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The best broadband with no upfront cost in the UK

If you want to save some money on setup fees or even equipment, then you should definitely look for a broadband no-upfront cost deal. Basically, you just need to pay for the provider’s plan, and that’s it. This is a great option, especially if you’re having a more limited budget.

So, to make things even easier for you, we decided to explain better what no upfront cost broadband is and create a list with the best such providers. We will also look at how they work, what the advantages and disadvantages are, and discuss other essential details you should keep in mind.

So, let’s not waste more time and get straight down to business!

If you want to go for a reputable company, you can pay £25.00/month and get the Vodafone Fibre 2 Broadband deal that comes with no upfront costs, speeds of 67Mbps, unlimited monthly downloads, and Apple TV+ for 24 months!
Plusnet Full Fibre’s no-upfront-cost broadband deal comes with fantastic speeds of 900Mbps and is suitable for various activities like streaming, downloading, and torrenting. You can get all of this for £24.99/month.
In order to enjoy unlimited monthly downloads and speeds of 132Mbps, you need to consider the Virgin Media M125 Fibre Broadband deal. Despite all of this, you will get a Wi-Fi Hub in an 18-month contract for £26.50/month.
TalkTalk for Everyone is known for its impressive speeds and unlimited monthly downloads. However, by going for the TalkTalk Full Fibre 65 broadband deal, you can also enjoy no setup or installation fees. All of this is available at £28.00/month.
By signing up for the BT Full Fibre 100 Broadband deal, you will benefit from stellar speeds of up to 150Mbps that will help you stream, download, and play video games seamlessly. On top of this, there are no installation costs, and all you need to do is pay £35.99/month for its 24-month contract.
If you are a new customer, you should definitely consider the Sky Full Fibre 100 Broadband deal. Not only will you enjoy decent performance with speeds of 100Mbps, but you’ll avoid all upfront costs. This contract lasts for 18 months.
Fibrus is perfect if you want to save money. For only £19.99/month, you can purchase the special Fibrus Full Fibre 150 deal and receive excellent speeds (159Mbps), no need for a landline, and unlimited downloads. The best part is that for this price, you don’t have any setup fees included!
With a contract of 12 months that costs £26.99/month, you can get a Wi-Fi 6 Hub, unlimited downloads, and speeds of 109Mbps. The cherry on top is that the Shell Energy Full Fibre deal comes with no hidden installation and setup fees.

What does broadband with no upfront cost mean?

Broadband no upfront cost deals refer to a type of internet service plan payment where the customer does not have to pay any upfront fees or charges at the time of signing up or installation. In other words, the service provider waives any initial costs that are usually associated with setting up or activating a broadband connection.

Typically, upfront costs for broadband include fees for installation, equipment (such as a modem or router), activation, or setup. These costs are often one-time fees that the ISP charges so it can cover the expenses associated with getting the broadband service up and running at the customer’s location.

With a no upfront cost broadband plan, the customer does not have to pay these fees upfront and can avoid the initial financial burden associated with setting up a new broadband connection.

How does broadband with no upfront cost work?

Many internet service providers (ISPs) offer packages that don’t require any upfront payment or include installation fees. More precisely, some providers may ask you to sign a contract for a specific period, usually 12 or 18 months, so that you can qualify for a broadband deal without upfront payments. But how exactly does this work?

The process depends on the service provider you choose, but it is still more or less the same. Suppose you go for Virgin Media. The first thing you should do is to open the official website and search for a special offer deal that says no setup fee or no upfront cost broadband installation.

Once you find such a deal, enter the postcode in the respective tab on the Virgin Media page. After that, select your special offer and continue to checkout, where you can arrange your installation. Keep in mind that such deals are limited. Lastly, plug in the Wi-Fi Hub by using the straightforward QuickStart self-installation kit.

Advantages of broadband with no upfront cost deals

The main reason why people go for broadband with no upfront cost deals is that there are no extra setup charges. However, this isn’t the only perk. Let’s check out all of the advantages of no upfront cost broadband deals:

  • There are fewer expensive charges to pay when you sign up.
  • You still get a wide selection of deals, as packages with no setup costs are fairly common across the market.

Disadvantages of broadband with no upfront cost deals

Besides the pros of getting broadband with no upfront costs, there are also some disadvantages. So, let’s have a look at the cons of broadband deals with no upfront costs:

  • There are fewer options because some deals won’t be available without paying a setup fee, and these deals might end up being better value in the long run.
  • Limited services – additional services like TV or phone deals often come with setup costs.
  • Additional ‘hidden’ costs might be included, such as installation costs or engineer fees.

How to find broadband deals with no upfront costs?

