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Plusnet broadband review (2024)

Plusnet, one of the leading broadband providers in the UK, is renowned for its simple and affordable packages, attracting a vast user base. The company has received numerous awards and high ratings over the years thanks to its commitment to cost-effective pricing, high-speed internet, and extensive coverage.

In this Plusnet broadband review, we’ll delve into its service, checking its coverage, speed, pricing, customer support, and overall value for money to help you determine if it’s the right choice for your enhanced online experience.

Plusnet broadband pros and cons

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What is Plusnet?

Plusnet, a broadband provider established in Yorkshire in 1997, prides itself on delivering reliable and affordable internet services. Their mission is to provide value-packed broadband with simplicity. Plusnet keeps it straightforward with its packages, focusing on the basics: no landline costs, cheap broadband setup, free wireless router with internet security package included, and unlimited data usage.

What stands out is Plusnet’s commitment to 12-month contracts, unlike other names like EE or Sky, shifting to longer terms.

Plusnet offers different types of broadband, including Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), fiber, and full fibre, with speeds hitting 900Mbps. With Plusnet Fibre and Full Fibre, you can pick contracts for 12, 18, or 24 months. For other packages, choose between 18 and 24 months. Plus, there's a flexible 30-day rolling contract, perfect if you prefer a short-term commitment.

The basic ADSL package is the only one with a landline phone connection, featuring pay-as-you-go calls. Plusnet also needs more live TV channels, making it suitable for those looking for premium sports and movie packages.

Plusnet broadband speed

The Ofcom customer service report shows that Plusnet customers are generally satisfied with their broadband performance. Having a reliable internet connection is crucial, whether you’re working from home, casually browsing, or gaming. That’s why Plusnet provides various speeds for its broadband types, ensuring you find the right fit.

  • Unlimited Broadband. We tested Plusnet's Unlimited Broadband and received around 8Mbpps, while the average advertised download speed is 10Mbps. We didn't notice any buffering while browsing, so it should be good for basic everyday activities on the internet. However, for frequent streaming or online gaming, you should opt for plans with higher speeds.
  • Fibre Broadband. After testing, the brand's superfast fibre packages delivered an average download speed of around 57-58Mbps. Ideal for multitasking on multiple devices in a household of 2-3 people, especially for regular streaming or online gaming.
  • Full Fibre Broadband. We tested Plusnet's Full Fibre 300 broadband and consistently experienced robust speeds above 250Mbps, which was good for gaming, streaming, and browsing, even with several people in the household. Advertised speeds for Plusnet Full Fibre plans range from 74Mbps to 910Mbps.
Provider and broadband planAdvertised download speedAverage 24-hour download speeds tested by Ofcom
Plusnet Fibre66Mbps64,2Mbps
Vodafone Fibre 267Mbps60Mbps
BT Fibre 150Mbps44,9Mbps
Sky Superfast61Mbps64,6Mbps
Virgin Media M125132Mbps136,3Mbps
EE Fibre38Mbps32,4Mbps

According to Ofcom, Plusnet’s advertised download speeds are typical for providers using the Openreach network, and the average speeds are quite similar among most providers. If you’re in an area with fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), Plusnet offers full fibre broadband with speeds up to 900Mbps.

Pro tip

Broadband speed is measured in Mbps (megabits per second). A speed of 250Mbps or higher is considered fast as it allows ultrafast downloads, online gaming, streaming in ultra-high definition on multiple devices, and more.

Plusnet area coverage

Plusnet’s coverage through the Openreach network is nearly nationwide, making it widely accessible to customers unless they reside in extremely rural areas. While their full fibre products aren’t available everywhere in the UK, you most likely get fibre broadband for your address.

Since Plusnet relies on the Openreach network, its coverage is comparable to many providers in the UK. The strength of the connection depends on the quality of the Openreach line rather than Plusnet’s broadband infrastructure.

It's important to note that Plusnet is responsible for many aspects of your connection, so if you experience any outages, we recommend reporting them directly to the provider.

Is Plusnet broadband available in my area?

Curious about joining Plusnet? Simply enter your postcode in the UK deal checker to find out which packages are available in your area. Choose the one regarding your price, speed, or contract length preferences.

Plusnet UK deal checker

As stated earlier in this Plusnet broadband review, it provides various broadband options, including ADSL, fiber, and full fibre. Although their full fibre isn’t accessible everywhere in the UK, you probably can get ADSL or fiber broadband for your address.

Pricing: how much is Plusnet broadband?

Plusnet stands out as one of the best-value broadband providers in the UK by any measure. Their standard broadband and fiber packages are priced well below competing suppliers offering similar speeds. This makes Plusnet an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget or simply want to ensure you’re not overpaying for your broadband. Let’s look through what plans Plusnet offers:

Broadband planAverage download speedMonthly price
Unlimited Broadband10Mbps£25.99
Full Fibre 7474Mbps£26.99
Full Fibre 145145Mbps£29.99
Full Fibre 300300Mbps£34.99
Full Fibre 500500Mbps£39.99
Full Fibre 900900Mbps£49.99

The cheapest Plusnet Unlimited Broadband plan costs £25.99 per month for 24 months. Faster full fibre and better value packages begin at £26.99. It is less pricey than most similar BT 24-month plans, starting from £31.99. However, you can notice that Plusnet's plans with similar speeds are a bit more expensive compared to Vodafone, which provides such packages starting from £24.00/month.

Plusnet customer support

Plusnet has great customer service, and it seems like they’ve earned that reputation. You can reach their UK-based support center through live chat, phone, Twitter, or even troubleshoot by text. They've got a lot of helpful info in their knowledge base, and with all the details on their website and the friendly Plusnet community forum, you might not even need to make a call.

Customer support channel
Live chat
Plusnet community
Troubleshoot by text
Plusnet guides

In Ofcom’s recent report, Plusnet secured the second position for customer service satisfaction right after EE. A substantial 89% of their customers expressed satisfaction with Plusnet’s services, though there was room for improvement in overall satisfaction with complaints handling, which ranked below average.

We tested several customer support options (live chat, Plusnet guides, community forum) and found them to be reliable and helpful. A lot of information is provided in Plusnet guides, so certain problems we could solve by ourselves, and if not, live chat or a call proved useful.

Is Plusnet broadband any good?

Consider Plusnet if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable broadband connection. It’s a good choice for those who live in a smaller household with casual internet users and enjoy streaming movies and shows without needing premium TV. Plusnet provides excellent value for your money: the customer support is great, the performance is solid, and the installation is inexpensive.

In a recent Ofcom report, Plusnet ranked second in customer service satisfaction, just after EE. When we checked various customer channels, the speedy and informative responses confirmed its well-deserved rating. A few might miss the discontinued Plusnet TV service, but it’s not seen as a significant drawback with plenty of TV options available now.