NOW broadband deals for 2024

NOW is a popular UK broadband, phone, and TV service provider. From great broadband speeds to bundle discounts, it is worth looking into what this service can offer you!

So, we are here to help you find the best NOW TV broadband deals you can get in 2024. Let’s take a deep into what each NOW TV Broadband plan offers and whether this service is worth it.


Key points of NOW Broadband

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to NOW broadband. To keep things simple, here are some key points you should consider if you are thinking of getting a deal with NOW TV broadband:

  • NOW is a Sky subsidiary
  • It has 10+ years of industry experience
  • Its streaming service has nearly 2 million UK subscribers
  • NOW has an affordable ADSL broadband plan starting at only £20 a month
  • Its fastest plan has 100Mbps average downloads
  • There’s a £10 setup fee on all plans (except NOW Full Fibre 100)
  • All standard NOW broadband packages have a minimum 12-month contract
  • You can switch to a rolling-monthly contract on any plan for £60
  • Every NOW broadband deal includes a speed guarantee
  • NOW offers fantastic discounts on broadband and phone bundles
  • There’s an optional add-on for sports fans (12 Sky Sports channels)
  • There’s an optional add-on for movie lovers (Sky Cinema)
  • There’s also a general entertainment option (16 live channels)
  • NOW can talk to your current provider for you to make switching easy (BT, TalkTalk, EE, and Plusnet only)

Types of NOW Broadband deals

NOW has some of the best broadband deals in the UK. The NOW TV broadband deals come with different speeds, contract terms, and prices. Let’s take a look at what NOW Broadband has to offer.

NOW Brilliant Broadband

Brilliant Broadband is NOW’s cheapest WiFi deal. It’s available to new customers for as little as £20 a month. For existing customers, the standard price is £28.50 monthly.

This plan uses traditional ADSL lines to deliver the internet to your home. So, even in the most rural parts of the UK, there’s usually coverage. Unfortunately, ADSL broadband can’t provide the same ultra-fast speeds that Fibre can – most subscribers get 11Mbps downloads.

If you’re in an area where fibre isn’t available or just want a basic cheap broadband plan for light browsing, NOW Brillant Broadband is a great choice.

NOW Broadband Fab Fibre

NOW’s Fab Fibre is another good broadband-only deal and is a significant step up from its Brilliant Broadband offering. It starts at as little as £20 a month and £35.50 after the first 12 months.

Unlike, Brillant Broadband, it uses Fibre to Cabinet (FTTC) for internet delivery for significantly better speeds. It’s more than twice as quick – 36Mbps downloads on average.

This offer is ideal for small family households as it can handle a few simultaneous device connections.

NOW Broadband Super Fibre

Super Fibre is the fastest NOW TV broadband deal with a 12-month contract. It starts at £24 a month for new customers and, without any deals or special offers, typically costs £38.50.

It also uses FTTC. Despite matching Fab Fibre’s starting price, Super Fibre is much faster – 63Mbps downloads on average. However, its coverage isn’t as good. So, in some areas, Fab Fibre is the quickest option available.

Thanks to its decent speeds as well as its fair price, this broadband deal is great for streaming, gaming, and remote working.

Things to consider when comparing NOW Broadband deals

If you are thinking of getting a NOW TV broadband deal, you should consider several factors before you make up your mind on the best plan for you, such as:

  • Price. There’s very little price difference between NOW’s broadband deals. The deal with the fastest Internet speed starts at only £5 more a month than its slowest internet speed plan. So, it’s best to opt for a fast internet connection unless you are looking for the most affordable broadband deal.
  • Speed. Every NOW broadband deal has a speed guarantee. Figure out what broadband speed is good for you and subscribe to the plan that’s guaranteed to at least meet your needs. There are speed promises from 15Mbps to 62.1Mbps!
  • Contract length. Twelve-month broadband deals are also offered by NOW Broadband. However, Now Full Fibre 100 (powered by Sky) is for 18 months and Brilliant Broadband, Fab Fibre, and Super Fibre are available on a rolling-monthly contract for an extra £60 at checkout.
  • Usage. Consider how much you plan on using your broadband and how you plan to use it. For example, if you’re planning on streaming on multiple devices, Brilliant Broadband isn’t ideal. But it’s perfect for simple browsing on a tight budget!
  • Bundles. NOW is one of the providers that offers TV and broadband deals. There are plenty of entertainment extras you can add to your NOW Broadband and TV deal to save money. You can add a Cinema, Sports, or TV Entertainment membership. Plus, there are phone bundles so you can save a lot on UK calls!

Benefits of NOW Broadband deals

There are several benefits to subscribing to a NOW TV internet deal, including:

  • Affordability. NOW has some of the UK’s cheapest and best fibre broadband plans. Its fastest and most expensive plan starts at just £25 a month. In fact, NOW has won multiple awards based on its reasonable prices!
  • Great flexibility. Three out of four of NOW’s plans are available on a 12-month contract. That’s significantly better than the 24-month contracts some competitors offer. Plus, for an additional fee, you can opt for a monthly rolling contract – ideal for students.
  • Excellent entertainment. NOW is owned by Sky, a leader in UK entertainment. All of its broadband plans include comprehensive movie, TV, and sports options.
  • Brilliant coverage. Thanks to its mix of ADSL and fibre offerings, NOW broadband is available in most parts of the UK, even in the most remote areas.

