Plusnet broadband deals (July 2024)

With the numerous broadband providers and deals on the market, choosing the best one can be quite tricky. Therefore, you need to carefully go over your needs and wants, as it will help you narrow down the provider selection.

Today, we decided to talk about the Plusnet broadband deals. We’ve prepared a short list of all of its deals explained. But you’ll even learn why you should consider using this broadband provider. So, let’s delve into more information!

If you want to avoid any upfront fees, then consider using Plusnet Fibre. Its speeds are estimated at 66 Mbps. All you have to do is pay $26.99/month, and this great deal will be available for you in the next 24 months.
Don’t miss out on Plusnet Full Fibre 74! Available at $29.99/month, this broadband deal has decent speeds of 74 Mbps, which is not the fastest we’ve seen but is also not slow. Again, we’re talking about a 24/month contract.
The Plusnet Full Fibre 145 has a pretty self-explanatory name. You will get speeds of 145 Mbps by signing up for the 24-month contract. This will cost you $30.99/month, with no setup costs.
Blazing speeds are a must, which is why we recommend you try the Plusnet Full Fibre 300 plan. The speed rates are set at an average of 300 Mbps. The contract duration is 24 months, while the price is $30.99/month.
One of Plusnet’s perks is the lack of any installation fees. But this broadband provider also comes loaded with incredible speeds. This plan costs $40.99/month, lasts for 24 months, and offers speeds of 500 Mbps.
Plusnet sticks to its 24-month broadband deals, and this one comes with mind-blowing speeds of 500 Mbps. So, get it for $50.99/month and enjoy uninterrupted day-to-day activities.
If you are searching for an affordable service provider that includes both broadband and a phone line, have a look at Plusnet Unlimited Broadband & Phone Line. You will be able to enjoy this deal for 24 months by paying only $26.99/month.

Why choose Plusnet as a broadband provider?

Plusnet offers a wide range of speeds, from standard broadband (around 10Mbps) to superfast Fibre (up to 66Mbps). The speed you need will depend on your internet usage. Also, there are many deals at different price points. Remember to check what’s included in the price, such as line rental or any extras like TV packages.

Some Plusnet broadband deals even come with extras such as access to BT Sport or a Plusnet mobile SIM, which adds a bit of vibrancy to your online activities. Aside from all of this, Plusnet is a very reliable UK-based customer service provider. More so, its broadband deals come with 24-month contracts, which contributes to the budget-friendly prices. Still not sure if you should get a Plusnet broadband? Check out our Plusnet broadband review.

What Plusnet broadband packages can I get?

Plusnet comes with three different broadband packages – Fibre, full Fibre, and broadband and phone packages. Are you ready to go over each plan briefly? Let’s have a look:

  • Fibre. Plusnet Fibre transmits fast connections to your home, making decision-making easy for you. With Fibre, you could get average speeds of up to 66Mb. Therefore, it’s suitable for streaming, gaming, and other activities. Ultimately, there’s no limit to how much data you download or upload each month.
  • Full Fibre. The Plusnet Full Fibre is the latest and best FTTP connection. With speeds of up to 900 Mbps (25x faster than the regular Fibre package), you can use the Internet for numerous things at the same time. These packages are very reliable and come with a Hub Two, Plusnet’s most reliable router.
  • Broadband and phone packages. If you rely on your domestic phone service, explore Plusnet’s broadband and phone deals in more detail. But what will definitely get everyone’s attention is that you are eligible for many rewards, freebies, and discounts.