Best broadband and phone deals including line rental (2024)

When looking for the best broadband and phone deal with line rental, bundling both services can save money. Market-leading providers often offer discounts when combining home phones with broadband. While options may be somewhat limited, choosing a bundled package simplifies the process. In this article, you’ll find the best broadband and phone deals, including line rental, and how to choose the right one for you.

This all-in-one Vodafone plan has unlimited broadband and download speeds averaging 67Mbps + pay-as-you-go phone deals. Prices start at £24/month. Line rental is free for customers who are new or upgrading to fibre broadband.
Plusnet offers competitive speeds for UK residents and is made to suit any household – from just £25.99/month. You also get line rental (calls cost – per minute) with an 18 or 24-month contract. Sign up now and get a free setup.
Enjoy average speeds of 132Mbps, unlimited broadband, and no setup costs. Line rental and unlimited inclusive calls are all included in the monthly cost as well. The plan starts at £34/month.
EE offers a range of plans with ultra-fast speeds of 900Mbps. You can add optional call plans to your broadband package, including Anytime calls to UK landlines and mobiles or Anytime UK and International Calls. Contracts range from 12 to 24 months.
With TalkTalk Fast Broadband, you get average speeds of 11Mbps, unlimited downloads, and free calls between TalkTalk users. You can opt for unlimited UK mobile and landline calls if you need. Snag this deal for only £26.95/month now.
Sign up for BT Broadband and get ultra-fast speeds (67Mbps on average) and a Home Phone with a pay-as-you-go plan. If you have broadband and calls package, landline is included in your package price. Prices start from £31.99/month.
Get Sky's super-fast broadband now and enjoy game-changing speeds! All of Sky broadband deals come with a basic landline connection already included. You can pay for calls as you go or upgrade to add inclusive minutes. Prices start from £29/month.
NOW Broadband is delivered via Openreach phone lines, and all its packages come with landline included. 63Mbps average download speeds, a 12-month contract, and £10 setup fees. The plan starts from £24/month – don’t miss out!
With Shell Energy’s Superfast Fibre package, you get broadband, including line rental costs for your landline, speeds up to 38Mbps, a new Wi-Fi 6 hub, and no activation fees. The bundle prices start at £24.99/month for an 18-month contract.

How to pick broadband and phone deals with free line rental?

Navigating broadband provider jargon and hidden fees can be frustrating. In the following sections, we will list the key points to look for when nabbing the perfect broadband and phone package, complete with free calls and savings.


Look at these key points before selecting the broadband provider:

  • Speed. Internet-heavy users (streaming, gaming, downloads) should aim for fiber optic broadband with 34Mbps minimum, and consider 60Mbps for multiple users. For browsing or emailing, standard broadband may be sufficient (10-20 Mbps). Check advertised vs guaranteed speeds.
  • Data limits. Unlimited data is ideal for customers who use the connection for data-heavy internet activities. Limited plans can work for light users if usage fits within the cap.
  • Contract length. Longer contracts often have lower monthly rates but commit you for longer. Shorter contracts offer flexibility but may be pricier. Set up your preferred contract length and then check the available deals.
  • Cost. Compare monthly fees, upfront costs (setup, router), and potential price rises. Factor in bundled deals (broadband + TV, phone) if beneficial.
  • Extras. Check for any free perks like free line rental, cashback, or bonus features (security, parental controls).
  • Provider. Another big factor to consider. Check the provider’s reliability, customer service reviews, and availability in your area.
  • Hidden fees. Read all terms carefully for extra charges (early termination fees and more).


Here are the main attributes to consider when looking for phone deals and landlines:

  • Calling habits. Think about your average usage – there is an unlimited plan for chatty folks, minutes or pay-as-you-go for occasional users, and international options if needed.
  • Features. Prioritize included features like voicemail, call waiting, and caller ID. Data cravings? Look for bundled data plans alongside your calls.
  • Free line rental. Even though most broadband providers offer plans with free line rental included, you have to pay separately for some. Compare deals beyond headline offers. Check contract lengths, any more hidden fees, and early termination charges. Don't forget to read reviews!
  • Negotiation. Existing customers often get better deals. Before going for a fixed deal, mention competitor offers to potentially secure a sweeter package with free line rental.

Why consider broadband and phone deals with line rental?

Getting both internet and phone service with line rental included is a good idea for a few reasons. First off, line rental is usually needed for internet connections using a telephone line. Plus, when you bundle broadband and phone together with line rental, it often works out cheaper. Having landline can also come in handy for emergencies, like when the power goes out or your mobile signal is weak.

And sometimes, these deals throw in extras like free call minutes, making it a practical and money-saving choice for all your communication needs. So, it's worth checking these combo deals for a simpler and more cost-effective setup for day-to-day use.

Broadband and phone deals with line rental pros & cons

Weigh the pros and cons and consider your needs, so you can make an informed decision about whether a broadband and phone deal with line rental is the right choice for you.

Providers that offer broadband and phone deals

All the providers listed in this article offer broadband and phone deal packages (with line rental included). In fact, most British broadband providers offer such deals and might only differ in coverage, speeds, and other features. Here are the most popular internet providers:

Vodafone offers multiple flexible broadband with phone deals including line rental. According to the chosen package, you can select to add a call plan. Normally, Vodafone includes a pay-as-you-go phone line with all its standard broadband packages.

Similarly, with Virgin Media, all the broadband and phone deals come with the standard Weekend chatter plan. While this lets you make unlimited calls to UK landlines on Saturday and Sunday (01, 02, 03 numbers), more flexible plans are available, too.

With Plusnet, only line rental (no calls) is included in broadband packages, apart from the Full Fibre and Fibre packages. The standard line rental price is £26.53/month, and the standard line rental price is included in the package price.

Tips for getting the best broadband and phone deal

Have you ever thought whether you would be able to get a faster service or a cheaper package than the one they currently have? By following these tips, you can compare, negotiate, and find the best broadband and phone deal to fit your needs and budget:

  1. Know your needs. Determine the internet speed you actually need for activities like streaming, gaming, or large downloads. Don't overpay for speed you won't use. Also, consider how much you use your landline and if unlimited calls are necessary.
  2. Compare deals. Dig into various broadband and phone deal bundle providers. Compare prices, speeds, data allowances, call plans, contract lengths, and any extras like TV packages. Pay attention to introductory offers and hidden fees like setup costs or line rental charges.
  3. Contract length. Shorter contracts offer flexibility but often have higher monthly costs. Longer contracts may lock you in for a while but often come with lower prices and guaranteed discounts.
  4. Look for bundles. Bundling broadband and phone with TV or mobile contracts can sometimes be cost-efficient. But only bundle if you need all the included services, as separate deals might be cheaper.
  5. Negotiate with your existing provider. Tell your current provider you're considering switching and ask for a better deal to keep you. They may be willing to offer discounts or upgrades to keep you using their services.
  6. Check availability. Not all providers offer service in all areas, so check if your chosen deal is available in your location.
  7. Don't be afraid to switch. Switching providers is often easy and you shouldn't be tied to an unfair deal. Many providers offer switching incentives like cashback or waived setup fees.

Bottom line

Finding the best broadband and phone deal that includes line rental can be a cost-effective option. Bundling services, such as home phones and broadband, often leads to discounts from UK market-leading providers. Despite a somewhat limited range of options, opting for a bundled package eases the selection process.

As highlighted in this guide, Vodafone stands out as our top recommendation for a broadband provider, offering a comprehensive solution that balances all – broadband features and phone deals, including line rental.