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Best broadband without landline deals (2024)

Broadband without a landline is a cost-effective way to get home internet without additional charges for landline, mobile, or TV services. It can easily save you money, especially if you don't use your landline. Keep reading to discover more broadband-only benefits and choose the best broadband without landline deal.

Start with the UK’s most reliable broadband technology and get blazing-fast speeds with up to 100Mbps, 500Mbps, and 910Mbps for fast downloading, gaming, and streaming. Grab a 24-month contract starting at £32/month!
With speeds up to 900Mb, Plusnet Full Fibre deals are perfect for streaming, downloading, and gaming on multiple devices. Enjoy cash-saving perks – sign up for a 12, 18, or 24-month contract and get a free setup!
Opt for the Virgin Media M125 Fibre Broadband without a landline plan, offering average speeds of 132Mbps and unlimited downloads. Enjoy an 18-month contract with a dependable Virgin Media Wi-Fi Hub, exclusive perks, and no setup fees!
Experience EE Full Fibre Broadband plans with the blazing speed of 1600Mbps, a Smart Hub Plus router, and extra benefits. Join for a 24-month contract at just £31.99/month – no need for a home phone service!
Enjoy super-fast speeds and unlimited downloads for an 18-month contract. All broadband without landline bundles come a modern and speedy Wi-Fi Hub, perfect for customers with high demands. Opt for a Full Fibre broadband from £28/month now with no upfront costs!
Sign up for an exclusive BT Full Fibre Broadband package and get robust speeds (150Mb on average), ideal for multiple users engaging in simultaneous streaming, downloading, and online gaming. Prices begin at £35.99/month for a 24-month contract with no upfront expenses.
Experience optimal performance with average speeds of 100Mbps under an 18-month contract with Sky. Starting from £38/month, this offer is exclusive to new customers.
With Fibrus Full Fibre 150, enjoy super-fast speeds of 159Mbps and unlimited downloads for an 18-month contract. No landline is needed! Grab this offer for just £19.99/month with no upfront costs or mid-contract price hikes.
At just £26.99/month, enjoy Shell Energy’s Full Fibre package featuring average speeds of 109Mbps, a brand-new Wi-Fi 6 hub, and unlimited usage for a 12-month contract. No activation fees are involved.

What does broadband without a landline mean?

In simple terms, broadband without a landline means you can access a high-speed internet connection without having a home phone included in the deal. This raises the question of whether people need a landline for broadband or if they can opt for a more streamlined approach

Some providers offer broadband without a landline, and you have to pay extra to use your home phone with it. Other companies provide fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) services, connecting fiber optic cables directly to your place without using street cabinets or old copper cables. This is often called a broadband-only deal – no landline required

As fewer people use home phones nowadays, the demand for broadband-only services is increasing. UK residents prefer using their mobile phones for communication and broadband for internet services. It offers more flexibility and faster speeds than traditional dial-up or Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connections.

Why get broadband without a phone line?

It’s essential to consider your communication habits, preferences, and the available service options in your area when deciding whether to choose no phone line broadband. Here are some reasons you might consider opting for the best broadband deal:

  • Cost savings. Broadband without a phone line is often budget-friendly, as you avoid the additional expenses associated with a bundled landline service.
  • Flexibility. Opting for broadband without a landline provides greater flexibility in selecting communication services. If you primarily use mobile phones, you may find it more convenient.
  • Fast speeds. Independent broadband services often leverage advanced technologies like fiber optics, cable, or satellite, providing faster and more reliable connections.
  • Unused services. If you rarely use a landline, paying for a service that you don’t fully apply becomes unnecessary, and opting for broadband alone allows you to tailor your plan to your actual needs.

What to look for in no landline broadband deals?

