Best broadband deals in Edinburgh (July 2024)

Residents of Edinburgh have a lot of different internet providers to choose from but which one really suits your needs? This article explores the best broadband deals in Edinburgh, providing valuable insights for those navigating the broadband options in this bustling Scottish city.

List of broadband deals in Edinburgh


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  2. Compare deals. Compare deals available based on your preferred speed, contract length, and price.
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What to consider when looking for the best broadband deal in Edinburgh

Finding the best broadband deal in Edinburgh can seem like a daunting task – which is why we’ve prepared some factors you can take into account in order to find the best bargain:

  • Availability in Edinburgh. Ensure the provider has reliable service in your area, checking coverage maps and customer reviews for feedback. A strong local network will offer a more stable internet connection.
  • Download and upload speed. Checking provider speeds matters when choosing broadband in the Edinburgh area, as it directly affects your online experience. Faster speeds ensure smoother activities like streaming and gaming. Consider your household’s need to avoid buffering and slow downloads.
  • Provider reliability. A reliable Edinburgh broadband provider ensures consistent service without frequent outages or disruptions for a smoother online experience. Look for reviews and ratings in Edinburgh to see if the provider is reliable.
  • Plans and pricing. Evaluate plans that fit your budget, be mindful of hidden fees, and look for possible discounts. Choosing a cost-effective plan ensures you get the internet you need without breaking the bank.
  • Contract terms. Be aware of the contract duration, early termination fees, and any price changes during the contract period. Understanding these terms helps you decide on your preferences and flexibility when choosing the best Edinburgh broadband.

What is the broadband speed in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh boasts high-speed internet, thanks to the introduction of full-fibre and cable broadband in certain areas. For example, Virgin Media provides speeds up to 1130Mbps.

Like anywhere in the UK, internet speed in Edinburgh generally depends on the number of users, but it's not an absolute rule. Here's a quick breakdown if you’re wondering what broadband speed to look when you’re choosing a provider:

  • 10-24Mbps: Suitable for small households with a few connected devices. Occasional buffering during streaming may occur.
  • 25-49Mbps: Ideal for standard households of up to 4 people. It handles multiple streaming or downloads simultaneously and offers reasonable prices with a decently fast connection.
  • 50-100Mbps: Great for households with several devices needing lag-free connections. Perfect for 4K streaming and online gaming without issues.
  • 100Mbps and more: Fast speeds for any household, easily handling streaming and gaming. Speeds over 300Mbps are ultra-fast connections – not necessary for most homes but tempting for those who rely heavily on fast internet.

While only some have access to these super-fast services, and only some require such high speeds, many broadband options are still available.

Which types of broadband are available in Edinburgh?

There are various broadband choices in Edinburgh, so you can pick one that suits your specific needs and requirements. Just keep in mind that the available types depend on your location.

  • Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL). Every household should have access to regular ADSL broadband, the most common and basic type of internet connection. This type of broadband uses your copper phone lines to bring internet to your home, offering speeds ranging from 10 to 11Mbps.
  • Fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC). This type of Edinburgh fibre broadband connects the exchange to the closest street cabinet using fiber cables and then uses copper phone wires from the cabinet to your home. Speeds typically range from 36 to 68Mbps.
  • Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP). Commonly known as full-fibre, this type of broadband employs fiber cables directly from the exchange to your home, ensuring a faster and more reliable connection. Speeds typically vary from 100Mbps to a whooping 1,000Mbps and even higher.
  • Cable broadband. Unlike traditional broadband, which relies on copper phone line cables, cable broadband uses coaxial cables to connect to the cabinet, providing a significantly faster internet connection. Virgin Media is the leading provider of cable broadband services in the UK.
  • Mobile broadband. As long as you're within the covered area, mobile broadband brings internet access through a wireless network, similar to how you use data on your smartphone when you’re on the go. This type of broadband connects you to the internet via a 4G or 5G mobile network using either a data-only SIM card or Wi-Fi.

Can I get fibre broadband in Edinburgh?

Most residences in Edinburgh have fast fibre-optic broadband available. Depending on availability and your needs, you can get fibre broadband at speeds ranging from 30Mbps to 1000Mbps and more.

Which providers offer broadband deals in Scotland?

In Scotland, like the rest of the UK, your broadband options depend a lot on where you live.

If you’re in a city like Edinburgh or Glasgow, you’re in luck. There are many providers offering excellent coverage. Whether you want a basic fiber plan or the fastest gigabit broadband, you’ll have plenty of choices.

On the other hand, if you’re living in a more rural area, your options might be a bit more limited. However, you can still get standard ADSL and speedy fiber broadband without much trouble.

All the big broadband providers like Vodafone, Virgin Media, Plusnet, and others are available in Scotland. BT, Sky, and NOW also offer various broadband choices, including fibre and full-fibre – choose regarding your preferences, whether you want a flexible 12-month contract or a better-priced 24-month commitment. Remember that the deals and services may differ depending on your location.

Bottom line

There are lots of broadband providers in Edinburgh. Even if you go for ADSL because there’s no fiber-optic network on your street, you can still count on a trustworthy connection. For fast and reliable speeds, whether you choose ADSL or full-fibre, our top recommendations are Virgin Media, Vodafone, and Plusnet.

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