Finding broadband deals with no upfront costs is nothing difficult. You just need to know where and for what to look. In order to ease things up for you even more, we decided to provide you with some tips on how to find broadband deals with no upfront costs. Let’s get into more details:

  • Check for a special offer. If you want to get a broadband deal from a particular company, don’t forget to check whether it has a current special offer that says no upfront costs or no setup fees. If it has, you usually need to find a code and enter it so you can activate the deal without paying installation fees.
  • Search for a company with frequent no setup fees deals. Some companies have limited no upfront cost broadband deals pretty frequently. So, you can go to Plusnet, Virgin Media, BT Full Fibre 100, and more. However, make sure you implement the first tip when you open their official websites.

What setup fees do you have to pay for broadband with no upfront cost?

Some providers offer broadband with no other costs as standard, while others include broadband with no additional or upfront fees only on certain packages in order to tempt new customers. Here’s our rundown of what you can expect from the most popular UK providers:

Vodafone Plusnet Virgin MediaTalkTalk for AnyoneBTSky Fibrus Shell Energy
Upfront costsNo setup fee for broadbandBroadband no installation fee Broadband deals with no setup feeNo activation feeBroadband no setup feeNo installation feeNo setup feeNo setup costs
Speed 67Mbps900Mbps132Mbps60Mbps150Mbps36Mbps159MBps109MBps
Monthly downloadsUnlimited UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Duration of contract24 months12/18/24 months18 months18 months24 months18 months18 months12 months

Is no upfront cost broadband cheaper in the long run?

If you’re wondering whether the upfront cost of broadband is cheaper in the long run, you need to consider a few things. First and foremost, this mainly depends on how much the upfront cost is. In other words, there are often providers that offer a ‘no upfront cost’ promotion, but the setup fee is normally just £5-15.

If you notice such a thing, you should really make sure the monthly price and the contract length are worth the small discount that you will receive.

However, if the upfront cost is normally much higher, you could save a lot on the total cost of your contract. So, a broadband deal with no upfront cost is at least worth considering if the total cost of the contract is significantly lower as a result.

If you see a broadband package touted as having ‘no upfront cost,’ it means you won’t have to pay setup fees or, in some cases, equipment. Broadband providers do this to entice prospective customers. But although you’ll save money in the short-term, deals with free setup might not necessarily be your best option.

The cheapest broadband deals with no upfront cost in the UK

Usually, Broadband deals with no upfront costs might be a bit more costly than you expect. Therefore, we decided to compare the best and the cheapest broadband deals that don’t require setup fees in a table. So, let’s explore it!

VodafonePlusnet Virgin MediaTalkTalk for AnyoneBTSky Fibrus Shell Energy
Price from £25/monthfrom £24.99/monthfrom £26.50/monthfrom £28/monthfrom £35.99/monthfrom £38.00/monthfrom £19.99/monthfrom £26.99/month
Duration of contract 24 month contracts12/18/24 months18 months18 months24 months18 months18 months12 months

Does broadband with no upfront cost raise security concerns?

Broadband with no upfront cost may indeed raise security concerns. However, this depends on various factors that the providers may omit due to not paying additional fees. In order to understand this a bit better, let’s have a look at all of the security concerns that no upfront cost can contribute to.

First of all, the most common issue is the lack of proper security measures. As we briefly mentioned, providers may not implement all of the necessary security practices so they can cut costs as they are not earning as much. Unfortunately, this leads to various issues, such as phishing attacks, malware, data breaches, data theft, etc.

Next, if you go for a not-so-reputable provider that doesn’t include setup costs, you may expose yourself to the danger of selling your data. In other words, because they do not receive any extra money, the provider can steal your data and sell it to third parties in order to increase its revenue.

As all security concerns are more or less interconnected, you can also face identity theft. Because the system is not properly secured, hackers can exploit all of the vulnerabilities in the software and reach your confidential data. Then, they can use it in order to present themselves like you.

Another issue of the lack of proper security measures is the exposure to malicious content. Without the necessary security measures, you may easily install malicious links and files or have access to compromised websites.

Therefore, you need to be very careful when choosing a broadband no upfront cost deal. Always check the reputability of the company first.

Security tips for users of broadband with no upfront cost

Having in mind the above-mentioned security concerns, you need to learn how to protect yourself. That’s why we also got you covered with some of the best security tips if you’re using broadband with no upfront costs.

The first thing you should do is to check the company’s reputation. More precisely, if the company invests in advanced security measures, there are pretty high chances that you’ll receive all of the essential security features, as well as more robust ones. So, checking out the provider’s history and customer reviews can help you decide whether it prioritizes your security.

It’s also crucial to review the provider’s data privacy policies. In other words, make sure that they have audited policies on data collecting and storage. This will show you whether they protect your confidential information. Keep in mind that if they are not transparent enough, it may be a red flag.

You should also focus on the security features that the provider offers. For example, always look out for military-grade encryption, firewalls, secure authentication systems like two-factor authentication, and more.

Last but not least, your broadband provider needs to have a high level of user responsibility. This refers to their practices, such as requiring strong passwords with different characters, regularly updating their software, and implementing the latest security patches, as well as blocking suspicious websites.