Best Virgin Media broadband deals in the UK

Virgin Media offers super-fast internet at great prices. With speeds up to 1GB Mbps and flexible packages, it's the top choice for reliable and affordable broadband. This guide will dive into the best Virgin Media broadband deals in the UK, covering everything from speed to bundles to pricing.

List of Virgin Media broadband deals:


Key points of Virgin Media

  • Blazing-fast download speeds up to 1,130Mbps
  • Reliable and consistent internet connection
  • Comprehensive coverage across the UK
  • Enhanced online gaming and streaming experiences
  • Option for bundled TV and phone services
  • Award-winning customer support and service
  • Flexible contract options with competitive pricing

Types of Virgin Media broadband deals

Virgin Media offers several types of broadband deals to suit every need. Here are the popular ones and what you can expect:

Virgin Media broadband-only deals

Virgin Media broadband-only deals offer high-speed internet access without forcing you to buy additional services like TV or home phone. With various packages available, customers can choose the speed that best suits their needs, ranging from 54Mbps to an impressive 1,130Mbps. Pricing begins at £18.00/month, with zero setup cost, and varies depending on the selected speed tier.

Virgin Media broadband and home phone deals

Virgin Media broadband and home phone deals combine high-speed internet access with reliable landline telephone service. With speed options ranging from 54Mbps to 1,130Mbps, customers can choose the package that best meets their requirements. The starting price is £28.00 per month, with zero setup fee.

Virgin Media TV and broadband

Virgin Media TV and broadband bundles provide high-speed internet connectivity and a huge selection of TV packages. With speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, these bundles cater to various needs, ensuring smooth streaming, gaming, and browsing experiences. Prices typically start at £33/month, offering value for money with the convenience of combined TV and internet services.

Virgin Media TV, broadband, and phone deals offer a complete home entertainment and communication solution, combining high-speed internet, TV entertainment, and landline phone services in one comprehensive package. Pricing starts at £37/month with zero setup fee, and these bundles provide customers with all-in-one convenience, catering to their entertainment and communication needs in a single package.

Things to consider when comparing Virgin Media broadband deals

With so many Virgin Media broadband deals, it might seem tricky to pick the right one for your browsing and entertainment needs. The factors below will help you make the best decision:

  • Price. When selecting the ideal Virgin Media broadband deal, consider the price carefully. Evaluate your budget and determine what you can afford monthly, including additional costs such as setup fees or equipment charges.
  • Speed. Speed is another critical factor to contemplate. Assess your household's internet needs, including the number of simultaneous devices and users you need to support, and then consider the type of online activities likely to happen in a given month.
  • Contract length. Contract length is an essential consideration when signing up for Virgin Media broadband. Decide whether you prefer the flexibility of shorter contracts or the potential cost savings of longer-term commitments. Be mindful of any early termination fees associated with longer contracts.
  • Usage. Take into account your usage patterns when selecting a Virgin Media broadband deal. Determine how much data you typically consume each month and whether you engage in activities that require high data usage, such as streaming HD or 4K content or downloading large files.
  • Bundles. Explore the bundles Virgin Media offers, which may include additional services such as home phone or TV packages. Assess whether bundling services align with your needs and preferences, considering channel selection, calling features, and overall value for money.

Virgin Media broadband speeds

Broadband Deal NameAverage Download SpeedMonthly Price
M125 Fibre132 Mbps£26.50
M250 Fibre264 Mbps£30.50
M350 Fibre362 Mbps£35.00
M500 Fibre516 Mbps£62
Gig1 Fibre1130 Mbps£47

Benefits of Virgin Media broadbands

Virgin Media broadband offers an absolute heap of benefits that beat most competitors. Virgin Media uses cutting-edge technology to run its own network, which it also resells to other providers. This is why its packages are often cheaper than those of competitors like BT, TalkTalk, and Sky.

Virgin Media has been among the fastest broadband providers for many years and continues to lead the pack today.