Choosing the right broadband deal from various providers and packages can be confusing. Whether you use broadband for gaming or streaming, here are some important things to help you make the best choice:

  • Speed needs. Consider your internet habits when determining your speed requirements. If you mainly browse the web and check emails, you might be good with 10-25Mbps. However, if you’re into online gaming or streaming in 4K, you’ll likely need 50Mbps or more.
  • Data consumption. Keep an eye on data limits set by providers. If you use the internet a lot, it’s smart to go for an unlimited data plan. This way, you can avoid surprise charges for going over your limit.
  • Contract length. Usually, a broadband contract lasts between 12 to 24 months. Assess your long-term plans and how flexible you want to be. While shorter contracts provide more freedom, keep in mind they might have a higher monthly price.
  • Cost and discounts. Compare the overall cost of different broadband plans, including any setup or equipment fees. Look for any discounts or promotions that might be available.
  • Availability and coverage. Check the availability of the broadband service in your area. Ensure that the provider covers your location and inquire about any potential service issues.
  • Provider reputation. Before choosing broadband-only, look for customer reviews and ratings to be well-informed about provider services and customer support.
  • Flexibility and upgrades. Check if the broadband plan allows for flexibility and upgrades, especially if your needs change over time. Some plans may offer the option to upgrade to higher speeds or additional services.

How to get broadband deals without a landline?

If you have decided to opt for broadband without a landline deal, here are 2 methods to get a broadband-only package:

1. Broadband-only with line rental

The typical broadband-only deals require a phone line and pay line rental to your provider. These deals often include pay-as-you-go phone services as extras, giving you the choice of having a phone without paying for unused features. When considering such packages, it’s essential to carefully review the terms and pricing details to understand what the plan includes. This way, you can make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences, ensuring you get the right combination of services.

2. Broadband without line rental

This is what many people think when they hear “broadband-only” – no need for a phone line at all. The technology uses fiber-optic cables directly from the broadband exchange to your home, eliminating the need for copper phone lines. Full fiber can deliver internet speeds of 1Gbps and more, making it a future-proof choice for your home broadband. But it’s important to note that only specific providers, such as Vodafone, Virgin Media, and Plusnet, offer this service.

Which companies have broadband-only deals?

Most broadband providers in the UK have broadband-only options, but you’ll still have to pay for line rental with many of them. While some providers offer broadband without bundling it with a home phone package, a few don’t use phone lines for their service, for example – Virgin Media.

NOW can provide broadband-only deals with line rental, but several major providers, including Plusnet, Shell Energy, Sky, Vodafone, EE, and BT, offer full fiber options without needing a landline.

Broadband without landline UK alternatives

Certain broadband providers might create the impression that you’re free from paying for a landline. However, the reality is that while you might not directly pay the provider, you’ll likely still need to pay another entity to use their phone lines to receive your broadband service. Check out other broadband-only alternatives that prevent you from paying for landlines.

Mobile broadband

If you want internet without a landline, mobile broadband could be a solid choice. This wireless broadband type links you to the internet through a 4G or 5G mobile network using a data-only SIM card or Wi-Fi. You don’t need a phone line, but having a strong mobile connection at home is crucial. With speeds averaging 24Mbps, it’s sufficient for everyday online tasks such as email, Facebook, video calls, and even some TV streaming. However, a fixed line provides more dependable average speeds with fewer disruptions from other wireless signals.

Satellite broadband

Consider satellite internet if you live in a rural or remote area – it doesn’t need a landline or cable to operate. To access satellite broadband, a provider will install a satellite dish at your home, similar to what you’d do for satellite TV. Keep in mind that it may not be the most budget-friendly choice if your house has access to fiber optic broadband. Even though certain satellite packages might have similar costs to fiber optic or DSL, they often come with download limits that you won’t find in other plans. Moreover, satellite broadband tends to experience lag because of the time it takes for the signal to travel to and from the satellite.

Bottom line

In summary, the broadband-only market in the UK provides many services to suit different needs. For users seeking a winning combination of speed, reliability, and board coverage, we recommend Vodafone. Whether you need fast internet for various activities, Vodafone is the top choice for a smooth online experience.