NOW Broadband speeds

Check out NOW’s broadband speed estimates for each of its plans below (based on averages.)

Broadband planDownload speed estimateUpload speed estimateDownload guaranteePrice starting from:
NOW Brilliant Broadband8-15Mbps0.7-1Mbps5.8Mbps£20£20
NOW Fab Fibre36-36.9Mbps8.6-9.5Mbps36Mbps£21
NOW Super Fibre55.9-62.1Mbps17.2-19.1Mbps50Mbps£21
NOW Full Fibre 100100Mbps18-19MbpsN/A£26

How to get the best NOW Broadband deals

To get the best NOW TV broadband deal, follow these steps:

  1. Check your options. NOW broadband deals for existing customers differ from the ones for new customers, so it’s best to check which deal applies to you. Also, you should consider that every plan is not available in every area. Visit NOW’s website and enter your postcode to figure out what options are available for your home.
  2. Determine your needs. There are up to four different speed options to choose from (depending on your location). For light browsing or general social media use, you can select a slower plan and save some cash. But, for streaming, gaming, and larger households it’s best to spend a little extra and get faster connections.
  3. Consider the phone bundles. Every NOW broadband deal comes with a free line rental and pay-as-you-go calls. But if you plan on using your landline often, a NOW Broadband and phone deal is the way to go. A good broadband and phone deal may be more convenient for you.
  4. Get the flexibility you need. If you’ve no intention of switching providers anytime soon, NOW’s standard 12-month contract is fine. But, if you’re a student or plan on moving soon, you can request a monthly contract for a one-time £60 payment.
  5. Examine the TV extras. Once you’ve selected your broadband plan, you get several entertainment options including a Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, and TV channel bundle. If you’re subscribed to a TV service with another provider already, compare how much you’re currently paying with NOW’s price and consider switching.
  6. Reach out to NOW support. Sometimes you can get special discounts just by reaching out to sales. But, even if you don’t get a better price, NOW can help you select the right deal.

NOW Broadband installation

Once you’ve subscribed to one of the many NOW TV broadband deals, the next step is installation and setup.

You only need an engineer for installation if you don’t have a phone line and a socket at your address. Otherwise, NOW can switch your network remotely, and you won’t have to schedule a home visit with an Openreach engineer.

After the installation, you can set up the NOW router yourself. To do this just follow the steps below:

  1. Check the activation date on your router box to see when your device will have internet access.
  2. Place your router in an area that allows for the best coverage of your home.
  3. Connect the WiFi box to the nearest phone socket. Alternatively, connect the Hub to your master socket for better broadband speeds.
  4. Link the Hub to your mains and check the power light is on.
  5. Wait half an hour – it often takes 20 minutes for the router to download the software it needs.
  6. Find your network name/password on the bottom or back of your router and use it to connect your device to the WiFi.

Does NOW Broadband come with NOW TV?

Yes, NOW Broadband can come with NOW TV for an additional monthly fee. But these services are separate. So, you must specify that you want both NOW TV and broadband to get the two together.

To do this as a new customer, select your NOW broadband plan and add the TV package you desire during the checkout process.

If you’re already a customer of NOW TV, log into your account, navigate to your membership settings, and select your desired upgrades.

Is NOW TV broadband worth it?

Yes, NOW TV broadband is worth it. Its broadband plans are great value for money. For less than £25 a month, you can get broadband speeds up to 63Mbps. This is especially impressive considering the contracts are only 12 months. NOW broadband has won multiple awards for its affordability.

The only time NOW Broadband isn’t worth it is when you need ultrafast full fibre – it only offers speeds up to 100Mbps. But as long as you’re happy with the speed, it’s an excellent choice.

Moreover, NOW TV Broadband does not offer no-contract broadband deals per se, but you can opt to pay a fee of £60 at checkout and opt out of your contract at any time with no extra charges.

TV Security tips using NOW TV Broadband

There are plenty of ways you can improve your TV and family’s security using NOW Broadband. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Change your password. NOW’s Broadband Hub comes with a default password. A cybercriminal could guess this password more easily and gain access to your home network. By not changing this default password, you’re leaving your TV and other devices vulnerable.
  • Use parental controls. If you’re a subscriber of both NOW TV and NOW Broadband, Broadband Buddy is included for free. Broadband Buddy lets you block dangerous sites, improve your online anonymity, and customise your broadband filters to suit your needs.
  • Set up a viewing PIN. You can create a viewing PIN by logging into your NOW account dashboard and navigating to Parental PIN. Once your PIN is set, it is requested every time you try to watch a NOW TV channel – preventing your kids from watching anything without your consent.
  • Use an antivirus. Scan your NOW broadband router for viruses regularly as well as any devices connected to your network – phones, PCs, and your smart TV.