings with discounts and bundles. Broadband and phone deals often come with discounted rates compared to purchasing services separately, offering significant cost savings over time. Many providers also offer incentives such as gift cards, vouchers, or free gadgets to entice customers, adding further value to the package.
  • Convenience of a single bill. Bundling broadband and phone services eliminates the need to manage multiple contracts and payments separately, streamlining the process and reducing administrative burden.
  • Streamlined setup process. Providers typically offer straightforward installation processes for bundled services, minimizing disruption and ensuring a smooth transition for customers.

Broadband and phone landline cons:

  • Limited flexibility due to long contracts
  • Risk of paying for unused services

Can I add a TV to the bundle?

A broadband, phone, and TV bundle allows you to combine three services into one single monthly bill. The UK's leading TV providers, such as Sky, BT, and Virgin Media, also offer broadband, which makes it easy to choose a joint package if you're a regular viewer of pay TV. You can also nab TV services through Vodaphone.

Though these bundled packages can come with a higher monthly cost, they're often more affordable than purchasing broadband and TV services separately from different providers.

TV content can be delivered in various ways, whether through satellite, cable, or streaming over broadband, which may require installation if it's your first time using that technology. However, with broadband speeds continually improving, it's now possible to stream premium television content via broadband connections.

This advancement makes setting up your TV package simpler and potentially more cost-effective, reducing the need for extra equipment and installation work. It's an attractive option for those seeking convenience and flexibility in their entertainment choices.

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