Here are the main benefits of opting for a Virgin Media broadband deal in 2024:

  • Fast speeds. Virgin Media offers some of the fastest broadband speeds in the UK, allowing for smooth streaming, gaming, and downloading.
  • Excellent bundles. Customers can benefit from bundled packages, including broadband, TV, and home phone services, providing convenience and potential cost savings.
  • Value for money. Virgin Media broadband deals often offer competitive pricing, offering customers affordable options for high-quality internet access.
  • Inclusive extras. Subscribers may receive additional perks such as free security software, access to public Wi-Fi hotspots, and inclusive calls.
  • Reliability. Virgin Media's broadband network is known for its reliability, ensuring consistent internet access for users across the UK.
  • Unlimited data. Many Virgin Media broadband plans have unlimited data allowances, allowing customers to browse, stream, and download without worrying about data caps.
  • Flexible contracts. Virgin Media offers flexible contract options, including short-term and no-contract plans, allowing you to choose a contract length that suits your needs.
  • Enhanced customer support. Virgin Media provides dedicated customer support services, including online troubleshooting guides, live chat support, and phone assistance, ensuring that customers receive prompt assistance whenever they encounter issues with their broadband service.

How to get Virgin Media broadbands

Virgin Media isn't as widely available as the broadband providers that use the BT Openreach network, such as EE. The good news is that about 56% of all UK properties still have access to Virgin service. Check if you can get Virgin Media broadband locally using our postcode checker.

Here are some of the viable ways to sign up if you're sure you can get Virgin Media in your area:

New customer deals

Virgin Media regularly offers exclusive deals and discounts for new customers signing up for broadband services. These deals may include reduced pricing for the first few months of the contract, free installation, or bundled packages that include broadband, TV, and home phone services. New customers can visit the Virgin Media website to get started.

Virgin Media social tariff

Virgin Media also provides a social tariff program to offer discounted broadband services to eligible customers facing financial hardship. This program offers reduced pricing on broadband services, making it more affordable for individuals and families with limited financial resources to access essential internet services.

Virgin Media student offers

Virgin Media offers special broadband deals tailored to students, providing affordable and flexible internet access for individuals enrolled in higher education institutions. These student offers may include a 30-day rolling contract. Students can explore available offers and sign up for broadband services online or through dedicated student portals provided by Virgin Media.

Existing customer deals

Virgin Media also offers exclusive deals and discounts for existing customers looking to upgrade their broadband services or add additional features to an existing plan. These deals may include upgraded broadband speeds and bundled packages with TV and home phone services. Existing customers can log in to their Virgin Media accounts.

Virgin Media broadband installation

Once you've chosen your package and scheduled an installation appointment, a technician will visit your home. They'll connect a cable from the Virgin Media network to a socket inside your property. Then, they'll install a broadband router, ensuring an optimal location for signal strength. The technician will also set up any additional services you've ordered, such as TV or phone. After installation, you'll need to activate your broadband service by following simple instructions provided by Virgin Media. Once activated, you can enjoy high-speed internet access and any other services included in your package.

Security tips for Virgin Media broadband deals users

Maintaining internet security while using Virgin Media broadband is crucial to safeguard your personal information, financial data, and privacy.

Here are five essential security tips for Virgin Media broadband users:

  • Use strong passwords. Create unique and complex passwords for your Virgin Media account and Wi-Fi network to prevent unauthorised access. Consider using a password manager to store and manage your passwords securely.
  • Enable network encryption. Ensure your Wi-Fi network is encrypted using WPA2 or WPA3 encryption protocols to protect your data from being intercepted by hackers.
  • Install antivirus software. Use reputable antivirus software to protect your devices from malware, viruses, and other online threats. Keep the software updated regularly to defend against emerging threats.
  • Regularly update firmware. Keep your Virgin Media router's firmware up to date to patch security vulnerabilities and ensure optimal performance.
  • Enable firewall protection. Activate the firewall feature on your router to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic, adding an extra layer of defence against cyberattacks.