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Top 12-month contract broadband deals

Most broadband contracts last 18 or 24 months, but a 12-month contract can provide more flexibility than a 2-year agreement. On the other hand, weighing the potential benefits against higher monthly costs is essential. Read further to discover everything you need to know about the best 12-month broadband deals in the UK.

Start with the UK’s most reliable broadband, offering lightning-fast speeds with up to 910Mbps. The plan includes a smart Wi-Fi Hub, and you won't face any price increases during the contract. Secure a 12-month plan starting at just £12 per month!
Plusnet provides competitive speeds of up to 900Mb tailored for UK residents. Ideal for any home and multiple devices, it’s available for just £30 per month.
You can choose from a range of speeds to match your preferences. For your convenience, cancel your broadband without early disconnection fees. Keep in mind that package prices vary based on your location.
Get BT Broadband Unlimited package for robust speeds, averaging 150Mb, perfect for households with multiple users streaming and downloading. Starting at £31.99/month, this 12-month deal includes BT Virus Protect and a BT Home Hub.
The NOW Broadband plans deliver an average download speed of 11-63Mbps with zero activation costs and a £10 delivery fee. Enjoy unlimited downloads, line rental, and additional perks. Select from the Super Fibre, Fab Fibre, and Brilliant Broadband plans, starting at £20 per month for a 12-month contract.
For only £15 per month, start with Shell Energy's Essential Fast Broadband package, offering an average download speed of 11Mbps. This deal includes a wireless router and unlimited usage on a 12-month contract.
Get Fibrus Full Fibre 150 deal with ultra-fast download and upload speeds. The plan comes with a new Eero 6+ router and unlimited usage. Get a 12-month contract for just £24.99/month.

Why would you get 12-month broadband deals?

Choosing a shorter broadband contract has its perks, like flexibility and potential cost savings. Here are some key points why you should consider getting 12-month broadband deals:

  • You can change providers more often. With a 12-month agreement, you can switch providers after just a year, avoiding long-term commitments. This is especially useful for students or renters with one-year leases and those uncertain about their broadband quality or unhappy with their current provider.
  • You have the flexibility to switch deals more often. With shorter contract durations, you can reassess and choose new deals that better suit your evolving needs. This helps you stay updated with the latest offerings and adapt to changes in your internet requirements.
  • Less expensive early termination fee. Ending a broadband contract ahead of schedule can also be costly, resulting in an early termination fee. But it’s cheaper than ending a 2-year broadband contract. Some providers have a flexible cancellation policy, so you might be able to cancel before the contract ends.

The broadband deals often span 18 or 24 months, so weigh the pros and cons carefully before deciding on the contract length that suits you best.

12-month broadband contract pros and cons

If you’re thinking about a 12-month broadband contract, ensuring it suits you and your household is essential. Let’s go over the key pros and cons of this contract length:

What to look for in a 12-month broadband contract?

If you’re looking for the best 12-month broadband deal, consider the following factors to make sure you pick one that fits your budget and meets your specific requirements:

  • Download and upload speed. Broadband speeds vary by type and provider. The ideal choice depends on household size and online activities. While download speed is crucial, if you're into online gaming, also consider the average upload speed in your package.
  • Monthly data limits. Most broadband packages are unlimited, but it’s good to look up any restrictions. A few deals may limit your monthly data download or slow down usage during busy times.
  • Pricing. A low monthly fee is a good beginning, but ensure that the speed you need comes with this price. Also, check for additional costs like installation fees and early termination penalties to ensure that a seemingly cheap deal is genuinely cost-effective.
  • Coverage. Location significantly affects broadband quality. The speed and reliability of both fibre and ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line) connections rely on the line’s condition to the nearest cabinet and the distance to the local exchange. And you must ensure that full fibre broadband is accessible in your location, as its availability is quite limited in the UK.
  • Provider reputation. Before committing to a contract, do some research. Take a look at customer reviews to gain valuable insights about experience.

Which providers offer 12-month broadband contracts?

Not every provider offers 12-month contracts, giving flexibility and shorter commitment periods. Specific offerings can vary based on your location and the availability of services in your area.

Vodafone provides Essentials Broadband with a 12-month or 24-month contract. There are no fees for connection and installation and no early termination charges if you need to cancel before the term ends. You also have the option to choose between Superfast, Fibre, and Full Fibre broadband plans.

In 2024, Virgin Media will provide 12-month broadband deals and 30-day Wi-Fi deals exclusively for students through its website. If you’re a full-time student with accommodation for one year, opting for a 12-month Virgin Media plan is a good choice.

Non-students can contact Virgin Media's sales team for a possible 12-month deal, but success isn't guaranteed since Virgin Media usually provides standard broadband contracts lasting 18 or 24 months. The good thing is that 30-day broadband deals are open to everyone, not just students. These flexible offers allow you to cancel anytime with a 30-day notice, and there are no early disconnection fees.

Plusnet offers Fibre and Full Fibre deals with contract lengths of 12, 18, and 24 months. Additionally, they provide a 30-day rolling contract, allowing you to cancel services anytime with a 14-day notice without incurring an early termination fee. You can find out more in our Plusnet review.

BT and NOW provide the flexibility of a 12-month contract for most of their broadband packages, giving you the option for a shorter commitment than the standard 24-month plan.

What other duration broadband deals are available?

If you’re staying in one place temporarily, like renting on a yearly basis, opting for a broadband with 12-month contract can simplify things. However, it’s important to note that this option can be more expensive. So, what other duration broadband deals are available there?

30 days or No contract

The shortest contract you can get is typically for 30 days, and it’s often referred to as a no contract option. It takes about 30 days to cancel or change your contract. So, this is the way to go if you’re after a short-term broadband deal.

However, keep in mind that the monthly cost for a 30-day contract is higher compared to longer-term commitments, like the 12-month contracts. So, if you want flexibility, that’s great, just be aware that it might cost you a bit more each month.

18 months

Many broadband contracts run for 18 months, which is standard for many providers like Virgin Media or Plusnet.

Even though it’s a bit longer than other choices, the good news is that the monthly costs for an 18-month contract are typically slightly lower. So, you get a discount for making a longer commitment.

24 months

The longest broadband contracts you’ll usually find are for 24 months, and many providers, such as Vodafone, offer this option as a standard choice. These contracts are ideal for people who are happy to stick with the same provider for a long time, and they come with less administrative hassle since you’re committing to the service for two years.

Because this commitment is even longer, you might notice that some 24-month contracts have lower monthly prices than 18-month contracts. However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, providers offer premium services with 24-month contracts, so the prices are often higher than average.


Opting for a 12-month contract gives you fewer options and deals. On the other hand, a 12-month commitment is ideal for those wanting a shorter term or facing uncertain plans. For a short-term contract, consider Vodafone broadband's flexible packages and incredible speeds for a smooth browsing experience.

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